Lauren Bacall: a true fashion icon!

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Bold red lips, subtle sultry eyes, a timeless hairstyle, unforgettable style and a look that could stop men in their tracks, could only belong to none other than Lauren Bacall.

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After her recent death, at the age of 89, the whole fashion world was stunned to silence. The talented actress and stunning model sadly lost to her life to a stroke.

Bacall first hit the silver screen after she was spotted on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar at the age of 19.  Her first big role was alongside Humphrey Bogart in “To Have and Have Not.”

Despite Bogart already being married, he struck up a relationship with Bacall; they later married and went on to star in more films together.

Bacall also featured alongside other greats on the big screen; such as Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable in “How To Marry a Millionaire” (1953) and was also nominated for an Oscar for her performance, alongside Bogart in “The Mirror Has Two Faces.” (1996)

Bacall was most famously known for her deep, husky voice and the infamous ‘Look.’

The look by which she came across purely by accident when she developed nerves before starting every new scene in filming, her way to overcome it was to put her chin down to her chest and then look up just as the camera started rolling.

Thus, this look became the most infamous of all time in modelling history.

Bacall had a true, effortless elegance about her that could never be faulted. Although she was very strict on what sort of look she was aiming to achieve; the way in which she achieved it could almost be described as ‘creative’ yet ‘eccentric.’

Having a strong ability to throw a range of styles and fashions together meant that she was unafraid to mix masculine accessories with feminine ones, brooches with berets?? The epitome of class.

Throughout her film noir performances, her wardrobe was filled with an array of checked and houndstooth co-ordinating separates, mid-length skirts teamed with blazers. Oozing the charm and sophistication that she naturally incorporated throughout her everyday life, business-woman by day, film star celebrity by night.

As soon as the sun set, Bacall was transformed into a decadent beauty with her slinky evening gowns, plunging necklines and strong shoulders; her femininity could never be missed or misunderstood. There wasn’t an outfit or dress code that she couldn’t wear; with her 5’ 9” frame and slender, willowy figure, she echoed the true American Beauty.

Close friend Diane Von Furstenberg, once described her as:

“Representing the best of American style.”

Throughout her years of modelling, she appeared in lines for some of the most prestigious designers around today: Yves Saint Laurent, Ferragamo, Armani and Christian Dior.

Her style and taste in fashion also led to other designers, famously Donna Karen, Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger, creating new lines around her.

Into the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, her taste in fashion was rife, with the development and changes in the eras, her taste grew more dynamic. She made friends with every designer and every accessory make she met, leaving a lasting impression wherever she went.

Many designers all over the world have paid tribute to her; her unforgettable timelessness and sophistication will live on through her films and fashion sense.

There isn’t a character quite like hers that takes minimal outfits and make-up in order to portray herself in the vision she was. It isn’t any wonder that Humphrey Bogart fell in love with her!

Their on-screen chemistry left much to be desired which renounced itself throughout the rest of their careers as well as off-screen.

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One of her most famous lines from her first movie with Bogart in To Have and Have Not created such an illusion of Bacall then, she was always set for greatness, she exited the scene as remarkably as she entered it when giving the look:

“You know how to whistle, don’t you Steve? You just put your lips together and… blow.”



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