About Us

Fashion was once the omnipresent so potent that it became much more than the clothes one bought or one wore. With this, a sense of nostalgia evokes the iconic figures of the past: Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, Andy Warhol and David Bowie.

These were the people with the flair and originality to change the way a generation thought. What’s left of this leaves little to be compared with a time that drew upon nothing but creativity and individuality: TV sitcoms, reality shows and gossip magazines filled with ‘empty’ stories now leave the mind uncultivated and unlearned promoting imitation; the want of being someone else rather than staying true to ‘yourself’. The media is manipulating the population at large by telling them what to wear, what to buy, what is acceptable, what the latest trends are, and by creating pseudo icons. What does this lead to other than negative attitudes towards oneself and others?

We need to reconsider, rework and restart. ‘Catwalk Yourself’ induces the foregoing mantra that it is time to refine the mind, to show the world how ‘fashion’ developed and is constantly developing into something that needs not to be followed, but to be used as a point of inspiration. Understanding the invention, establishment and, in all, the past of fashion, endeavours to communicate the mechanics of the present and create the skills for the future. Rather than manipulate, we seek to educate through a library of information to show the real icons, the founding designers, the key players, to exhibit that fashion is what you make of it, and not what people tell you to make of it: ‘Catwalk yourself’- do not let others do it for you.