How to Save Money on Fashion Brands You Love During Lockdown

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The COVID-19 outbreak may have stopped our social occasions or cancelled graduations and trips to the spa – but it will not prevent us from enjoying some retail therapy.

In fact, many online retailers are enjoying increased traffic during lockdown because it is the only option right now. The law of economics suggests when there is less competition (this time from physical stores) then it is bad for the consumer. You may expect to pay more because these stores do not have to lower prices and compete with other stores.

But don’t worry, there are ways to shop for your favourite fashion brands during lockdown and grab a bargain.

Start Using Online Code Sites

There has been a rise in the number of apps and websites that offer online codes to be used at checkout on the most popular retailers. Simply search these sites for their current codes and apply them to your order to receive a percentage off the total or other perks like free shipping.

If you like to shop at Walmart, you will be pleased to know that Yo! Free Samples can help you with the best Walmart deals. The site also includes an informative blog that can help you with other ways to save your hard-earned dollars.

Check Out Social Media Marketplaces

The current period is a troubling time for almost everyone. You may have lost some of your income during the pandemic and a little more financially unstable. If you are but you still want to get your hands on some new clothes for the upcoming season, why not check out social media?

Facebook marketplace or their newest Facebook Shop is a great place to go if you want to find some clothes for the summer season. Extending the lifecycle of clothes is also great for the planet. Just remember to exchange the clothes safely by following government guidance.

Retailer Loyalty Cards and Schemes

If you have been shopping with a retailer for some time but never found the motivation to sign up to their loyalty card, now is the time. You probably have more time on your hands during lockdown so these little tasks can be finally completed. By signing up to their store card, you are likely to save money now and once lockdown has finished. You may even get a welcome bonus or free delivery!

Measure Yourself First!

Have you been hiding from the scales because of your new lockdown eating habits? You’re not alone.

By taking the brave step and reaching for the tape measure you could save money by avoiding returns. Measure yourself to make sure you buy the correct size, especially if you are shopping with a new retailer. By doing this, you will always order the right size for your body shape and never have to pay to return clothes.

Sign Up to Retailer Newsletters

Most fashion labels and stores want you to sing up to their newsletter so they can continue to market their products to you. But there is a benefit from this, even if you think their newsletter is annoying. Sometimes these newsletters will include exclusive discounts and online codes not found elsewhere. Sign up and don’t miss out!

Whether you are grabbing Walmart deals today or signing up to an online store card, there are still deals to be had during lockdown!

If you want more, here are some bonus secret tips for saving money on fashion.



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