How Celebrities Are using Sexy Lingerie as Part of Their Outfit

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No more restricted as innerwear, beautiful lingerie has become a fashion trend.  Just like the celebrities, you can go for work wearing a bralette paired with a blazer. Wearing underwear as outerwear, if done correctly, can be styled as an ensemble that is a perfect balance between sensuality and elegance.

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We’ve seen many celebs who have perfected the art of wearing sexy lingerie as outerwear. From Beyoncé to Kim Kardashian have rocked this style in the boldest ways, giving inspiration for celebrating this elegant yet sexy style in everyday wear. Below are a few ways celebrities have styled their sexy lingerie as part of their outfit.

1: Wearing Bralettes With Pant Suits: Wearing comfortable non wire bralettes as an outerwear is a trend most women will appreciate. Bralettes are versatile and can be worn in many ways making them your go-to fashion piece in the summertime. This sartorial style of paining bralettes with pant suits has been a favorite with the celebrities. Delicately laced bralettes worn with well-structured pant suits have been a runway trend for a while now. You can style your bralette with a pant suit, keeping the blazer open for a bold look or keep it subtle by adding a button-down shirt to your ensemble. Thus, giving a peek of your lacy bralette. For a formal look, style your bralette like Kristen Stewart, who wore a leather bra with grey pant suit

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2: Styling your bralette: An evening slip dress when layered with a bralette in a complementary color can make for a casual look perfect for daytime errand running or casual lunches. Style a button-down matching set with a bralette and you can give your simple dress a sexy twist. For a sultry look, pair a plunging neckline dress with a bralette of the same color. Another way to wear your favorite bralettes is pairing them with sheer tops. With so many ways to style your bralette, be sure to find out what perfectly fits your personal style. For daytime, look out for a casual style like Kendall Jenner’s, pairing a satin bra with ripped T-shirt and cuffed straight legged jeans.

3: Bralettes over T-shirts: The bralette over T-shirt trend is daring, carrying with it a sense of edginess. To try it out, you can go safe by pairing a lace black bralette with a plain white T-shirt and cropped jeans. Another option is to pair your bralette with the same colored T-shirt. Actress Rowan Blanchard gave this trend a 90’s nostalgic touch by wearing a velvet bralette over a T-shirt with a high waisted mini skirt.

4: Silk Camis: If you’re looking for more coverage than bralettes but still want a sexy, edgy look, you can style your silk vest with a pair of jeans for a casual look or pair it with a pant suit for formal meetings. Silk has a beautiful sheen and can look elegant as an outerwear. If you’re looking for character, choose a silk camis with delicate lace trims. Pernille Teisbaek wore a delicate fringed camisole over a simple mock neck top. Take a cue from her knack of layering next time you plan to wear your camisole as an outerwear.

5: Corsets: If you’ve got fancy lingerie like a pair of handcrafted lace corset or a vintage silk one, you want to wear it as outerwear. To make your delicately crafted corset as the main piece of your attire, pair it with understated high waist trousers to make your corset look like a top. For a sexy androgynous look, pair your corset with pant suits. Celebrities have often paired corsets with pencil skirts, mini-skirts and even shorts. Gigi wore an elegant monochromatic look for MTV VMAS, pairing champagne pants with a strapless corset of a similar shade.

6: Sheer lowers: A lot of celebrities were seen wearing sexy one-piece lingerie and high-top panties with sheer bottoms. For an easy weekend look, pair a delicate sheer slip with high waist panties. You can also layer your sheer skirts with a high cut body suit. For a feminine look, pair a sheer maxi skirt with a bodysuit. This style was seen on Karlie Kloss who paired a beautiful Dior sheer skirt with a bodysuit.

7: Bodysuits: The best thing about bodysuits is that they can be paired with anything. Kim Kardashian has been a trendsetter when it comes to wearing form fitting bodysuits as outerwear. Like her, you could wear a bodysuit with ow rung joggers or opt for a more feminine look by pairing it with a sheer feminine dress. Pair a lacy, delicate bodysuit with a skirt for an evening out. If wearing a bodysuit as outerwear makes you feel exposed, you can wear a light jacket on top. Gigi is often seen wearing white or black bodysuits in casual and dressy ways.

8: Exposing Thongs: With Hailey Bieber endorsing the exposed thong trend to the red carpet in last year’s Met Gala, experts suggest this 90’s trend is making a comeback. With fashion girls sporting this trend with low waisted pants, it’s not long before everyone starts jumping in the bandwagon.

Conclusion: Exposing your delicately crafted bra is no longer a wardrobe malfunction. Though not for everyone, but if styled correctly and worn with confidence, this trend can make you look stylish. However, if you still don’t feel confident wearing your lingerie as outerwear, wear it beneath your clothes to feel as sexy as confident as the celebrities wearing it as an outerwear.


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