Best Underwear Fashion Trends in 2023

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Your choice of underwear can have a huge impact on both your confidence and overall comfort levels. Indeed, although we often don’t give it the attention it deserves, underwear can actually make or break an outfit, while also giving you the comfort and support you need to take on each day. Let’s look into some of the top underwear trends emerging right now.


Shapewear bodysuits

Although bodysuits have been around for decades, their popularity has truly exploded in recent years. More recently, the use of shapewear bodysuits, such as those in this SKIMS bodysuit range, as underwear has become very trendy.

The appeal of using bodysuits as underwear is easy to see. First of all, a bodysuit is an all-in-one underwear solution, so you don’t need to worry about matching your panties to your bra. Second, shapewear bodysuits provide excellent sculpting, support, and tummy control, giving you the figure you’ve always wanted.

Finally, bodysuits are an excellent choice if you want your underwear to be seamless and undetectable. Ill-fitting underwear can often create obvious lines and bumps that can be seen through your clothes, which can distract from or even ruin a perfectly good outfit. Therefore, a great fashion tip in 2023 is to create a seamless silhouette with bodysuit underwear.


Comfortable fabrics

In 2023, it’s clear that women are no longer happy to sacrifice comfort for style. With the right underwear, it’s possible to have both.

This is why natural fabrics like cotton are becoming increasingly popular for underwear. Unlike synthetic fabrics, which can often cause skin irritation or even odors, cotton is much more breathable and comfortable, making it the superior choice for underwear. Lacy thongs and synthetic fabrics may still have their place, but for typical everyday wear, comfortable fabrics and designs reign supreme.


Wireless bras and bralettes

We can see a similar theme for bras. Although underwired bras and padded bras still have their place, many women are now prioritizing comfort by opting for lightweight, wireless bras. For everyday wear, light to medium support is usually all that’s needed – as long your bra is properly fitted.

Although bralettes have traditionally been seen as an option for smaller busts only, women of all sizes are now turning to this laid-back, comfortable style. Bralettes offer minimal support underneath casual outfits or can even be part of the outfit themselves, especially when they have more creative designs.


Unexpected colors

Finally, you can expect to see more interesting color selections in 2023. Although nude and black underwear will always be staple items, many women are now experimenting with fun underwear colors. And, in addition to more traditional, feminine colors like pink, purple, and red, colors like green, blue, and yellow and steadily becoming more and more popular. If you’ve only worn neutral underwear colors before, why not try out something different this year?

In 2023, it seems like comfort and creativity will both be highlighted when it comes to underwear fashion trends. If you’re stuck in a rut with your personal style, try out the trends listed above!

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