7 Steps a shopper should follow to bug fashionable clothing’s at cheap prices

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We all like wearing trendy and fashionable clothing but if you are like most people you do tend to run into budget problems while shopping for fashionable clothing. Also, even though you might have a good budget for your clothes you might want to save a few bucks every time you shop. This will help you increase your savings which can then be used for a different purpose. So, if you are looking for ways to find fashionable clothing for less then here are some tips which might help you save a few bucks.

1.Flash Sale Sites

To start off this list we have the flash sale site. Flash sale sites are one of the best ways to save money while buying fashion or designer stuff. Here’s what generally happens. There are some big-name brands who choose certain products and items and then sends those items in bulk to flash retailers and it is from these retailers that you get to buy your fashionable stuff. This is a good money-saving opportunity for the designer brand as it saves them a lot of dough in packaging and shipping which is handled by the flash retailers. But they are not the only ones saving money. You get to dip your hands into that discount pool as well. Thus, if you find something on a flash sale site that you like then you will be saving a lot of bucks. So, subscribe to a few flash sites and keep checking it regularly to see if the brand you wish to buy is on sale or not. Just keep in mind that they do tend to keek sending multiple emails. This might get annoying so only opt-in for alerts pertaining to your brand.

2.Rent It

This is a sort of a tip that many of you might already know if you are frequently having to attend parties or ceremonies or interviews. Now, of course, neither it is advisable nor is it feasible for you to buy a different dress for every ceremony unless you are rich which if you are you probably wouldn’t be surfing this site. This tip is for you if you tick all the above reasons above as well as want to keep everything different and fresh at parties. The trick is to rent your clothes as opposed to buying it. This will not only let you wear a beautiful dress for a very low price but also have different attire at different parties. There are many online sites and apps that will allow you to rent stuff based on a monthly or weekly fee. But do bear in mind this is only for you if you have to attend parties and need a new attire only for that party since otherwise it will be pretty expensive for you to rent most or all of your clothes.

3.Buying from Liquidation stores

The next tip on the list is for retailers. To understand what this is all about first let us understand what liquidation is, in relation to liquidation wholesale. We all know about big e-commerce and retailing giants like Amazon, Walmart, eBay etc. They tend to millions of people every day. So, they have to keep a huge stock otherwise they will very quickly run out of products. So, what they do is rent huge warehouses and stock up on items in huge quantities. Now, although this gives enables them to provide service to people this does lead to overstocking of items. Also, not every item sell and remain on the shelf. Now, more the amount of time that an object remains on the shelf more is the cost that the company has to incur. So, the objects must keep moving. Also, for these big companies space is crucial. So, to make way for newer more sellable items the companies sell these items in bulk to liquidation wholesalers at a very low price. Check this list of some wholesale liquidation companies in USA. These wholesalers then hold auctions or sell these items in truckloads or pallets to the retailer for a very low price. This enables retailers to earn huge profits if things are done right.

4.Cheap collections from the Same Brand

Look, if only a good brand name is your concern then this tip might be quite helpful. A particular brand does not just bring out clothing lines in under one name or collection rather they have multiple different names which are part of the same group of companies. There are different terms associated with these clothing lines like capsule collections, Bridge Lines and Lower-cost brands. This is something I found in moneycrashers.com. Let’s look at the first term i.e. capsule collections. Capsule collections basically mean that there are a few pieces that the designer has come up with or the company has collaborated with a different brand and have created a few items. Now, since they are few in number the manufacturers mass produce these items and thus the pieces go down and make these items affordable. The next term is bridge lines which basically means that a top brand makes a deal with some low-priced retailer and a few pieces are made which are then mass-produced by the retailer. You do sort of get the brand name but the quality might not always be the best. Lower-cost brands basically mean that the high-end brand is creating low-priced products under a different name. Here too the quality might not be as good as the same brand but you still end up getting items from the designer brand you like.

5.Go Off-Season

Off-season shopping basically means that you are buying an item that you will not be using in the current season. This is a great way to buy winter clothing as they generally are more expensive and thus stocking up on these during summer will really help reduce the cost. You might have a favourite brand or company that you generally like to buy your jackets, coats or blazers from. So, if you need to buy these items you can visit the store during summer and get these items for a good discount. Most often than not the companies do offer off-season sales for customers. This is because as mentioned in the third point as long as an item sits on the shelf and does sell the company or store incurs a cost. So, it is better to sell the items at a discount and have items which are currently selling rather than waiting for someone to show up and buy these items for their original price. But do remember this way of shopping has its own cons. Since most of the items have already been sold you might not get lots of choices while buying the item you want.

6.Buy Secondhand

This another great tip. If you are low on cash but still want to wear something trendy and fashionable then go to stores where they sell second-hand items. Don’t worry these are not stinky clothes which have multiple tears and are worn out rather these are clothes in fine conditions but very cheap. The companies that do deal in second-hand goods won’t just put anything out rather only items which will definitely sell wi be there. So, this is a great way for people to find something they like and get that item for cheap. For this, you can go to consignment stores where you will find many designer items for half their original price and in very good condition.

7.Festive discounts

This is the very last point on the list because most of you might be familiar with it if not already using it. The festive discounts are out by big companies like Amazon or eBay during any festive season. This means you can get really good deals on various fashion items and yes the discounts are applicable to big brands too. So, just wait for the big sale to hit the e-commerce giants and buy the items that you need during this sale. You will save up on a few bucks each item this way.


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