6 Common Mistakes When Styling Sneakers

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Have you ever thought that you could be wearing your sneaker wrong? When you wear sneaker shoes, it affects every look you adorn. A pair of shoes can break or make your look. Sneakers are mostly considered informal shoes that’s why most people wear them for street or casual wear. There is a margin of error for choosing a bad pair while looking for sneakers as they are available in many colors, styles, and brands. However, styling them is the main challenge as you cannot wear statement sneaker shoes with your work suit as they are not appropriate together. Below are some common mistakes when styling sneakers.


1: Not matching sneakers to your outfit 

Many shoes are created unique and they are not multipurpose for every outfit that you pair with them. Thus, do not assume that your sneaker choice will match any outfit that you pick from your closet. Although matching colored and sportier styles is a challenge, hence you need to consider more of the proportion of your look to be able to put your outfit together. For instance, if the style that you opt for is sleek, slim, and tailored, match with the appropriate trainers to match perfectly. However, do not mistake this for not having any color on your look at all. Consider looking for sneakers that have simple yet interesting designs to match your look. So, unless you are wearing the classic white sneaker, do not be afraid to choose a color. However, choose a subtler approach for your sneaker look by wearing darker tones that look as polished but stand out less.

2: Not dressing to your tastes

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As you style with sneakers, remember that you have your style to showcase. For this reason, following a trend when it does not match your regular style is a big mistake as it will show easily. Although it is not wrong to opt for loud colorful sneakers, ensure that they match with your overall style so that you do not look out of place. Therefore, with the return of classic styles, you can choose sneaker shoes that you can style with ease for various looks that will fit your style perfectly. Choose cleaner and quieter shapes of sneaker brands, as these classic sneakers have an advantage in that it not only gives you many options of styling it, but it lasts longer in your repertoire.


3: Wearing the wrong sneakers to the gym

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This is a common mistake that most people make as they style the wrong sneakers to the gym. When you wear your Air Jordans, you are good to go for a gym work out. However, this does not mean that every sneaker that looks similar to this is suitable for this performance category. Due to many sneaker styles being ‘lifestyle’ sneakers, they tend not to give the appropriate support you require for gym shoes. For this reason, avoid wearing your old trainers to the gym, thinking they will not make much difference and they may affect your workouts. The type of sneaker you require depends on the level of cardio and your workout. Such as, for an extra grip on the sole to help lateral movements, and you are focusing on agility and speed training, additional heel support and a stable base are great for weight lifting. Thus, ensure you wear the right sneaker to the gym, and you can consult with your gym trainer who can point out what to buy based on your needs.


4: Poor care and maintenance

As you clean your loafers and brogues often, you must do the same for your sneakers as this is part of styling. Also, not recognizing when you need to throw out your sneakers and not keeping them clean will cost how you look with them. More especially for white sneakers that get dirty easily and you need to wear them for a minimalist look. Keep on top of the maintenance and clean your minimalist sneakers regularly, to maintain the sleek aesthetic look, for it is a big no-no wearing dirty sneakers to date or even as you run errands. Considering the sneaker shoe that you have, you can clean them easily and quickly as they need to with their appropriate tools. For instance, for canvas sneakers, you can have them in the wash on a low spin cycle and for suede and leather, you can hand clean them. So, depending on the sneaker shoe that you own, buy a shoe kit that you will be using for cleaning.


5: Wearing wrong shoes for everyday style

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When you walk around in the streets, you can always pick out that one guy that on their daily commute is in a full suit and a pair of men’s sneakers. Although the look always seems practical, it does not mean that you have to sacrifice your style even for a simple daily commute. Wearing your Sunday running shoes with your work outfit is not a good idea as it is a wrong styling trick. If you need to wear trainers to work, ensure that you invest in a pair that is comfortable but not those that are suitable to wear in a marathon. A comfortable and minimal sneaker is a good choice for an everyday commute. A good choice of sneakers that you can wear to your daily commute and for the long day at the office is muted leather sneakers as they are not good options for running.


6: Overdressing with statement sneakers

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It is a common mistake today with many people going over the top with statement sneakers. Especially now with many brand names concentrating on making designs of big statement sneakers. Thus, to wear them correctly, without looking overdressed, just follow the name as they are known as statement shoes. So, wear simple everywhere else and allow your sneakers to be the statement piece in your overall look. This allows your trainers to be the focal point and shine from the rest of the outfit.


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