How COVID-19 Affects Fashion’s Graduating Class of 2020

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The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic early in 2020 and its rapid spread across the world have thrown global activities into limbo. Fashion schools who conclude their calendar with spring and summer events have had to close early in line with social distancing requirements.

Students who were excited at the prospects of presenting their graduation collections at various events suddenly face an uncertain future. No one knows how long it will take to control the scourge for normalcy to resume.


The lost big moment

As schools and colleges close around the world to enforce social distancing, the graduation class of 2020 has been left deflated and demoralized. They were so close to their big moment and suddenly, it is gone with no indication of when it could happen.

The students have worked hard for the last three or four years and were looking forward with excitement to their final graduation show considered a curtain-raiser to their careers in the industry. That big moment will not be happening soon and it is taking a toll on students who hoped to graduate and launch careers on schedule.

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Cancellation of fashion weeks 2020

The Graduate Fashion Week event in London is the latest casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 in a growing list of canceled events.

Graduate Fashion Week brings together industry leaders and fashion schools to create an opportunity for networking and benchmarking, leading to a smooth transition from graduation to employment for graduates at leading brands worldwide.

However, due to COVID-19, the show slated for May 31 – June 3 this year at The Old Truman Brewery, London and many others across the world stand canceled indefinitely, leaving a sense of loss and uncertainty for the graduating class of 2020.

Unfinished portfolios and job prospects

Portfolio reviews were yet to happen in the lead up to graduation in most fashion schools. Professional reviews help graduates refine their portfolios as top students get a nomination to present their collection in shows.

Every student looks forward to interacting with industry leaders and talent scouts at such events with prospects of landing a good job. Portfolios are fashion students’ resumes and having a professionally reviewed one helps in a job search.

This had not happened as well and greatly affected the students creating anxiety. Colleges, however, are putting in place online facilities to complete coursework and help students cope.

Harsh reality check for fashion class of 2020

The current world outlook in the wake of the COVID-19 spread is bleak with recession a very likely scenario. This presents challenges for graduates of 2020 on the verge of joining employment in the fashion industry.

In times of recession, businesses prioritize cost-cutting that includes layoffs and zero hiring of new staff. We are on the eve of this imminent recession, which unfortunately comes at the wrong time for the fashion graduating class of 2020.

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Covid-19 2

Go virtual online

In the fashion, industry if you cannot display, you cannot sell and this suddenly is the problem facing the class of 2020. They have lost a chance at that all-important final graduation show to display their collection that could have opened doors to opportunities with top brands.

However, not all is lost, as enterprising graduates can shift the catwalk to the internet, creating a compelling pictorial collection for marketing online and still utilize what they learned at the best summer fashion program.

Online business is growing at a fast rate with opportunities galore for every niche. All it takes to succeed is powerful branding for greater visibility and you can conduct business profitably.


The COVID-19 pandemic has shattered the dreams of many students who were on the verge of graduating across the world. Besides the uncertainty of when the situation will return to normal, there are emerging real concerns over students sliding into depression. After working so long and so hard at realizing your dream and then suddenly find you are unable to graduate can be devastating.

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