Tips for Students: Getting Started in the Clothing Industry

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Clothes are the basic need of people since the beginning of time. But fashion turns them into something more than just the things we wear. Fashion makes clothes a real art.

This field is growing, changing, and surprising us all the time. What is more, prestigious fashion appeals to us in an exceptional way – most of us want to be engaged in this bright and beautiful world. We bet that you have been thinking about yourself as a model on the podium, fashion journalist, or designer. If so, then all of those exclusive collections, graceful celebrities, and stunning events cannot leave you indifferent.

If you are a student who wants to twist fortune with the fashion industry, you should remember that this is a pretty hard path to follow. Indeed, fashion is fast-pacing, and something that was popular today can disappear tomorrow. This way is ambitious and takes time, but if you are dedicated enough and ready for progressive self-improvement, you should give it a try. Here are some tips and practical ideas to help you start and orient yourself.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Attend fashion events and try to get contacts in this sphere. Indeed, the shortest way to any career is cobblestoned with valuable contacts, so building relationships is crucial. Not only should you visit the significant fashion events and introduce yourself to people that are already in there, but you can also make contacts online. Talk to people, ask questions, and show that you are interested in their activity. This will help you get closer to the heart of the industry and gain more professional knowledge, so don’t be shy!

Gain experience through internships

It is hard to enter any niche without previous experience, and fashion is not an exclusion. No matter which segment of this industry you are interested in, you should consider student internships as an opportunity to make your first steps. Numerous businesses and companies are looking for students ready to work as unpaid interns, and this is your chance!

Search and see if there are available internships that match your interests. This might be a fashion design house or a journal – just don’t be shy to apply! In case they require an application letter, and you find yourself asking: “Can someone do my essay for me?” you can rely on professionals to get some writing assistance. This will surely increase your chances to enter! You need to grab the opportunity, and nothing should stop you!

Keep on learning and training

The clothing industry is rich for jobs, which means that you need a set skill for the one you are going to get. Some numerous specialized programs and courses will help you develop creativity and stand against the competition on the market. Not only you need to be artistic, but also you need perfect speech skills, art education, and knowledge of the business basics. Think about specialized certification programs and relevant courses to attend.

Start yourself

You can start even before some company hires you! Think about your goals and attitude to fashion and create a number of stunning projects yourself. Adding them to your portfolio is a great idea – your potential employers will appreciate that for sure.

For instance, if your dream career in fashion is connected with journalism, you are welcome to start a blog and post articles about the events and latest trends there. If you are willing to become a model, use Instagram as a platform for your fantastic photos. Publish your ideas and sketches if you are looking for a job as a fashion designer.



Make sure that you stick to a particular style and philosophy in your works – make your portfolio personalized and neat. Also, when creating a portfolio, think about your plans. What are the projects you would like to work with in the future? Are there any current ideas you are not sure of? Publish only those materials that are connected with your career goals and think about the paths you want to follow in the long run. Having an independent portfolio, you demonstrate that you are serious and passionate about what you do. And this is a great advantage.


If you want to pursue a career in fashion, the main thing you need is the eagerness to learn all the time. Fashion is a competitive sphere, and it changes fast. This means that you will have to develop and gain new skills to keep yourself on the top. When the trends change, you need to change as well. Be ready to give up your implicit attitudes and do some experiments. Creativeness is all about courage, while talent is not some kind of magic, but hard work. Read materials about fashion, start new projects, reflect on your previous decisions, and stay inspired! Grab every opportunity that comes to your way – you never know where a new path will bring you!


Written by Sandra Larson

Sandra is a writer with a fashion background. She started her career as an independent blogger, and now her articles appear in reliable fashion publications – both online and offline. Sandra writes articles on the latest fashion trends, observes new collections from popular brands, and shares her personal experience and advice in both fashion writing and career building.

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