5 Summer Fashion Programs for College Students

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If you are looking for career options too and have a passion for the fashion industry, there are a lot of options for you.

The possibilities of the fashion industry are endless but you may need a little guidance on the studies you should take. Here are the best five summer fashion programs for college students.


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Burgo International Fashion Summer Course

IMB is offering a fashion education summer program that runs from July 6 to July 30 and teaches students a lot about this industry. Students will be exposed to information about being a fashion stylist and the designing process involved in all of this.

Upon completion, the students will have a better understanding of how to create wedding dresses, jewelry, underwear and, beachwear. Besides, this course includes fashion photography lessons that can help on the marketing side of it all.

The classes are relatively small, which allows teachers to manage the students more effectively and offer a personalized learning experience. And for your summer holiday assignments, one of the best term paper writing services is what you should look for. A good writing service will ensure that the work you get is of high-quality and done by subject experts, whether it is sciences or fashion.

Fashion Lab Program by LIM college

LIM College is an institution that exclusively offers studies related to business fashion and they have a 4-week program that runs in the summer. The summer program that runs from July 9 to August 3 offers a variety of comprehensive courses and Microsoft Certification Test.

The courses offered in this summer program include celebrity styling and fashion photography. Those skills help students have the ability to deal with the demanding requirements of making celebrities set constant new trends.

Also, they learn other skills such as event planning as well as marketing communications. In this program, there is an interesting class called “Fashion Police!” which probably teaches students of trends they should avoid.

Rhode Island School of Designs

Rhode Island School of Apparel Design has a pre-college program set up, which requires students to choose one course they will focus on for six weeks. The program is available to students between the ages of 16 to 18 and runs from June 23 until August 4.

There is a total of 20 courses that you can take part in and most of them are related to fashion except for the furniture design classes.

You can learn how to design clothes or focus on jewelry and accessory product development. In that way, students will have specialized skills and intensive knowledge by the end of the course. Upon completion, students will also have the opportunity to showcase the products that they made at an exhibition.

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Summer Intensive Studies Program at Parsons

Parsons School of Design is offering students that are 16 tears and older an opportunity to go abroad to learn valuable fashion skills and draw inspiration. The 4-week summer program they are offering will teach students about the French fashion culture where they can draw inspiration to make the best garments.

There is another summer program in fashion designing that they offer in New York, which takes two weeks for those who want to stay close to home. It will also equip the students with the skills needed to be brilliant fashion designers.

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Fashion Institute of Technologies, NYC

The Fashion Institute of Technologies has a pre-college program that has different lessons for aspirant students. It’s one of the top 5 fashion schools and it runs from July 9 up until July 26. During that time, students have their work cut out.

They will learn about designing menswear and learn a lot of other useful skills for this trade. For example, the program includes lessons on designing fashion magazines as well as advertising the clothes and apparel being manufactured.

Alternatively, you can opt for a four-day summer boot camp that will offer students crash courses on fashion journalism and forecasting industry trends.

The bottom line

The fashion industry has a lot of subsectors that aspirant students can take part in and they include photography and journalism. Above that, students can benefit from learning various designing skills and attaining more specialized abilities.

For example, some programs offer menswear designing skills, while others have luxury dressing and beachwear-related courses. You can also get the opportunity to go study abroad for the duration of that summer program


Written by Emma Rundle

Emma is a fashion designer who has worked for some of the best fashion minds in the world. Right now, she works as an individual designer, sending her quality work to many fashion shows across the globe. In addition to this, Rundle is also a fashion blogger, sharing her insights and tips with the world.

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