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Those who do not know what to wear at the university are incredibly lucky. In this article, we have put together the best college fashion tips for creating the right outfit. The ability to dress beautifully is a whole art that requires skills and practice. Only in appearance, it is possible to make a couple of conclusions about a person, and an incorrectly selected outfit can set an excellent student in a completely different light. Clothing for study should adhere to strictness, not to allow excessive openness of the body, however, dress according to the latest fashion trends. 


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How to dress a university girl

Nobody wants to go back to the old school days and wear the same uniform. The manifestation of an individual style in clothes is what every student longs for when she enters a higher educational institution. The wardrobe of an exemplary student should consist of basic things that can be easily combined with each other and do not attract too much attention. But to add speakers to any everyday combination you should remember about types of fashion trends. For example, get a pair of spectacular accessories that will become a lifesaver: 

  • Red belt;
  • A bright scarf;
  • High-quality hand luggage (bag or backpack – both combine perfectly with sports items and classic ones).

We picked up 5 amazing combinations that will help you not to get lost among classmates.

The unchanging classics of institutions.

A black pencil skirt plus a white blouse is a classic. It is worth diluting it with a beautiful necklace or a bright bag and the look will sparkle in new colors. Pay attention to the new trend – a shirt with lowered shoulders, which adds a touch of mystery.

Jeans with a white blouse and classic boats are another optimal option that you can put on at the university.

Comfortable, thanks to the pants, feminine due to the heel, and tasteful. If it’s cool outside, put on a trendy checkered jacket. In a small or large cell, bright or gray colors. In this outfit, you will surely look as if you had just stepped off the catwalk of a fashion show. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to choose a wardrobe, and looking good is quite an important thing,

because our appearance makes the first impression of everything. In order not to miss the opportunity to look good and keep up with all university duties, we advise you to find assignment assistance by Edubirdie writers UK which provides great homework help online in assignments that are difficult for you. So you will have enough time to freshen up and your grades will not suffer.

Each girl’s wardrobe should have at least one exclusive midi skirt of interesting colors and then the question of how to dress at the university will not arise.

Combining a very bright and self-sufficient bottom with different types of shirts and tops with a simple cut, you will never look bored. In addition, midi-length skirts look great with heels and sneakers. Buying this item is a good investment in your image and it is always a good decision for college students style.


Trite and old-fashioned? In recent years, world fashion houses have been doing what they are creating ever new styles of this clothing. Choosing a shade that suits you, the views of your classmates will focus only on you because everything ingenious is simple.


A favorable option would be the choice of a sheath dress, but do not abandon the now popular shirt dresses. The main thing is the length. It is better to leave the mini for going to the club, and in length, to the knees or a little lower, you will definitely make a pleasant impression on both teachers and classmates. With heels, it looks very feminine, adds tenderness and lightness.

How to dress a university guy

In the closet of the modern student, there should be things for the grand exit, and for every day. A well-chosen shirt with black or brown trousers immediately makes the guy respectable and adds status. Nobody forbids jeans, but it’s better to postpone popular torn options for walking with friends. Studying still involves a more rigorous appearance, but you can still be the one who dictates the style for students. Therefore choose dark monophonic models. With them, you can wear a white or gray t-shirt and complement the look with a navy blazer.


A sense of style is a whole science that requires daily work on oneself. It is important to remember that the university has a certain framework of decency, which should not be crossed, creating additional difficulties for itself. Dress stylishly, be inspired by beautiful photos and study well!

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