So Hot Right Now: Diamond Trends in 2022

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The jewelry world keeps on innovating, from fashion changes to new ways of producing gemstones. According to Statista, the largest new major diamond project is in Canada, and while most of these gemstones come from Africa, it is exciting to see new reserves being found.

There are also some new trends to watch out for this year as far as diamonds are concerned. People will be buying diamonds for different reasons, and sourcing them in different ways.

More care may be put into how a diamond looks, and not all of these jewels will be bought to actually wear. To ensure you stay up-to-date with all the latest trends in engagement rings, shop the top engagement rings in Sydney here.


What will be trending in the world of diamonds in 2022?

Diamonds are timeless, and in some ways, it is hard to imagine there being many trends around them. After all, the same cuts and shapes have been used on diamonds for many years, sometimes hundreds of them.

However, the industry does change, and so do the consumer’s desires and needs. Below are seven different trends that you may see with diamonds in 2022. Especially if you have an interest in this particularly special precious stone.


Different shapes will become more popular

Currently, the round-cut diamond outsells all other shapes, especially for engagement or wedding rings. This may be because this cut suits nearly all hand and finger sizes.

Nevertheless, there are other popular shapes at the moment such as the oval-cut, and the emerald-cut. Now though, there is interest in some of the lesser-used cuts, such as the cushion cut.

A quality 5-carat cushion cut diamond ring would command a fair price tag, but this shape promises to sparkle brilliantly in the light. And while you may be thinking that 5-carats is quite high, this takes the article to its next possible trend of the year.


High-carat diamonds

There are many reasons behind the popularity of fashion jewelry, and one is the cost. However, many people are now opting for high-carat diamonds instead of the generally more popular lower-carat gems.

Why? Possibly because as the diamond reserves run out, these gemstones are only going to get rarer. This means they make a great investment that can be enjoyed through wearing them, and by letting them naturally grow in value.

A high-carat diamond ring is a statement piece in itself and can last a lifetime. It can be liquidized in the future if necessary, or it can be handed down to children to be enjoyed.


Try before you buy engagement rings

Shopping online grew out of all expectations during the pandemic, and many people are continuing to use online retail services today.

It may seem strange to purchase expensive jewelry over the net, but some jewelers are offering a service that helps to make customers feel more comfortable.

Some jewelers offer replica rings so that an individual can try them in their home, and see whether the size and look are right for them. Some of these are simple wax models that will give a realistic example of the size, and others are more impressive replicas.

A deposit is required for these try-before-you-buy models, and this is returnable once the rings have been sent back to the retailer.


Synthetic lab-grown diamonds

Diamonds grown in laboratories may sound like science fiction but they are a reality. One that is making serious inroads into the overall diamond market.

Synthetic diamonds are an option for anyone who wants to own a beautiful ring but is worried about mining practices and the environment. There are no ethics to be concerned about with synthetic diamonds, as none of them will be taken from war zones.

The only concern with lab-grown diamonds at the moment is whether the manufacturers are following clean energy policies or not.


Vintage and recycled diamonds and jewelry

If you have ever wanted to know how to start a jewelry collection on a budget, then this might be for you. It is also another way to make diamond purchases more sustainable.

Vintage jewelry has been on trend for some time but with the environmental concerns of mining, it will continue to be fashionable. In fact, reclaiming diamonds, and wearing vintage jewelry instead of making new purchases may be one of the hottest trends this year.

Recycling diamonds is an excellent way of giving a new lease of life to an old piece that may, unfortunately, look dated and tired. Jewelers and specialists can take diamonds and use them in creative new ways, and this is a less expensive option than making a completely new purchase from a retailer.


Elongated diamonds

Just as different shapes are going to start making more of an appearance, so will elongated diamonds.

The baguette, marquise, emerald, and oval cuts are all growing in popularity, as is the pear cut.

Longer diamonds can look extremely elegant, and are very popular with many celebrities right now. The emerald cut in particular is very common (in a good way) in engagement ring designs, and its clean linear look is almost timeless.


Buying loose diamonds for investment

Not everyone buys diamonds to wear. Loose diamonds make an excellent investment, and as history has shown, will almost certainly grow.

The only concerns with buying loose diamonds is understanding the gemstones themselves, and how to keep them safe. For the latter, security boxes in banks or safes, and insurance, are all critical and essential.

Understanding how to purchase loose diamonds is a little more complicated. If you are interested in this type of investment it would be worth learning about how diamonds are graded and finding yourself a dealer that you can trust and rely on for advice.


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