How To Start A Jewelry Collection On A Budget

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British supermodel Kate Moss said in a Vogue interview, “I love jewelry. I can’t walk past a jewelry shop without seeing something I love. It’s my drug of choice.” Jewelry is certainly fascinating, and for lovers of sparklers, starting your own collection is a dream come true. Alas, jewelry also costs money. The good news is that while most of us live on a budget, it is still possible to build a collection of your favorite ornaments.

Go For Something That You Truly Like

There are so many beautiful pieces of jewelry that it can be tricky to decide which ones you should get. However, the key to starting or creating your own collection is to purchase pieces that you love and would like to wear frequently. Bear in mind that because you’re on a budget, it will take you longer to buy something of value. Therefore, focus on procuring staple jewelry over the years rather than getting into debt for bling that you want today.

For example, invest in a classic pair of diamond studs that will go well with any outfit and create a glamorous look. It’s also easy to jazz up an ensemble if you don an elegant necklace. Consider custom-made jewelry or unique vintage pieces that will make it easy for you to plan and save up for the pieces that you want. Above all, buy trinkets that express your personality, ditching brand names or current trends, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Caring for Your Jewelry

While it’s true that the trinkets you buy must reflect what you love and express your personality, owning jewelry is also a form of investment. Thus, it is very important that you pay attention to proper jewelry care and storage to protect your investment, prolong its life, and enhance the beauty of your trinkets. There are several ways to do this. One is to get a jewerly box with several compartments so that you can store pieces safely. Keep similar jewelry together so that it is easy for you to find each piece. If you’re wearing certain trinkets every day, consider putting them on a tray that you can access easily. Gemstones must not touch each other if you are to avoid damage. Keeping them in pouches or boxes is important. It is also essential that your jewelry is protected from sunlight and excessive humidity to keep it in a good condition.

Starting your own collection of jewelry is not as hard as it sounds, even if you have limited financial resources. The key is to know what you love, and build your collection over time. Taking care of your pieces is also important to extend their life and guard your investment.


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