5 Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness for your Fashion Brand

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Having a solid marketing strategy is mandatory if your fashion brand is to stay ahead of the competition.


Doing business in a volatile business environment means you must be ready to adopt new ways of positioning and promoting your brand to increase sales and grow your brand. At the very least, you should aim at acquiring significant foot traffic.

However, this has been a challenge especially with the social distancing requirement that came with the Covid 19 pandemic.

Here are ways to increase brand awareness for your fashion brand:

– Have a temporary presence

Although previously seen as a preserve of high-end fashion lines, the use of showroom space has emerged as one of the most reliable avenues to drive sales and increase revenue. You can take advantage of the availability of temporary space at an affordable rate to take your brand to your customers; literally.

This allows them to closely interact with your products than they would when shopping online. You will be surprised at just how many people may visit your showroom thus, interacting with your brand for the first time hence increased brand awareness.

Moreover, a physical presence goes a long way in building your customers’ confidence in your brand. Ultimately, you must strive to offer a top-notch experience because this is what will determine whether they will become raving fans and recommend your brand to others or not.

– Optimize your website for visibility

Although thousands of fashion stores may have closed down because of the pandemic, the industry is still vibrant. Statista projects the revenue from the ecommerce fashion segment to reach £589,615m in 2021 while online sales are expected to account for 24% of the total market revenue by 2023.

You can’t underestimate the power of a fully functional and well-optimized website in increasing brand awareness. The reality is that shopping trends have changed over time with consumers taking up online shopping. This means you optimize your website as an ecommerce fashion hub that offers a friendly experience for users.

– Work with an influencer

Influencers are individuals within your industry that command a large following and attention. Thus, attaching an influencer to your fashion brand will certainly help to drive brand awareness because most of their followers trust them and will take their fashion advice.

If you deal in apparel, you can get the influencer to ‘model’ and share pictures across their social media accounts. You will be surprised at just how much effect this will have on your sales.

– Leverage social media and other technologies

The use of social media platforms to market your brand is no longer optional. Today, most people prefer to connect with their favourite brands through social media. As such, you can take advantage to promote and show off your products. This also goes for customer experience. Social media platforms offer you an opportunity to present your catalogue as well as respond to your users’ questions or concerns.

Similarly, you can’t ignore the technological revolution that has seen a rise in the use of artificial intelligence in interacting with customers. With your website being well optimized, you can be sure to attract significant traffic. What better way to handle customer queries than the use of chatbots? This means that human reps can only take over when chatbots cannot respond. The ability to offer an excellent customer experience will certainly boost your brand awareness.

– Run a contest or giveaway

Have you ever thought about how much running a contest or giveaway can boost your brand awareness? You can tap into contests when celebrating holidays, launching a new product or clearing out old stock. This will not only foster brand awareness but also propel your sales as you generate a buzz around your products and brand.

Despite the current global economic outlook, you can still take advantage of various marketing strategies to elevate your brand awareness and grow your business. Putting in place the right brand awareness strategies will significantly increase your fashion brand’s reach and help to generate more leads. Nurturing brand awareness also helps in creating emotional connections with your customers. Thus, it is worth investing in brand awareness strategies that are guaranteed to generate a buzz, leads and sales thus growing your brand and revenue.


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