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Initially scheduled for a June 21 release, the new Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Light Fusion Red” dropped nine days early. A homage to Michael Jordan’s OG sneakers, this vibrant pair is the Jordan Brand’s way of welcoming summer in style. After all, nothing speaks warm colors better than the blend of red, white, and yellow.

Bangkok, Thailand - January 4, 2020 : Old Nike Air Jordan sneakers in the showcase.

Here’s a closer look at these magnificent sneakers and how to get a pair.

Still Got That OG Feel

Among avid basketball fans, there’s no denying Jordan’s stellar career. While several of his career highs had been broken, he still holds many records, such as playing the fewest games (1,059 to be exact) to accumulate 32,000 points and most seasons (eight to be precise) with an average of more than 30 points per game.

A part of his success story was his original Air Jordan 1 sneakers, which he began wearing in 1984 as part of his endorsement stint with Nike. It had a black body and laces (also the Air Jordan logo) with red highlights in the brand logo and the Swoosh trademark. In addition, it had a white midsole and red outsole.

Despite Jordan having long retired from the sport, his sneaker line continues to grow in popularity. The “Light Fusion Red” is a continuation of the maker’s tradition of releasing a new signature pair every season. Even better is that Peter Moore, the designer behind Jordan’s iconic pair, still designs the Air Jordans to this day—including this one.

Fun fact: Legend has it that the NBA fined Jordan USD$ 5,000 every time he wore his OG sneakers to a game, as it violated sneaker regulations (more on this later). Nike presumably shouldered the fines and even used the incident to promote the Air Jordans.

Summer Colors

As mentioned previously, the Light Fusion Red 2021 Air Jordan 1 speaks of summer with its bright choice of colors. The new model stays true to the OG design, with a leather upper body and Nike’s cushioning technology that adds “Air” to an Air Jordan. For those who don’t know, Air technology makes use of pressurized air inside a bag to improve elasticity and reduce impact force.

The Light Fusion Red has a white body and laces with red and yellow (although technically called Laser Orange) highlights and patches. In addition, the midsole is white, and the outsole has collar flap, and the Air Jordan logo are black. Given its bright choice of colors, many footwear fans likened it to a McDonald’s color scheme when first revealed.

But there’s another theory as to the choice of colors. According to Chris Burns, founder of sneaker industry analysis website ARCH, the colors coincide with those of the Atlanta Hawks, where one of their jerseys features a red body with white and yellow lines. The team has shown an impressive performance since the beginning of the season.

Speaking of the NBA, if these were basketball-grade footwear, NBA players wanting a blessing from His Airness so they could wear them. The NBA has eased restrictions on sneaker specs since 2018 to enable players to “showcase their individuality as well as their passion for basketball footwear.” Before, NBA rules stated that the sneakers be uniform with a team’s colors, if not black and white.


Picking Up A Pair

While it carries Jordan’s name, you don’t have to worry about paying an arm and a leg to get these shoes. The retail price is only three figures, a far cry from Jordan’s OG pair, of which one went up for auction for five figures. Many third-party sneaker stores carry the Light Fusion Red and other Retro High OG models for your perusal.

However, to make the most out of their flashy style, the right choice of clothing is essential. These sneakers are bright enough to stand out when worn alongside dark-colored clothing (which is ill-advised in the heat of summer, anyway). Clean-looking sneakers like the Light Fusion Red enable more flexibility in choosing the clothing style you want.

Not everyone will probably be shooting some hoops with it, but the pair’s Air technology enables you to be physically active. You can run a few laps or perform a few squats with such stylish shoes. The cushioning system can withstand the weight of even rigorous regimens.


Overall, the Light Fusion Red is another excellent addition to the Air Jordan line. It remains true to its roots while being fashionable for the summer months and possibly beyond. But as with any fashion trend, they can go out of style fast, so it’s best to pick up one before it’s too late.


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