What you need to know about black diamond jewelry

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Black is a very distinguishable color. It is in great contrast to the more standard colors that diamonds come in. That of pink and colorless.

Although, black diamond jewelry is most popular for engagement rings, it does appeal to both male and females.

It has an universal quality to them. Whether you want to become more masculine or fenmine, this black diamond will be able to do the trick, somehow, you can make it work.

It’s demand and price have increased in recent years, with a recent claim that it’s reaching the same level of fame as the white diamond.

But there are still a few things we need to consider first:


Black diamond jewelry: Its features

One of its great features is that this diamond is particularly rare. Out of all the colored diamonds, this definitely stands out the most.

The pricing is an important factor to take into consideration. Diamonds in general are highly priced, so you always want to get the right price.

Black diamonds are relatively well priced. You may know already, but the factor to look out for is always the carat.

For example, a good black diamond per 1 carat is worth up to $5000. This may seem like a lot, but this is significantly lower to some of the other diamonds you find on the market.

For this product, $3000 is the sweet spot.

On that note, the carat refers to the weight. The greater the carat, the higher the price. However, in comparison to other diamonds, black diamonds are lower in price than colorless diamonds, which is a plus.

With that said, for the case of the black diamond,we need to view the price based on these 2 departments. These are:

– Treated black diamons

– Natural black diamond

In these terms, treated black diamonds are cheaper than natural black diamonds.


What to look for?

When you land on a diamond site, there are a few things you should know that will help you get the best black diamond.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest takeaways you can gain from searching these on the market is that most of them are not genuine.

A lot of people now artificially create these diamonds on the market, as it is easier and more cost effective, but the quality is never up to standard.

Which is why, it’s crucial that you look at these steps to ensure you get the right diamond, if authenticity is what you’re striving for.

1: Talk to an expert

2: Choose natural black diamonds

I say talk to an expert, as they do exist and some really know their stuff. The second point is obvious, but it can be confusing at first glance to distinguish between what a natural or artificially black diamond looks like.

At that stage, the best indicator to look for is price.


Final tips

Hopefully the above info will cover you if you are looking to purchase one.

But If you are looking to invest, look for a black diamond carats with great size if you can and look for any noticeable feature that you think will separate it from other variations. Call it the USP.

But remember, black diamonds dont come in a wide variation of shapes. Thats why, really look at the detailed design of the diamond.

If you have your glasses on, you will be good.


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