Why Men’s Earring Will be on Trend Even in 2050?

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Did you know? The first recorded evidence of men wearing earrings dates back to around 7,000 years! While men in Ancient Asia are believed to have first worn earrings, there are striking shreds of evidence of Egyptians and Africans donning the same.

As far as modern history is considered, it was somewhere around the late 1960s that men’s earrings came into vogue. The hippies and homosexuals were first to adopt them as a way of self-expression, and the rest, as they say, is history! Celebrities were quick to follow suit, and before long, everyone from rock band members to athletes could be seen wearing earrings. The trend has since stayed, and how!

Coming to the answer for the question – Why Men’s Earring Will be in Trend even in 2050? – Today, men’s earrings are not just a way of self-expression, but also a style quotient that men swear by. Moreover, men’s earrings or any other jewellery for that matter also speak of abundance, making them highly sought-after! Unlike a fast fashion trend, men’s earrings are innate to a man’s pride and his identity, and therefore intertwined with their personality. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that men’s earrings will be in trend for as long as we can possibly imagine!

Now that we are sure of Men’s Earrings being in trend for the foreseeable future, let us take a look at some of the aspects you ought to keep in mind while choosing a timeless piece of earring for yourself, or a male friend!

Type of Piercing

Your choice of earrings will depend on whether or not you have a piercing. If you do, you can pick one from the many piercing-friendly men’s earrings. If you do not have an ear piercing, you can opt for magnetic earrings instead.


When young, say less than 50 years of age, there simply is no restriction on the type of earrings you could wear. You can go as fancy or novel as you’d like, and no one will bat an eye. Of course, once your foray into a higher age group, you may want to keep it simple and elegant, as is the case with Men’s Stud Earrings. That said, if you are flamboyant enough and can carry your style on your sleeve, there is no stopping you from what you want to wear, regardless of your age!


As a rule of thumb, the material of choice for men’s earrings should be hypoallergenic in nature. To this end, Gold, Silver, Titanium and Stainless Steel are your best options. Now, you don’t need us to tell you that the latter two are out of the race for obvious reasons. You’re now left with gold and silver! If your budget allows for it, we’d recommend you opt for Gold Men’s Earrings. Not only will they look stunning on you, but would also act as a solid investment on our part. And if you are someone who isn’t too comfortable with all that Yellow Gold, you could just as easily opt for White Gold Earrings in a design of your choice!

Type of Gemstones

In our experience, only some men are comfortable with the idea of wearing a coloured gemstone as a part of their earring. However, most men can easily pull off the classic diamond earrings, which go well with all types of attires – Casual as well as Formals!

Our Take on Men’s Earrings

From Jhonny Depp to Cristiano Ronaldo, from Ranbir Kapoor to Salman Khan, male celebrities across the board have owned the Earring Trend with an unmatched swag, which makes us believe in the fact that Men’s Earrings are here to stay, and will be very much in trend even in 2050! So, when are you buying yourself a stunning pair of men’s earrings?


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