Street Fashion- Dress to Impress

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Street Fashion- Dress to Impress

Paris str F13 209   Paris str F13 209B

If you’re seeking sophistication in your wardrobe, white and cream are the perfect colours. Fully utilising the palette, bow cuffs and a statement necklace add another layer of class to this soft dress and coat combination.

Paris str F13 214BParis str F13 238B

When it gets to this time of year and it becomes a little colder, fur is the ideal material to stay warm but stylish. Used in this tweed two piece and in the forms of a muff and beret on the right, the fur gives another layer of detail to these smart outfits.

Paris str F13 237   Paris str F13 250

Long pencil skirts with feminine blouses; no era is more renowned for flattering the figure and promoting female glamour than the 1950s. Channelling Dior’s focus on the waistline, these high waist, long length skirts and delicate shirts showcase the eras preference for heightened femininity and elegance.

Paris str F13 374   Paris str F13 231

Dressing to impress doesn’t always require long length gowns and expensive materials. Mixing shorter skirts and shorts with matching jackets and high heeled shoes,  these outfits opt for boyish styles whilst maintaining ladylike qualities.

Street Fashion- Dress to Impress

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