Summer Holiday Outfit Guide for 2024

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Heading on Holiday and Unsure What to Wear? Don’t Worry, We’ve Got You Covered!

Holidays 2024 – The Timeless Destinations

Are you ready for your next getaway? Whether you’re heading to Greece’s stunning islands like Mykonos, known for its vibrant nightlife, and Santorini, famed for its romantic and picturesque escapes, or Spain to dance the night away in Ibiza or relax on Mallorca’s beautiful beaches, we’ve got you covered. Italy dazzles with Sardinia’s crystal-clear waters, often dubbed the Italian Maldives, and the postcard-worthy Amalfi Coast. For those with wanderlust, Bali, Indonesia, awaits with its vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes, or the Maldives, offering tropical bliss with overwater bungalows and pristine beaches.

Everything sounds amazing, but the ultimate question remains: What outfits should you pack? We all share this fashion dilemma!

Each destination has its own unique style code that you need to follow to truly shine. At Catwalk Yourself, we’ve crafted the perfect guide to help you look fabulous, from your airport attire to your evening ensemble. Dive into our fashion tips and ensure you’re dressed to impress, no matter where your holiday takes you!

Departure – Travel Outfit

Dress comfortably but with style. Remember, you’re starting your vacation, so even the travel outfit matters! Opt for comfortable clothes in lightly fleeced fabrics, don’t forget a nice and comfy hoody (you don’t want to get sick on the plane!).

Beach Look

Prepare each outfit mentally, counting each day of your stay plus 2-3 bonus options (just in case)! For beach looks, it’s always recommended to start with darker colours in the first few days while you’re still working on your tan, then switch to white swimsuits when you can proudly show off your bronze glow! Always use SPF, of course (at least SPF 30; this one from Hawaiian is amazing).

Afternoon Drink

This is where the light tactical change comes in. It’s aperitif time, your hair is still salty, and before heading to dinner, an inevitable sunset aperitif awaits, the perfect Instagram moment.

  • Don’t get caught unprepared: it’s time to show off a lightweight long dress, or a two-piece coordinated set that is both comfortable and chic. A flowy maxi dress in a bright colour or a stylish jumpsuit can make you look effortlessly elegant. Add a pair of statement earrings and some flat sandals to complete your look. Shop Aperitif Outfits

Evening Look

It’s your moment, you’ve waited all year for these holidays to go out at night with your golden skin and show off your best outfits, is your TIME TO SHINE. First of all, wear your best smile, you can’t go wrong, and it’s always a bonus that adds to and completes your look. As for the outfit, it’s important to understand the evening’s programme.

  • For dinner, we recommend a classy midi dress or a sleek jumpsuit with a touch of sparkle. For clubs, opt for a glamorous mini dress or a chic two-piece set that shows off your tan. Explore Evening Wear

The Special Night Look

On every respectable vacation, there is at least one night when you’ve booked the most luxurious restaurant, and it deserves a special dress.

  • Opt for a long dress with a backless design, if you choose a short one, make sure it’s not too revealing, you want to look chic, not vulgar. Shop Special Occasion Dresses

To Complete Your Holiday Wardrobe

Here are our selections of colours, fabrics, materials, and dress models to help you perfect your holiday wardrobe:

  • Colours: White, navy, beige, coral, turquoise, gold
  • Fabrics: Linen, cotton, silk, crochet
  • Materials: Straw (for accessories), gold (for jewellery)

Dress Models: Maxi dresses, coordinated sets, kimonos, cardigans, sarongs, bikinis, trikinis, and one-pieces

Standout Tips

Check out our styling tips for your holiday escapes:

-Embrace white linen, cotton, and silk to stay cool and stylish. Shop White Linen Dresses 

-Think navy and white stripes, anchor motifs, and rope details. Explore Nautical Fashion

-Mix and match bikini tops and bottoms for various looks. Find Bikini Separates

-Sheer kimonos, crochet cardigans, and sarongs add stylish coverage. Browse Cover-Ups

-Complete your look with chic sunglasses, straw totes, and gold jewellery. Shop Accessories


Ready to Shine on Your Next Holiday?

We hope these tips help you enjoy a stylish and stress-free holiday! Don’t forget to share your fabulous holiday looks with us on social media using the hashtag #CatwalkYourselfHoliday. For more styling tips and fashion inspiration, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out our related articles for more fashion advice and travel tips!

Stay stylish, and happy holidays!

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