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Street Fashion- Quirk

Paris str F15 221bParis str F15 222

Oversized and overusing fabric, this is an unusual spin on the classic winter jumper. Knitted in an arctic shade of blue, this unique jumper is paired with strappy, sequinned jelly style shoes.

Paris str F15 181   Paris str F15 181a

Whilst the overall colour scheme sticks to simple shades of monochrome, this dalmation print is sure to incite intrigue. With accessories coming in the form knee high boots, a round tassled bag and bobble hat, fluffy flecks can be found upon closer inspection.

Paris str F15 241

Calling all lovers of quirky clothing; bold, emblazoned prints will ensure you stand out on the street. Already independent in terms of lengths and tailoring, the garment’s deep navy base colour is contrasted with dozens of flamingos printed in bright pink.

Paris str F15 233

Mirroring the colours scattered across the flower bed nearby, colourful stripes run through this woollen coat’s stitching. Complimented with a quilted Chanel handbag, the understated platform sneakers and impeccably swept back hair let the coat speak for itself.

Street Fashion- Quirk

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Natalie is an English graduate whose interest in fashion began at an early age. A writer and blogger, she is passionate about vintage and French fashion and cites Audrey Hepburn as her ultimate style icon.

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