Working From Home? Here Are 5 Comfortable Footwear To Use

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Are you working from home?  If yes, then you probably enjoy working within the comfort of your home office or even your bedroom. Of course, you can work at home wearing anything you like, as well as work at your own time and pace. While you have plenty of perks with this work setting, it’s still important to think of your professional status and productivity, which can reflect on the clothes and shoes you wear.

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Check the following comfortable footwear to use if you’re working from home:


Ballerina Flats


Ballerina flats are a comfortable footwear option for a work-from-home setting. These have flat soles, are lightweight, and usually come with round edges. You can wear ballerina flats using different outfits, such as the following:

– Jeans: Wear ballerina flats with a pair of jeans that doesn’t touch the shoes to accentuate the legs. What’s more, a simple t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and ballerina flats can already make a statement!

– Skirts: Wear ballerina flats with floaty skirts for a more feminine vibe, without compromising comfort. You can wear a neutral-colored skirt and a pair of ballerina flats with floral or animal print for a fun feel.

– Shorts: Summer brings hot weather, so your favorite shorts can perfectly match your ballerina flats, too!  Make that work-from-home less stressful, while still being completely professional, by wearing dark denim shorts and navy flats. If you want to brighten up a neutral outfit, choose coral shoes or delicate pink ballet shoes.

– Office Attire: Look professional and smart casual at the same time with ballerina flats. These flat shoes are a comfortable work footwear that you can wear if you need to attend a videoconference wearing a professional attire.  Instead of slippers, feel more professional and sophisticated wearing ballerina flats.

Note: During cold months, you can still wear ballerina flats with skintone-colored socks or tights. You may check out Ara shoes and other brands offering ballerina flats online.




You can also wear comfortable sandals while working at home. They’re lightweight and open, giving your toes a more relaxed space than closed shoes. Here are some examples of sandals you can try wearing when you work from home:

– Leather Flip-flops: These sandals give off a more polished and refined feel than rubber sandals. They’re sleek and stylish because of hand-stitched details. The sturdy rubber soles provide excellent traction. If you’re looking for a professional-looking footwear that’s super comfortable, then you can choose leather flip-flops.

– Sports Sandals: If you want a sporty feel type of sandals, then sports sandals are highly recommended. Sports sandals feature adjustable velcro straps and heels for extra stability and support, keeping your feet comfortable.




Wearing sneakers is also a good idea while working from home, especially if you want to simply check your emails in your patio or open backyard seat after jogging or any form of exercise. You can resume your workout after checking your messages, without bothering wearing a different footwear again.


Light Boots 


If the weather is cold, you can wear lightweight boots for indoor use while you work from home. This way, you can make your feet feel warm and comfortable. This type of shoes is highly recommended if you need to take a full-body photo for office documentation of your work-from-home setup.




The most comfortable footwear to opt for while working from home are slippers. There are plenty of slippers available almost anywhere you look, such as bedtime cushioned slippers that are made from lightweight materials. However, if you don’t want to still feel sleepy during work, try not to wear those types of slippers.

Here are some helpful tips when choosing slippers suitable for a work-from-home setup:

– Choose slippers that look professional, such as leather slides or slip-ons.

– Make your work-from-home experience more comfortable by wearing slippers with built-in massage-like textures.

– Cushioned slippers are okay, but make sure that they offer good support when you need to move hastily from one area to another, such as printing documents, reaching the landline phone to call your boss, or checking your fax machine messages.


Protect Your Feet And Skin 

Your skin can break wearing uncomfortable footwear. Hence, you need to apply excellent quality skin care products to protect your skin in the ankle and feet area, such as products from NOUGHTY.



Make your work-from-home setup more comfortable by using the right footwear. While you can use your slippers, it’s still best to look and feel smart and professional. Most importantly, the type of footwear you have also reflects your mood and readiness to start and finish tasks, improving your productivity.

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