How to Invest in Fashion Pieces

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Fashion pieces can be a good investment if you know what to look for. Some of the timeless and classic brands and styles can increase quite a bit in value over time. Here are some tips on which pieces could be recommendable investment pieces.


If you’re looking to invest in fashion pieces that can make you money, there are a few tips and tricks that are good to know. Sticking to timeless brands and limited-edition pieces are some of them. If you have an eye for fashion and investment, read along for some tips on some pieces to invest in pieces with potential.

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Picture8Burberry trench coat

A piece of clothing that will never go out of style is the Burberry trench coat. Its double-breasted silhouette and its iconic plaid accents will forever be a classic. There is a big span in retail value depending on the style, length, and materials. This is a piece that can actually withstand being used and still increase in value over time.

Hermès handbags

Hermès handbags are in a league of their own. The prices correspond to their ultra-luxury. The price point for the smallest style is around $10,000. Then there are the limited and highly coveted styles like the Birkin and Kelly bags. Used Birkin bags go for price points between $10,000 and $40,000.

Rolex watches

Rolex watches are still some of the most luxurious watches in the world. Purchasing a Rolex can be a very lucrative investment depending on the style and price point. It is also a Rolex watch that holds the record for the most expensive watch sold at an auction. It was sold for $17.8 million. Luckily, there are also cheaper Rolex watches even though cheap might not be the proper word.

Patek Philippe watches

One of the reasons why Patek Philippe watches are so highly coveted and expensive is because of their limited numbers. Less than a million watches are said to have been made since they began production in 1839. This is a watch whose value will continue to increase over time.

Gucci Loafers

Another investment piece could be a pair of Gucci loafers. They never seem to go out of style even though they were designed in 1953. Many of the vintage and limited styles are selling for a lot more than the retail price. The 1950s is a very interesting period in fashion history with many great classic pieces.

There are many classic vintage brands and styles to look after if you want to invest in fashion pieces. Just remember to do your research before investing in fashion.


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