Jewelry Trends for the Fall and Winter 2021

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Fall may be the season when you start covering up against the cold, but this season will still provide many opportunities to show off your best costume and fine jewelry pieces, with watch and jewelry sales in 2021 amounting to a whopping $7.6 billion (as reported by IBISWorld). The penchant for eclecticism that was so prevalent at the start of the year will continue, with jewelry lovers saying a definitive ‘no’ to matching looks and a ‘yes’ to mixed and matched and stacked pieces. If you are ready to make another jewelry purchase for the cooler seasons, take notice of the following hot trends.


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Stacked Necklaces and Bracelets

Stacking has been enjoying a big boom of late, owing in no small part to the casual, boho-chic vibe it is capable of lending an otherwise ‘serious’ fashion look. Worn with an elegant top and blazer or over a T-shirt and your favourite vegan leather jacket, stacked items are a perfect way of blending items of different widths, metal colors, and styles. Luxury and semi-luxury fashion jewelry brands (ranging from Cartier to Gucci, Bvlgari and Pandora) have all released new chain styles in silver, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold looks, all of which can be worn alone, together, or alongside fine beaded designs. Pandora’s necklace line features chains bearing twisted, curb chain, and link designs. These look great together or paired up with pendant necklaces and charms – perfect to add a sartorial touch to a serious fall or winter suit look.


Next-Level Statement Earrings

Fashion lovers who love turtleneck sweaters and tops beneath their fall and winter jackets can still add plenty of bling to their look via XL statement hoop earrings. If you love modern looks, diss simple round hoops and go for oblong, horseshoe, ceramic, bent metal, and pavé diamond or gemstone hoops that lend artistry and character to your look. Long, sculptural drop earrings are also in – even in the daytime. Check out a few long, graceful designs by Balenciaga, Messika, and Gucci.


Brooches are Back

Statement brooches are the ultimate blazer picker-upper, lending a welcome touch of light and creativity to everyday work looks and cocktail looks alike. Simone Rocha, Nina Ricci, and Alessandra Rich all made brooches a key accessory in their fashion shows. Top materials for brooches include pearls (which are in themselves a hot trend for everything from streetwear to bridal jewelry), enamel, and coral. Wear your brooches on collars, knitwear, and even evening wear for  Coco Chanel-like dramatism.


Pairing Shapes

Asymmetry, unique pieces, and color contrasts are all buzzwords in jewelry, with the penchant for creativity and personalized looks taking over catwalks and streetwear alike. When dressing up for an elegant gala, choose mismatched earrings or earrings from the same collection in different styles (a halo design on one ear and a dangly piece on the other). Pair white and yellow gold jewelry, wear leather and friendship bracelets alongside your newest Rolex find, and turn your ear into a living sculpture with a plethora of hoops, delicate diamond studs, climbing earrings, and/or ear cuffs. If you are into ultra-artistic looks, concentrate on one area and let your inner Picasso shine through.

It’s an exciting time for jewelry lovers who enjoy expressing their personal sense of style through their jewelry choices. Top trends to watch out for include stacked pieces, statement earrings, and brooches. Asymmetrical looks are definitely the order of the day, so have fun with the pieces you already have and have fun pairing them up with new single earrings, cuffs, and other designs you purchase in upcoming seasons.


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