Top Ways to Make Money Without Leaving Home

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The ongoing pandemic has made a lot of people stay at home and change their work arrangements. The switch from regular office hours to a remote job has its benefits. And one advantage that stands out a lot is how there is no commuting to and from work.

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This extra time can be used to start a side hustle business that could potentially turn into a full-time venture and allow you to leave your old job, provided that you desire to leave it.

At the same time, some people have not been happy with their financial situation and would have gladly taken the chance to make more money. The time to work online now is as good as it gets. Here are some ways to make money without leaving your house.

Way #1 – Print on Demand

A print on demand venture will take some time to take off, but you will only have to spend an hour or two or even less to keep the store going when it is up and running.

First, start with an idea. It can be silly animal pictures, famous quotes, pop culture, or something that you are passionate about. It will be easier to find motivation when you have to think of new designs for a subject that interests you. On the other hand, there is an option to hire a freelance graphic designer and leave the design part to him. You can then focus on developing the store and attracting more customers.

Finding the right supplier is also a priority. Many POD stores start with Custom T-Shirts | T-shirt Printing No Minimum is a neat feature to have because you do not have to worry about carrying out a minimal number of orders. Merchandise is produced only when you receive an order from a client.

Store integration, print facility network, product quality, and variety are also necessary, and your supplier should provide these aspects.

Way #2 – Digital Services

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Some professionals have problems making money because of Covid-19. For example, taking pictures is not as easy because of travel restrictions. But as a photographer, you can still find gigs. Photo editing, online tutorials that teach how to use Photoshop, or camera reviews and affiliate marketing are a couple of ideas to consider.

Having a set of skills will not go to waste. Even if you have little experience with a computer, you have opportunities to work as a virtual assistant or data entry specialist. Freelance websites like UpWork and Fiverr have job ads.

Other popular digital services include managing social media accounts, copywriting, proofreading, search engine optimization, and graphic design.

Way #3 – Online Surveys

If you only have an hour to spare because of the regular job, online surveys could be a good option. People complete one survey in 10 to 15 minutes. It means that you can fill out about 5 surveys in an hour.

The pay itself might not be the best, and there are gift cards as rewards for some surveys, but if this kind of work improves one’s financial situation, then why not spend your time on available surveys?

Way #4 – Customer Support

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Online businesses are looking for additional customer support employees because of a growing number of customers. One or two people cannot handle all the customer queries for shipping, returns, product and service features, and other questions.

You can get in touch with online stores directly or spend some time going through job ads to see who is hiring.

The work itself is pretty monotonous, but that is not necessarily the worst thing. Monotony and boredom sometimes mean that you do not have that much to do, but if you still get paid, why worry about it? Moreover, you can even look to fit in another side hustle and work on that and in the customer support simultaneously.

Way #5 – Blogging

If you like to write, then why not start a blog? It can be a fun hobby, a means to express yourself, and a source of income. Establishing yourself as a blogger is not easy, though. There are many established writers on the internet, and even if you have great ideas to share with an audience, not many people will discover your blog. You will have to promote it on social media, forums and even look for guest post opportunities on other blogs to get a backlink. Optimizing for search engines is also a priority.

As far as blog monetization goes, you have multiple options. Running ads is worth considering, but most bloggers tend to avoid ads because they are a hindrance to the reader’s experience. Not to mention ad blockers for internet browsers.

You would make more money by promoting digital products, such as e-books or online courses, including affiliate links, or publishing sponsored content.


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