Top 9 Marketing Tips for Photographers

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“A successful photography business is 20% photography, 80% business,” says Lara White a marketing expert. Only good work is not enough for success, you have to use marketing tools to make it a success.

Bad marketing can destroy an outstanding work of photography. So while you are good at capturing photos, make sure to promote and market them properly to get the recognition you deserve, while you can pay someone to do your homework. Here are some best marketing tips for you to make your photography a successful business too.
1: Online Photography Portfolio:

An online portfolio is a powerful marketing tool for photographers. It gives you worldwide exposure and helps you to shape your professional journey. Through an online portfolio, your work will travel around the globe through a click only thus creating opportunities for more clients and collaborators.

2: Use Social Media:

Social media provide you with a platform where you can build an audience and connect with them. This audience can be your potential clients, fans, peers, and editors. Don’t lose this opportunity of promoting yourself. Your online presence makes it easier for people to reach for business purposes.

3: Pitch Your Work:

Don’t hesitate to pitch your work to publications and magazines. Nothing is better to get your names published along with your work in those magazines or newspapers. Reach out to them through email that should be concise and have a link to your online portfolio.

4: Create an Email List:

From day one, you should be aware to collect emails from your clients. Make a list of those email addresses and share the regular email newsletter to keep them engaged. You can share your new work, a workshop, or a sale to that email list.

5: Blogging:

Blogging is a powerful online marketing tool. Add a blog to your online portfolio and share your experience, what you know about photography, and the skills required for it through blog posts.

6: Cross Promote:

As a professional photographer, you are a part of the wider community. Navigate the industry and reach out to other collaborators and creators. This will help you to explore new territory for creativity. As a wedding photographer, you can collaborate with a hairstylist and a designer that will bring more professional opportunities for you.

7: Apply for Awards and Contests:

One rule of marketing is to be active in the market. Look out for the contests and awards around the globe and participate in those events actively. This will help you to grow your network and a chance to fame as well. Winning a contest or award is nothing short of a remarkable achievement.

8: Network IRL:

You cannot ignore the importance of digital marketing, but there is still a real world out there. Face to face meetup and word of mouth marketing are few tools that you don’t have to miss on. Balance the online and offline market for better growth as a photographer.

9: Share Your Expertise:

Participate in seminars, workshops, conferences, or industry talks to share your expertise. This will give you more exposure to your potential clients.


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