How To Accomplish Iconic Hairstyles From Decades Past

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Your hair is your crowning glory. Fixing it up can change how you look. There are different things you can do to fix your hair, depending on your mood. You can mix up different types of processes and even try out old hairstyles, especially those that were deemed immensely iconic in the past.

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While your goal is to go vintage, you cannot also deny the fact that trying these old styles will allow you to connect to your ancestors. That might sound a little funny, but it actually makes you understand how they felt about their hair back then.

A lot of styles have been explored over the years. Some of these styles include a bob cut, wavy curls, and detailed updos that are slowly making their way again into the present time. If you’re fond of exploring and experiencing something new for your hair, here are a few styles you can try to accomplish that vintage look you’ve been trying to achieve.


In the early 1920s, famous movie stars would wear their long curly hairs down and make themselves look elegant. After quite some time, however, the curls were repurposed to make longer hair look short. To achieve this, they would tie their hair and make a bun that’s not quite obvious to the naked eye and arrange the curls until they reached their neck.

Back then, women would also try to fix their hair in a way that their ears were covered. This can be done by curling and twirling the hair in circular motion and pinning them to that they don’t fall. Likewise, you can also invest in a hair product to enhance your curls.

The hair needs to be compact so that there are no strands that stick out of place.


The 1930s were a different chapter because they focused on waves. Women learned to appreciate how their hair would look like if they divided it from the middle or swept them to the side. The most important thing to note here, however, would be that women wore their hair down, but in a shoulder level cut. You can achieve this by getting a curler and trying out small waves.

Bangs were also in during this decade, but women usually wore their bangs pretty short at around an inch above their eyebrows. Thus, if you want to achieve the 1930s vintage look, you can ask a hairdresser to cut your bangs shorter than usual.

At present, a lot of artists have been copying and making the 1930s alive again, but, this time, they use finger curls instead of the usual 1930s process. While the process is different, the same look is achieved and the same elegance is pronounced.

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This decade was bomb. This is when women discovered tight curls that looked so chic and elegant. In achieving tight curls at present, you can use different curling materials and apply some hairspray. Wear them overnight, and, in the morning, you can start to take them off. Aside from this, they were fond of pushing the hair more towards the scalp so that they can bring more volume towards the curls they wanted to achieve.

Older women who had long hair would put their locks up in a bun. The rest of the hair that would fall through the bun would be placed on top and styled with curls. You can do the same thing by following the same method they did back then.

Back then, women also had a habit of either brushing out their curls or taming them the best they can. If you have curly hair and want to achieve that 1940s vibe, you can try brushing out your curls and styling them in an elegant manner. Likewise, if you find your curls easier to look at when tamed, do the bun style and pin your curls at the top of your bun.


One of the most famous 1950s hairstyles was the pixie cut, which Audrey Hepburn used to wear. With a pixie cut, your hair is cut somehow like a man’s. It’s extremely short, but still stylish. To make your facial features more pronounced, you can adopt this hairstyle by going to a hairdresser that specializes in pixie cuts. This time, you won’t have to spend so much time brushing your long waves. You just have to make small arrangements to your hair to achieve the Audrey Hepburn look.

Final Thoughts

Those are just a few of the iconic vintage hairstyles you can try on yourself. Of course, you need to make sure the hairstyle you choose will perfectly suit you and your personality before making a huge life-changing decision. Do your own styling and try out different styles at home to make your decision easier. Your hair, once again, is your crowning glory after all.


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