Top 5 Hacks to Look Effortlessly Chic

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We want to look good, but we don’t want to look like we are trying to look good. Unless you are trying to show off your methods of makeup, you look more attractive when you look effortlessly chic.

Here we have shared the best hacks to look attractive with minimal effort.


Have a Skincare Routine

Taking care of your skin is important for more than just your appearance. So, find your perfect skincare regime, which includes a face serum and moisturiser. Also, never forget to apply sunscreen – no matter the season – you must safeguard your skin from the dangerous UV rays.

You might as well use a foundation or concealer that works with your skin tone.


Use Mascara

Your eyes are the windows to your soul – so make them pop by applying mascara. All you need to do is to curl your lashes and apply mascara. If you apply mascara after you have curled your lashes, you will make your eyes appear wide awake.

Also, make sure to use the right mascara application strategy for bold and thick lashes.

Don’t forget to do your eyebrows as this can frame your face – aim for well-groomed yet natural-looking brows for that no-effort look. And if you have never done your eyebrows before, you will be amazed to see the massive difference that your brows can make.


Chose Nude Lips

For an effortlessly chic look, you might want to choose nude lipstick for a fresh and youthful look. You might want to tone down the pink of your lips with a warmer colour – once you find the perfect nude lipstick shade, you will strike a perfect balance of warm and cool shaded lips.

To make the lipstick appear more natural, you might want to apply the shade to your inner lips and use your finger to gently dap it along the lips.

For your bush, you might as well use the same nude lipstick on your cheeks. Using lipstick as a blush is one of the most common alternatives as lipstick is shown to be more long-lasting than powder blush.


Do Your Hair

Your hair needs so much more than just regular washing. For instance, depending on your hair type, you might need the right hair serum to make your hair more manageable and fizz-free. However, if you have thin hair and you want to look effortlessly chic, you might want to opt for clip-in hair extensions.

When it comes to hair extensions, you have loads of options, such as the cliphair extensions. Hair extensions blend in perfectly with your natural hair, and you can style them whichever way you want.

Just make sure to choose the right tone that naturally fits your hair.


Wear Minimal Jewellery

Don’t skip on the jewellery to look your best. You can choose a few pieces from your staple jewellery, such as a layered necklace, earrings, no more than two rings, and a bracelet.

The right jewellery will make you feel beautiful, stylish, and special. Also, the right kind of jewellery can make you feel confident and classy, so it is essential to keep different styles of jewellery for different occasions


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