The Most Peculiar Street Fashion Trends for Women

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Cannot decide between pants and a skirt? What about wearing both? Don’t want to be a wallflower? Cool! Wear red, pink, and green patterns with your favorite women’s Adidas trainers if that is what you desire. The sky’s the limit! Show your confident, bold, and creative side with the following peculiar street fashion trends. Let’s have a look.



Multiple Bold Prints

Remember when our mothers and the fashion gurus used to tell us that it is best to stay with one print or one bold choice of clothing? Well, forget those rules and wear your brightest, most daring, most beloved prints all at once! Wear that striped yellow shirt with your favorite red and pink floral skirt. It does not matter how crazy and flamboyant you look; rock it with confidence, baby! Don’t be shy, wear your happiest and loudest clothes.


Colour Blocking

Color blocking is a fun and vibrant way to express your personality. Wearing bright and colorful clothing can create a beautiful, bold, and eye-catching look. In 2022 you can see a lot of people being inspired by this colorful trend and rocking the streets with striking, bright-colored wear. There is no need to play safe with fashion anymore. In 2022, we can see more and more styles that focus on being bold and confident. The perfect way to express that is through color.


Massive Boots

Strut your stuff with confidence! There is no better way to do this than wearing your most oversized, chunkiest boots with your outfit or even with a tiny skirt. Body positivity and confidence are definitely key to the street style trends of 2022. What makes this style so great is the fact that you can wear them with a short skirt or summer dress or you can stay warm during winter and wear it with jeans or your favorite trousers. This will keep you warm and cozy but will also make a huge statement wherever you go.


Y2K Fashion is Back

We all have those fashion moments that we would love to forget and feel embarrassed about. Many of us recall the early 2000s, a time when there were a lot of strange and cringy fashion choices. Remember the all-jean moment with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake? Well, guess what? The Y2K trend is back. It was revived by Gen Z on TikTok and the fashion is inspired by the late 90s fashion trends.


The early 2000s fashion look had an overall metallic-tech vibe, surrounded by a growing denim feel. The ultra-wide leg style jeans that were so popular in the 2000s are also very fashionable again, paired with cropped tank tops, fitted baby doll T-shirts, or slinky, ribbed button-ups, the grungy style took a modern feminine twist.


Dress or Pants? What About Wearing Both?

No need to put on your glasses. You read that right. This is a trend. You can wear your dress with pants. To be fair this is not a completely new trend, in the early 2000s, this confusing look was very popular and was worn by a lot of celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale. But luckily things are a bit sleeker and more stylized now. The layers are now simple and more structured and not all over the show like they once were.


Casual Suits

Yes, it is quite strange seeing those two words together as suits are generally seen as a very formal or boardroom look. Suits are getting more casual, more comfortable, and less corporate. You can wear a crisp, fresh t-shirt with a blazer or swap out your trousers with some nicely fitted jeans. You can even pair it with some pretty feminine sandals or flats. The goal is to still look dapper and classy but without the whole formal attire.



Okay, we will be honest. You need a lot of confidence and sass for this look. Bralettes are currently high in fashion as are not just excellent to wear on hot summer days but also promote body positivity and boost confidence. There are multiple ways to wear this. Wear it with mom jeans or even baggy trousers or add it to your look if you want to add something bold and different. There are several ways to create cute outfits with bralettes for a chic and stunning appearance. This is a versatile and trendy piece that will definitely make heads turn.


Final Words

Two things that are very prominent with the latest street style for women are the fact that it is heavily influenced by Y2K fashion and that body positivity plays a huge role in recent fashion choices. These trends are all about being your authentic self and being confident in your own body. A little bit of nostalgia is also combined as we can see with the fashions coming back from two decades ago.


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