Woman Trends Autumn-Winter 2016-17

Woman Trends Autumn-Winter 2016-17

Written by Briony Sturgis

Search and forecast by Fabio Jesus D’Elia


Total Look: Furry

Demonstrating the hierarchy of mankind, the use of fur this season is shown to be incredibly popular in adding individualistic detail to every outfit.

Balmain RF16 3076 Balmain RF16 3085 Balmain RF16 3158


Suede and fur are vital to Balmain’s look, big gold accessories adding Roman-Goddess like prowess to the soft muted colourings. Broad shoulders.

Balenciaga RF16 0269 Balenciaga RF16 0663 Balenciaga RF16 0643

Balenciaga RF16 0634 Balenciaga RF16 0614 Balenciaga RF16 0293


Balenciaga pairs statement collars with leather jackets and straight cut trousers for a look that resonates dominance and strength. Skirts are pleated and bright, governing the eye and paired with knee high leather boots.

Burberry RF16 0681 Burberry RF16 0425


Bold furs and thick textures add weight and stature to these jackets paired with netted tights.

Chloe RF16 0107 Chloe RF16 0324 Chloe RF16 0363


Bold, different coloured furs and varied patterned boots create a sense of control and power in the movement of Chloe’s long, oversized coats.

Demeulemeester RF16 2785

Ann Demeulemeester

This all black combination uses the layering of simple cuts to add ingenuity and thoughtfulness amidst this gothic display.

Dior RF16 4574 Dior RF16 4718

Christian Dior

Wide open fur collars paired with high neck jumpers and block colours emphasize the contrast seen between the top and bottom halves of each look; bare legs and lace ups add an effortless ease to this striking apparel.

Emporio Armani RF16 0318 Emporio Armani RF16 0244 Emporio Armani RF16 0210b

Emporio Armani

The use of statement furs and pixelated colour variation is eye catching and daring, creating a look allowing the black coats and blazers to appear to morph into different colour variations and styles.

Ferretti RF16 1586 Ferretti RF16 1593  Ferretti RF16 1784

Ferretti RF16 2008 Ferretti RF16 1875 Ferretti RF16 1663

Alberta Ferretti

Fur is used to accent, adding individuality to designs both simplistic and also already involving animalistic themes such as birds. A variety of different fabrics are used such as silk and cotton.

Gareth Pugh RF16 1656 Gareth Pugh RF16 1824 Gareth Pugh RF16 1834

Gareth Pugh

Pugh’s use of fur is subtle and sophisticated, paired with leather to create an sense of sleek professionalism. Neutral colours are used such as tan, cream and muted taupe.

Givenchy RF16 2058 Givenchy RF16 2426 Givenchy RF16 2585


Givenchy’s use of fur on the collars of leapard print coats reinforces the animalistic theme. Similarly paired with feather-like jewellery, it can be seen in luxurious fur coats and scarves alike.

Gucci RF16 0889 Gucci RF16 0907 Gucci RF16 1174


Paired with a flamboyant demonstration of colour, Gucci’s style is vibrant and tropical, paired with block prints and also patterned styles.

Miu Miu RF16 1222 Miu Miu RF16 1274 Miu Miu RF16 1281

Miu Miu RF16 1201 Miu Miu RF16 1191 Miu Miu RF16 1186
Miu Miu
Crowning the neck, shoulders and wrists, fur works to accent otherwise plain black straight cuts, adding voluptuousness and texture.
Owens RF16 1629 Owens RF16 1664 Owens RF16 1766
Rick Owens

Reminiscent of Greek style toga’s, grey layered fabrics are paired with mint green boots. A more rustic style is portrayed in the use of burgundy and browns.
Prada RF16 2289 Prada RF16 2342 Prada RF16 2425
Fur works to compliment pattern, shown to add simplicity and neutrality to busy compilations of different layered designs.

Saint Laurent RF16 0044 Saint Laurent RF16 0093 Saint Laurent RF16 0584

Saint Laurent

Big shoulder pads, block colours and wide sleeves allude to black-swan gothic ideals.

Scervino RF16 1287 Scervino RF16 1473 Scervino RF16 1659

Scervino RF16 1058 Scervino RF16 0984 Scervino RF16 0962

Ermanno Scervino

Brown and grey tones are layered and assimilated together in the accenting of trench-coat collars, whilst headpieces work to create a snow queen vibe in tandem with knee length dresses.

Valentino RF16 0738 Valentino RF16 0950 Valentino RF16 1039


Valentino showed fur to be the belle of the ball in its role as the perfect eveningwear addition. Pictured with a sheer jumpsuit and dresses in muted neutrals.

Van Noten RF16 1017 Van Noten RF16 1201 Van Noten RF16 1349

Dries Van Noten

Dark colours and animal prints make fur the perfect preppy addition to shirt and tie apparel.

Woman Trends Autumn-Winter 2016-17

Total Look: Gothic

As ever, black is highlighted in its simplicity and applicability to just about any outfit, with designers across the globe illustrating its timelessness and suitability to just about any outfit.

Chalayan RF16 0007 Chalayan RF16 0052 Chalayan RF16 0103 


This use of all black and straight edges creates a gothic subtlety. Flowing plunging blazers juxtapose collared tops and leather skirts, paired with thick soled flats.

Demeulemeester RF16 2881 Demeulemeester RF16 2898 Demeulemeester RF16 2942

Demeulemeester RF16 2872 Demeulemeester RF16 2791 Demeulemeester RF16 2779

Demeulemeester RF16 2741 Demeulemeester RF16 2736 Demeulemeester RF16 2718

Ann Demeulemeester

Accents of colour and texture paired with rope headpieces add ingenuity to Demeulemeester’s style. Straight legged trousers are worn with long overcoats, seen here in a variety of different fabrics such as leather and fur.

McQueen RF16 1795 McQueen RF16 1905 McQueen RF16 2013

Alexander McQueen

The versatility of black is demonstrated as McQueen conjures up racy styles in the use of sheer fabrics, plunging necklines and netting.

Valentino RF16 0024 Valentino RF16 0046

Valentino RF16 0070 Valentino RF16 0171


Valentino epitomizes the need for winter warmth in flowing portrayals of layering and mismatching fabrics to create the perfect style. Pictured here with biker boots, flowing back trench coats and high polo necks, complimented by leather belts and silver jewellery.

Yamamoto RF16 6191 Yamamoto RF16 6311

Yamamoto RF16 6180 Yamamoto RF16 6156


Long trench coats and casual trousers and flats add an edge and modernity to this contemporary approach to everyday wear.

Woman Trends Autumn-Winter 2016-17

Total Style: Sheer

From top to bottom, sheer styles work to both add to and accent the human form.

Alexander Wang RF16 1363 Alexander Wang RF16 1378 Alexander Wang RF16 1522

Alexander Wang

The use of sheer long sleeved t shirt emphasizes the impact of Wang’s slogans, creating a vibe of teenage rebellion reinforced in the use of patterned leaf print and sheer tights.

Chloe RF16 0289 Chloe RF16 0338

Chloe RF16 0270 Chloe RF16 0227


Sheer flowing fabrics with tiered layering and ingrained patterns create a sense of bohemian beauty, enhanced through the use of shoulder cut outs and pastel colouring.

Emporio Armani RF16 0430 Emporio Armani RF16 0435

Emporio Armani

Sheer backdrops to geometric print emphasize the role of shapes to this display of modern creativity, allowing the body to become arguably like a canvas on which to abstractly paint.

Ferretti RF16 1982 Ferretti RF16 1948 Ferretti RF16 1756

Ferretti RF16 1748 Ferretti RF16 1675 Ferretti RF16 1628

Alberta Ferretti

The interspersed sheer panels amidst the neutral tones used in these floor like dresses create a fairy-queen like ethereality that feels transcendent of human life. Silken fabrics and lace create movement and flow.

Gucci RF16 1340 Gucci RF16 1361 Gucci RF16 1445

Gucci RF16 1207


Sheer neutral fabrics work to highlight Gucci’s demonstration of colour and print. Hats and netting are used showing sheer fabrics interacting to compliment facial as well as bodily features. Full skirts create movement and depict a sense of vibrancy.

Marchesa RF16 1314 Marchesa RF16 1320

Marchesa RF16 1289 Marchesa RF16 1269


Full skirts, plunging necklines and the use of a pastel pallete creates a sense of grace and effortless femininity.

McQueen RF16 1841 McQueen RF16 1865 McQueen RF16 1955

McQueen RF16 2111 McQueen RF16 2122 McQueen RF16 2147

McQueen RF16 2101 McQueen RF16 2086 McQueen RF16 2073

Alexander McQueen

These majestic designs show sheer fabrics interspersed with gold and silver, illuminating the full body as vital to the overall look. These designs celebrate the human form, creating a majestic sense of wonderment in the use of flowing skirts creating energy and effortless grace.

Scervino RF16 1160 Scervino RF16 1269 Scervino RF16 1418

Ermanno Scervino

Both bright and neutral colours are paired with simplistic shoes to illustrate a sense of fluidity and natural luminosity. Long sleeves and high necks work to cover the body completely.

Valentino RF16 0604 Valentino RF16 0753 Valentino RF16 1065

Valentino RF16 1153 Valentino RF16 0443 Valentino RF16 0292

Valentino RF16 0250 Valentino RF16 0232 Valentino RF16 0218


Valentino uses tiers and layering to add texture and vigour to the human form. Coloured patterns are interspersed on flesh like material creating Aztec-like insinuations alongside pairings with pastel colours.

Woman Trends Autumn-Winter 2016-17

Must Have: Statement Collier

From the understated to the dazzling, this year highlight the beauty of neck pieces to an overall look.

Chanel RF16 6386 Chanel RF16 6392 Chanel RF16 6403c

Chanel RF16 6177 Chanel RF16 6108 Chanel RF16 6065

Chanel RF16 6038 Chanel RF16 5992 Chanel RF16 5973

Chanel RF16 5865 Chanel RF16 5735d Chanel RF16 5676


Chanel uses statement pieces involving white pearls of various sizes to compliment eclectic combinations and matching pairings alike.

Marchesa RF16 1275 Marchesa RF16 1395 Marchesa RF16 1404

Marchesa RF16 1266 Marchesa RF16 1224 Marchesa RF16 1218


As part of subtly sheer designs, the neck is incorporated seamlessly into gold and silver outfits in a way making the skin seem like a fabric itself. Ranging in size and shape depending on the piece, Marchesa demonstrates a variety of different colours in the jeweled goddess-like drapery of each dress.

McQueen RF16 1799 McQueen RF16 1808 McQueen RF16 2039

Alexander McQueen

Subtlety and sophistication resonate from McQueen’s runway as silver neckpieces with multiple threads add a unique flair to open blazers.

Valentino RF16 1109 Valentino RF16 1137 Valentino RF16 1196

Valentino RF16 0725 Valentino RF16 0527 Valentino RF16 0480

Valentino RF16 0059 Valentino RF16 0047 Valentino RF16 0026


These statement chains overlap simplistic colouring as the arguable centerpiece of each outfit. Each abstraction sits above the heart, demonstrating its resonance as vital to Valentino’s designs.

Woman Trends Autumn-Winter 2016-17

Must Have: Leather

Whether as an over-piece or as part of layering, leather continues to profess itself as vital to making a statement this Autumn.

Chalayan RF16 0016 Chalayan RF16 0028 Chalayan RF16 0038


Chalayan proves Leather to add edge and novelty when paired with monochromatic layering and draped shirts.

Chloe RF16 0070 Chloe RF16 0259 Chloe RF16 0474


Emanating power, Chloe’s bold utilization of leather across dresses, skirts and jackets alike demonstrates its versatility and resonance to every wardrobe piece.

Gareth Pugh RF16 1645 Gareth Pugh RF16 1843

Gareth Pugh RF16 1863 Gareth Pugh RF16 1872 Gareth Pugh RF16 1877

Gareth Pugh

Pugh mixes leather and fur to create stylish, clean-cut and fitting designs.

Hermes RF16 4163 Hermes RF16 4181 Hermes RF16 4203

Hermes RF16 4136 Hermes RF16 4065 Hermes RF16 3932


The combination of geometric cuts and the utilization of colour mark out Hermes’ designs as unique. Clean lines paired with different shapes add a timelessness to the more modern take on leather apparel.

McQueen RF16 1813 McQueen RF16 1978 McQueen RF16 2003

Alexander McQueen

Used both as the centerpiece and the majority of jackets, McQueen demonstrates the malleability of leather amidst badge-like detailing and also ways bedecked with flower print, summarizing an edgy encapsulating the rebellion of punk-rock past.

Saint Laurent RF16 0419 Saint Laurent RF16 0462 Saint Laurent RF16 0582

Saint Laurent

Leather provides a gothic edge to Saint Laurent’s dark, demon-esque demonstrations of fur and texture. Minimalistic accessories and fishnet tights work to accent the black body, one pieced designs of dresses and jumpsuits alike.

Woman Trends Autumn-Winter 2016-17

Must Have: Oversized Garments

Whether using block colours or vibrant designs, oversized garments work to be the perfect addition to every outfit this season.

Acne RF16 1196 Acne RF16 1124 Acne RF16 1112

Acne RF16 1087 Acne RF16 1017 Acne RF16 0976 


Loud colours, busy patterns and animalistic-like prints mark Acne’s designs from the rest.

Alexander Wang RF16 1564 Alexander Wang RF16 1680 Alexander Wang RF16 1709

Alexander Wang

Wang employs dark colours, varying fabrics and minimalism dictating a power and resonance on the catwalk.

Balenciaga RF16 0107 Balenciaga RF16 0155 Balenciaga RF16 0377


Statement collars add individuality to these coats perfect for everyday wear.

Bottega Veneta RF16 0046 Bottega Veneta RF16 0072 Bottega Veneta RF16 0235

Bottega Veneta

Trench coats in heavy wool and dark colours work with matching scarves to create professionalism perfect for winter.

Burberry RF16 0468 Burberry RF16 0559 Burberry RF16 0637

Burberry RF16 0460 Burberry RF16 0448 Burberry RF16 0331


Burberry pairs block colours with bright hemming and bold detailing. Big buttons, fur hoods and belts add eye-catching focalizers to the oversized coats paired with netted tights and slim fit trousers.

Chalayan RF16 0083 Chalayan RF16 0176 Chalayan RF16 0407


Dark colours are detailed with layered fabric and unique cuts. Chalayan pairs shorter garments with matching coloured trousers to create looks business like and unified throughout the body.

Chanel RF16 5946 Chanel RF16 6239


Here long trench coats are broken up with coloured necklines fur-detailed sleeves. Paired with blocked hats and black shoes, Chanel’s designs are sleek and subtle.

Gucci RF16 1239 Gucci RF16 1284 Gucci RF16 1326


Gucci’s exploitation of light can be seen in the reflective nature of the fabrics and prints in moving down the runway. Jackets are boxy and involve straight, clean cuts.

Miu Miu RF16 1054 Miu Miu RF16 1069 Miu Miu RF16 1199

Miu Miu RF16 1032 Miu Miu RF16 1024 Miu Miu RF16 0998

Miu Miu RF16 0965 Miu Miu RF16 0949 Miu Miu RF16 0932

Miu Miu

Unifying Miu Miu’s looks is the use of cinching-belts at the waistline adding shape to otherwise loose coats and jackets. A variety prints and cuts illustrate variation and creativity amidst the use of darker block colours.

Pucci RF16 1679 Pucci RF16 1704 Pucci RF16 1728

Pucci RF16 1670 Pucci RF16 1663 Pucci RF16 1650


Expressive busy prints set Pucci’s designs apart, the use of bright, tropical colours across a large surface area showing a fearless audacity in the spotlight. Paired with pointed shoes.

Westwood PA RF16 1814 Westwood PA RF16 2052 Westwood PA RF16 2084

Vivienne Westwood

Red-riding hood style capes and coloured headpieces allow these oversized garments to create a sense of dystopia. Both structure and fluidity can be seen in these long trench coats and blazers alike.
Must Have: Velvet

Velvet brings a high class sense of luxury and texture this season, shown to be malleable to plenty of styles and interpretations.

Ackermann RF16 0108 Ackermann RF16 0121 Ackermann RF16 0125

Ackermann RF16 0083 Ackermann RF16 0069 Ackermann RF16 0058 

Haider Ackermann

Deep colours can be seen in both jackets and trousers. Ackerman illustrates both pattern and block print in displaying plunging velvet blazers and straight cut trousers.

Balmain RF16 3342


Balmain’s futuristic employment of velvet brings modernity and individuality alongside cut outs and geometric shape.

Bottega Veneta RF16 0340

Bottega Veneta

Here velvet adds spice to an understated suit…

Dolce e Gabb RF16 1804

Dolce & Gabbana

Off the shoulder round necks paired with statement collars add a unique touch to this knee length, velvet dress.

Emporio Armani RF16 0467b Emporio Armani RF16 0450

Emporio Armani RF16 0304 Emporio Armani RF16 0219 Emporio Armani RF16 0193

Emporio Armani

Velvet compliments demonstrations of different shapes to provide a simplistic, beautiful backdrop to the luminosity of such geometric designs.

Ferretti RF16 1619 Ferretti RF16 1655

Alberta Ferretti

Velvet is paired with nude pastel style colours. Paired with lace panels and floor length trousers.

Givenchy RF16 2230 Givenchy RF16 2248 Givenchy RF16 2422


Black velvet is paired with different fabrics such as fur and leather alike, showing Givenchy’s acknowledgement towards different eye catching detailing as part of dresses and overcoats.

Prada RF16 2537 Prada RF16 2546 Prada RF16 2555


Long dresses featuring both high and plunging necklines. Capes employing fabrics and high collars.

Pucci RF16 1903


Bright neon colours and zips paired with geometric insinuations of colour create  a futuristic, sci-fi feel to the look.

Valentino RF16 0661 Valentino RF16 0640

Valentino RF16 0678 Valentino RF16 0624 Valentino RF16 0364


Subtle, muted colouring conjures ideals of woodland scenes in Valentino’s displays of flowing skirts and textured bodices as seen in these dresses.

Woman Trends Autumn-Winter 2016-17

Pattern: Floral

Encapsulating a part of nature varied, changing and forever beautiful throughout the year, floral patterns are not one to miss this season.

Balenciaga RF16 0479 Balenciaga RF16 0492 Balenciaga RF16 0567

Balenciaga RF16 0470 Balenciaga RF16 0453 Balenciaga RF16 0438


Employing flowing skirts and wide shoulders, Balenciaga use movement and changing colour to travel through the seasons, demonstrating the durability and versatility of small-print floral patterns. Paired with knee high boots and striped tights.

Burberry RF16 0269 Burberry RF16 0777 Burberry RF16 0796


With short shift dresses, larger prints show an artistic and more abstract approach to floral design amidst varying colours from green and blue to orange and pink.

Dolce e Gabb RF16 1865 Dolce e Gabb RF16 1879 Dolce e Gabb RF16 1890

Dolce e Gabb RF16 1755 Dolce e Gabb RF16 1746 Dolce e Gabb RF16 1679

Dolce e Gabb RF16 1615 Dolce e Gabb RF16 1474 Dolce e Gabb RF16 1377

Dolce & Gabbana

Demonstrating the beauty of mid-length calved dresses, Dolce e Gabanna uses bright, vivid colours paired with black to create a contrast striking and beautiful on the runway. Paired with short, wide sleeves, long sleeves and no sleeves alike.

Ferretti RF16 1823 Ferretti RF16 1829 Ferretti RF16 1842

Ferretti RF16 1781 Ferretti RF16 1763 Ferretti RF16 1611

Alberta Ferretti

With an incandescent take on the floral trend, Feretti pairs floral prints with faded silvers and muted golds reminiscent of moonlight walks and idyllic fairy lands. Seen on both dresses and jumpers.

Gucci RF16 0935 Gucci RF16 1341 Gucci RF16 1360


Gucci uses both sheer and opaque fabrics to create a sense of seamlessness between the floral print and the skin. Wave sleeves add fluidity to the sheer fabric, and mermaid-esque hemlines give shape and structure to the floor length pieces where flowers are an added texture to the dress.

Miu Miu RF16 1314 Miu Miu RF16 1343 Miu Miu RF16 1346

Miu Miu RF16 1306 Miu Miu RF16 1112 Miu Miu RF16 1089

Miu Miu

Paired with block colours, Miu Miu resonates oriental styles ideals in the highly patterned nature of the dark colours on a neutral backdrop. Shown on trousers and long overcoats.

Woman Trends Autumn-Winter 2016-17

Pattern: Leopard

Edgy and animalistic, leopard patterns can be seen featured in a multitude of colours across dresses, coats and jackets alike.

Acne RF16 1043 Acne RF16 1075

Acne RF16 1145 Acne RF16 1213


Acne showed the subtlety of this print, pairing it with simple, block colours and sheer fabrics to create a sense of imprinting upon the skin.

Bottega Veneta RF16 0035 Bottega Veneta RF16 0057

Bottega Veneta

Featuring the originality of orange and black colouring, Bottega Veneta pairs this classic take on the leopard coat with black scarves and muted neutrals.

Dolce e Gabb RF16 1714

Dolce & Gabbana

A sense of origin and progression is depicted in this dress style as literal pictures of leopards are interspersed within the print itself. Paired with patterned shoes and detailed with black accessories.

Givenchy RF16 2495 Givenchy RF16 2507 Givenchy RF16 2542


Givenchy parades a jungle across the catwalk as he proves a plethora of animalistic prints to work in harmony. The governance of the print in the outfit as part of jackets and coats dictates a hierarchy just as within the jungle itself.

Scervino RF16 1174 Scervino RF16 1193

Ermanno Scervino

Trench coats paired with boots and straight cut trousers. The use of fur as part of the collars again reinforces the animal kingdom within the outfit, dictating a sense of predator and prey to the piece and emanating a sense of dominance and power.

Van Noten RF16 1015 Van Noten RF16 1047 Van Noten RF16 1262

Van Noten RF16 0971 Van Noten RF16 0959 Van Noten RF16 0881

Dries Van Noten

A sense of orientalism is added to Van Noten’s work in the pairing with royal colours and fine patterned print. The print is used from top to toe, employed in mid cut, long trousers and jumpers alike.

Woman Trends Autumn-Winter 2016-17

Colour: Pastels

Pastels are proving to be prevalent this season, from fitted two-pieces and tight mini dresses to the rippling fluidity of mid length skirts and the rigidity of knitted, boxed jumpsuits.

Balmain RF16 3187 Balmain RF16 3206 Balmain RF16 3264

Balmain RF16 3172 Balmain RF16 3144 Balmain RF16 3117

Balmain RF16 3097 Balmain RF16 3084 Balmain RF16 3065


This season, Balmain can be said to have displayed pastels in tangent with harsh lines, utilizing a range of styles from corsets to bodycon dresses and one pieces each using harsh lines. Buttons, belts and pinstripes are paired to enhance the dominance created in each piece.

Bottega Veneta RF16 0401 Bottega Veneta RF16 0412 Bottega Veneta RF16 0426

Bottega Veneta

Bottega featured pleated skirts with sheer tops and simplistic under-pieces. Black shoes and thin belts provide contrast to the mythical allusions created in the conjunction of the pastel coloring and flowing fabric.

Chanel RF16 5957 Chanel RF16 6093 Chanel RF16 6110

Chanel RF16 5941 Chanel RF16 5749 Chanel RF16 5724 


Matching skirts and jackets mark Chanel, with boxed knitted fabrics and harsh lines and puffed sleeves.

Chloe RF16 0230


Encapsulating a Bohemian vibe, Chloe featured sheer patterned fabrics with ruched hemming and plunging necklines.

Emporio Armani RF16 0025

Emporio Armani

By contrast to this, Emporio Armani employed boxed cuts and short skirts, establishing unity throughout the contrasting black and pastel colours via different matching highlights from the collar detail to the shoes.

Gucci RF16 0886 Gucci RF16 0957

Gucci RF16 1447 Gucci RF16 1206 Gucci RF16 1103


Gucci’s use of texture is evidence in coloured feathers and furs. The pieces are long, with belts adding shape to the sheer draping fabrics and puffed arms.

Hermes RF16 3919 Hermes RF16 3990 Hermes RF16 4019

Hermes RF16 3906 Hermes RF16 3890 Hermes RF16 3875


Woollen are incorporated into woolen fabric creating simple twists in everyday dress wear.

Marchesa RF16 1312 Marchesa RF16 1319 Marchesa RF16 1393 


Marchesa reminisces towards nympette-fairy queen ideals with the use of tiered fabrics and sheer layers.

Pucci RF16 1688 Pucci RF16 1737 Pucci RF16 1752


Pucci’s collection was all about vibrancy, colour and eclecticism, with bold colours working together in busy patterns spread across the front of layered designs.

Scervino RF16 1318

Ermanno Scervino

Scervino’s addition to the pastel trend involves simple one pieces combined with more statement accessories, drawing attention to the subtle detailing of the works seen in the button-work and pointed shoe design.

Woman Trends Autumn-Winter 2016-17

Colour: Winter Whites

The simplistic minimalism and understated durability of white still proclaims dominance amidst the winter trends.

Bottega Veneta RF16 0026

Bottega Veneta

Statement suits paired with throwaway scarves and metallic accessories can be seen at Bottega Veneta.

Chanel RF16 6087 Chanel RF16 6450 Chanel RF16 6471


Chanel uses the beauty of contrast in pairing sheer whites with the opaqueness of black. Statement jewellery and accessories work to shield the neck in looks where fabric has left it bare, creating pieces working to interact with the body from top to toe.

Chloe RF16 0060 Chloe RF16 0152 Chloe RF16 0165


Chloe employs white in its every shade amidst a variety of tops, trousers and dresses, celebrating the movement and flow of each design highlighted in the subtlety of the colouring.

Dior RF16 4906 Dior RF16 4915 Dior RF16 4948

Dior RF16 4828 Dior RF16 4800 Dior RF16 4785

Dior RF16 4776 Dior RF16 4584 Dior RF16 4574

Christian Dior

Dior nostalgic use of high collars and pleats ironically seems futuristic, paired flowing one pieces and mid-length full skirts.

Dolce e Gabb RF16 1523 Dolce e Gabb RF16 1719

Dolce & Gabbana

Similarly casting back to Victorian ideals of petticoats and long frocks, Dolce & Gabbana put twists on old classics in using wide, powerful collars and accented button pieces.

Emporio Armani RF16 0009 Emporio Armani RF16 0062 Emporio Armani RF16 0132

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani’s collection resonated professionalism with soft, clean cuts paired alongside black and minimalistic coloured accents.

Ferragamo RF16 2074 Ferragamo RF16 2155 Ferragamo RF16 2192

Salvatore Ferragamo

Ferragamo employ white one pieces with statement shoes, utilizing the neck to illustrate different collars coupled with scalloped edging and tiered layers.

Gucci RF16 0874 Gucci RF16 1041 Gucci RF16 1429


Gucci demonstrates wide shoulders and powerful sleeves amidst simplistic cuts and straight legs.

Hermes RF16 3961 Hermes RF16 3977 Hermes RF16 4381


Similarly tailored, Hermes combines business and pleasure the simultaneous detailing and pocket work on the straight cut, understated designs.

Owens RF16 1483 Owens RF16 1496 Owens RF16 1505

Rick Owens

Futuristic layering and cowl necks create movement and vigour alongside the stillness of the white colouring paired with black knee high boots.

Scervino RF16 1377 Scervino RF16 1436 Scervino RF16 1497

Scervino RF16 1058 Scervino RF16 0962 Scervino RF16 0945

Ermanno Scervino

Amidst a variety of fabrics, Scervino utilizes long sleeves and mid length skirts to counterbalance sheer detailing and padded shoulders. Socks and sandals create a unique twist on ankle-strapped heels.

Woman Trends Autumn-Winter 2016-17

Woman Trends Autumn-Winter 2016-17

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