Man Trends Spring-Summer 2016

Man Trends Spring-Summer 2016

Written by Jessica Watson

Search and forecast by Fabio Jesus D’elia


Total Look: Dandy Is Back

The season’s trend, is so effortless and perfect for the relaxed sort of summers day.

Giorgio Armani m S16 017 Giorgio Armani m S16 014 Giorgio Armani m S16 011

Giorgio Armani m S16 008 Giorgio Armani m S16 005 Giorgio Armani m S16 002

Giorgio Armani m S16 041 Giorgio Armani m S16 053 Giorgio Armani m S16 140

Giorgio Armani

Armani showed how a suit can be done without a shirt in sight, with waist coats wrapped around bare chests, with careless and easy jackets and voluminous lightweight trousers.

Marras m S16 010 Marras m S16 102 Marras m S16 136

Antonio Marras

With influences from Italy, lightweight suits for a day at the beach were featured at Marras, worn with Neck chiefs and Berets.

Missoni m S16 011 Missoni m S16 014 Missoni m S16 026


The Missoni collection featured an utterly relaxed attire with slouchy fitted jumpers, summer scarfs, sandals and white shorts.

Van Noten m S16 068 Van Noten m S16 071 Van Noten m S16 089

Dries Van Noten

Suits without a fit, were voluminous or oversized at Von Noten and so lightweight for the easy-going type of guy.

Westwood m S16 068 Westwood m S16 062

Vivienne Westwood

Suits couldn’t be more cool and comfortable at Vivienne Westwood, styled down with striped t-shirts and drawstring trousers.


Total Look: Suited-Up

This season, designers take on their own summer’s twist on the classic tailored suit.

Burberry m S16 030 Burberry m S16 021 Burberry m S16 012

Burberry m S16 009 Burberry m S16 006 Burberry m S16 003


Suited-Up with a feminine touch, models at Burberry this season, wore lace shirts, skinny lace ties with the classic Burberry Trench, perfect for the working life of a city guy.

Costume Nat m S16 044 Costume Nat m S16 074 Costume Nat m S16 086

Costume National

Costume National’s take on this season’s trend was raffish, rocky with an edgy style, which featured skinny tailoring and bright colours.

Dior m S16 005 Dior m S16 008 Dior m S16 074

Dior Homme

Dior took a twist on this season’s trend. Classic suits had an edge with camouflage ties, matching bags and zipped detailing.

Emporio Armani m S16 011 Emporio Armani m S16 014 Emporio Armani m S16 074

Emporio Armani

Emporio Arami’s suits this season, were versatile for the summer being loose fitted, lightweight, with trousers swinging at the ankles.

Etro m S16 093 Etro m S16 087 Etro m S16 053

Etro m S16 021 Etro m S16 018 Etro m S16 005


Etro has incorporated paisley and floral prints into jacquard overlaid suits this season. The collection also featured a range of fabric, including a baby blue suede suite with a jewelled chiffon shirt.

Ferragamo m S16 070 Ferragamo m S16 014

Salvatore Ferragamo

This collection was so effortless but sophisticated, with elements of loungewear with sweaters and trainers paired with tailored suits.

Paul Smith m S16 002 Paul Smith m S16 011

Paul Smith

Paul Smith’s tailored suits this season were paired with brightly coloured brief cases, perfect for working man during the summer.


Must Have: DB Blazer

The Double Breasted Jacket, is a fresh twist on the classic blazer for a summer suit…

Burberry m S16 028


Christopher Bailey found ways of weaving Burberrys favourite for this season – lace into his tailored suits which also featured black double breasted blazers.

Emporio Armani m S16 018 Emporio Armani m S16 021

Emporio Armani

The colour palette of Emporio Armani’s collection was classic with nays and greys, and the tailored suits were smart worn with a double breasted blazer.

Etro m S16 061


Luxurious satin suits were worn at Etro, in shades of duck egg blue with double breasted jackets, silk shirts and tailored trousers all of which had a subtle pattern to them.

Ferragamo m S16 039 Ferragamo m S16 033 Ferragamo m S16 027

Salvatore Ferragamo

Grey double breasted blazers with a twist were worn at Ferragamo, with bright colours and block stripes.

Gucci m S16 053


The double breasted blazer featured at Gucci with metallic buttons and large pockets, whilst there was a feminine touch of frills around the colour and flower.

Hermes m S16 093


A suit for summer time, Hermes’ featured an off white suit with a double breasted blazer which had statement buttons. With a floral shirt, and tie, this seemed like a casual piece for the daytime.

McQueen m S16 093 McQueen m S16 039 McQueen m S16 006

Alexander Mcqueen

Jackets belonging to captains on board, Mcqueen took on the double breasted blazer in white with nautical motifs. The collection also took on board the controversial denim on denim look with a distressed blazer and jeans.

Missoni m S16 048 Missoni m S16 009


Missoni’s tailored suit’s had inspiration from India, with scarfs and double breasted blazers in shades of Jodphur blue, Jaipur pink, a shades of orange.

Paul Smith m S16 042 Paul Smith m S16 039 Paul Smith m S16 033

Paul Smith m S16 024 Paul Smith m S16 021 Paul Smith m S16 009

Paul Smith

There was no specific trend or theme throughout Paul Smith’s Spring Summer Collection with double breasted blazers in a range of colours and fabrics, from golden brown metallic to sand orange.

Van Noten m S16 048 Van Noten m S16 099 Van Noten m S16 108

Dries Van Noten

Van Noten’s tailored suits were ones of volume, with oversized double breasted jackets, and baggy cropped trousers, embellished with unusual sequin motifs.


Print & Pattern: Stripes

In different shapes and sizes, the striped trend never goes away too long…

Marras m S16 022 Marras m S16 028

Antonio Marras

Antonio Marras’ collection comprised memories of the fishermen in Sardinia, with Breton stripes, berets neck-chiefs, paired with tailored bottoms and sanalds or wellington boots for the beach.

McQueen m S16 071 McQueen m S16 074

Alexander Mcqueen

Stripes at Alexander Mcqueen this season featured in asymmetrical dinner suits with cropped trousers. The exaggerated stripes definitely caught eyes within the range of graphic suits at Mcqueen.

Missoni m S16 083 Missoni m S16 047 Missoni m S16 005


In Jodphur Blue, and Camel Yellow, Missoni still managed to incorporate stripes into the Indian inspired collection with cropped trousers, and shorts

Westwood m S16 071 Westwood m S16 083 Westwood m S16 089

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood’s collection this season, was thought to have a ‘sex’ feeling to it, with some revealing piece however Westwood also featured stripes with tight fitted tops, denim two pieces and oversized casual blazers.


Colour: Orange

This summer’s sunny colour is orange and is perfect to brighten up neutral outfits…

Costume Nat m S16 044

Costume National

Suited for the summer, Costume National features block colours for the contemporary business man, with shades of orange.

Dior m S16 116 Dior m S16 098 Dior m S16 095

Dior Homme

White jeans, the golfers knitted polo or pullover was featured at Dior paired with a statement orange jacket, from leather bombers to oversized rain jackets. The pop of colour was woven into the collection to the smallest of detail.

DSquared2 m S16 003 DSquared2 m S16 019 DSquared2 m S16 067


Snowboarding and Surf was the focus of Dean and Dan Carton’s show this season, however the collection had a traveller’s edge to it with an edgy and relaxed style.

Etro m S16 096


Sophisticated Business wear, amongst paisley suits featured a bright orange shirt with a matching jacket at Etro.

Fendi m S16 136 Fendi m S16 129Fendi m S16 061


Straight forward and simple style, Fendi featured leather jackets and luxurious golden orange polos in his spring summer collection.

Gucci m S16 094 Gucci m S16 112 Gucci m S16 143


Details at Gucci, gave an unusual style of an elderly lady worn by youthful men, with orange trench boats, woollen berets, frilly collars and floral shopping bags.

Marni m S16 023


Marni kept it simple with primary colours and oversized collars, featuring blood orange knits and tailored trousers.

Missoni m S16 089 Missoni m S16 086 Missoni m S16 080


India was the destination and inspiration behind Missoni’s Spring Summer Collection, with a range of patterns and shades of orange, camel and yellow.

Paul Smith m S16 005 Paul Smith m S16 047 Paul Smith m S16 053

Paul Smith

Wide Leg tailored trousers and jackets in lively shades of orange, meant the colour was incorporated into business wear.


Colour: White

Completely classic, but so versatile too. This colour is so common on the catwalk but however is always made to look so sleek and stylish.

Dior m S16 101 Dior m S16 107 Dior m S16 113

Dior m S16 092 Dior m S16 089 Dior m S16 086

Dior Homme

Dior shows how complementary white is, worn with navy and pops of bright colours. A sense of military also ran through the collection for city life of a professional.

McQueen m S16 002 McQueen m S16 011 McQueen m S16 014

Alexander Mcqueen

It seemed as if a group of sailors featured at Alexander Mcqueen with captain jackets ready for a voyage. The collection featured nautical motifs on the tailored outfits with anchors, compasses and mermaids.

Paul Smith m S16 017 Paul Smith m S16 020

Paul Smith

Paul Smith took incorporated his white tailored pieces with unusual motifs of ants and pictures of rabbits.

Van Noten m S16 002 Van Noten m S16 116

Dries Van Noten

High-waisted voluminous trousers featured at Dries Van Noten in white, with imagery of Marilyn Monroe paired with the statement leopard print coat.

Westwood m S16 101 Westwood m S16 104

Vivienne Westwood

White pinstriped tailored pieces took a different approach at Vivienne Westwood, with cropped drawstring trousers and large unbuttoned cuffs and collars.


Man Trends Spring-Summer 2016

Written by Jessica Watson

From a seaside town in Kent, Jessica is an undergraduate journalism student in London, with a career in writing about beauty and fashion ahead of her. She has a love for music, art, blogging and fundraising.

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