Hair and Make-up Trends Autumn-Winter 2016-17

Hair and Make-up Trends Autumn-Winter 2016-17

Written by Briony Sturgis

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Make-up: Dark Lips

Dark lips proclaim themselves with a vengeance this season, allowing designers to bolster the wearability of the gothic.

Dior bty F16 008


Paired with brushed brows, minimalistic eyes and fresh skin, Dior’s use of dark purple on the lips is bold and dark.


Gareth Pugh bty F16 003

Gareth Pugh

Pugh’s glossy dark red on the lips work in tandem with the unique contour of the models, again acts as the statement of the look.


Jacobs bty F16 007

Marc Jacobs

Dark eye makeup relying on shape work and lines is employed together with a black lip to show contrast with bare skin and light eyebrows.


Rodarte bty F16 011


Matte lips work with fresh glowing skin and dark eyebrows, making the dark purple lip colour seem almost natural alongside bare eyes.


Vuitton bty F16 009

Louis Vuitton

The glossy ombre effect of the blood red lips is eye catching and vampire-esque.



Make-up: Glitter Eyes

Glitter is utilized on the catwalk both in subtlety and as a statement, showing it’s versatility and capacity to both enhance and govern a look.

Burberry bty F16 001 - Copy - Copy


Paired with very natural makeup, Burberry’s use of glitter patters on the tops of the cheekbones are eye-catching and audacious.


Hilfiger bty F16 001

Tommy Hilfiger

Creating an ethereal vibe, subtle eye-shadow draws light to the upper brow-bone, demonstrating an ethereal subtlety emanating natural beauty.


Kenzo bty F16 015


Dramatic wings are highlighted with glitter in the inner corners, advertising the geometry and shape created by the black liner.


Ungaro bty F16 002


Ungaro’s use of pink and orange colouring in tandem with the glitter reminisces towards the natural light cast in sunset scenes.


 Valli bty F16 002 - Copy - Copy

Giambattista Valli

Glitter accents to the eyebrow emphasize natural bone structure as prominent to the bare-faced look.


Make-up: Natural Skin

This season it’s all about bare-faced beauty, with designers focusing on highlighting the glory of natural skin.

Alexander Wang bty F16 005

Alexander Wang

Glowing skin compliments nude lips and subtle gold eyes, creating a fresh-faced, subtle look.


Balmain bty F16 014


Paired with a pretty nude lip, Balmain’s subtle eye make-up work with the golden skin to epitomize femininity.


Kors bty F16 004

Michael Kors

The use of blush and bare lips alongside pigtails allows Michael Kors to evoke youth and innocence.


Marant bty F16 004

Isabel  Marant

Pale skin and bar eyes catch the light, complimenting glossy subtle lips.


Paco Rabanne bty F16 006

Paco Rabanne

Freckles show through this light skin makeup, creating the ultimate epitomization of natural beauty.


Hair: Finger Wave

This hairstyle manages to encapsulate a multitude of juxtapositions, simultaneously creating movement and stillness as well as oxymoronically demonstrating rigidity and fluidity. It’s malleability means it’s been a favourite on the catwalk this season.

Jacobs bty F16 011

Marc Jacobs

The slicked down waves denote poise and precision alongside striking geometric eyeliner.


McCartney bty F16 002

Stella McCartney

In tandem with strongly brushed brows, silky curls in the fringe work to create a sense of ease and natural beauty.


Packham bty F16 002

Jenny  Packham

This style seen in the fringe creates contrast to the rest of the straight hair-style.


Hair: Hair Up

The catwalk demonstrates classic elegance and subtlety as completely on trend this season through the use of different up-do’s.

Dior bty F16 011


Dior’s extreme side parting and slicked back style accents the striking dark lip.


Marchesa bty F16 005


Such an intricate knot at the nape of the neck paired with stray whisps at the front creates a sense of effortless elegance.


Valentino bty F16 004


Slicked back hair highlights the natural one structure and face shape of the model, as well as drawing attention to the extravagant earrings and high neck worn as part of the overall look.


Hair: Side Part

Whether the hair is up or down, it is all about the side part this season as seen throughout the runway.

Celine bty F16 006


Tucked back hair and natural makeup works to present an image of natural, effortless elegance.


 Gucci bty F16 007



The pinned back fringe covering one eye is alluring and creates a subtle veil evoking coy mystery.

Jason Wu bty F16 001

Jason Wu

Slicked down roots work to emphasize the flow of golden locks at the ends of the hair, creating a striking halo around the natural face with heavy mascara.


Mugler bty F16 008


The pulled forward fringe is professional and tucked back, drawing attention to the silver earrings shaped like large teardrops against the black sweater.


Saint Laurent bty F16 004

Saint Laurent

This side parting as part of a tight slicked back up do adds to the bold use of dark black liner and bright red lips.

Hair and Make-up Trends Autumn-Winter 2016-17


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