Woman Trends Autumn-Winter 2015

Woman Trends Autumn-Winter 2015

Written by Kim Wallace

Search and forecast by Fabio Jesus D’Elia


TOTAL LOOK: Gothic – This season, black is the new black.

Ferretti RF15 1681 Ferretti RF15 2462 Ferretti RF15 2481

Alberta Ferretti

There was a folksy fairy tale feel at Ferretti, with capes adorned with fur reminiscent of the Snow Queen. Tiered skirts, high necked Victorian style ruffles and sheer lace gave a hint of dark romanticism.

Alexander Wang RF15 1983 Alexander Wang RF15 1967 Alexander Wang RF15 2069

Alexander Wang

Stomping boots worn with embellished leather and hair falling in tendrils. An all black colour palette was worlds away from Wang’s usual sports luxe aesthetic. This collection showed us how to do gothic with a twist of teenage angst.

Dolce e Gabb RF15 2149 Dolce e Gabb RF15 1853 Dolce e Gabb RF15 2183

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana was dripping in heritage and the importance of family values. Sophisticated gothic with an Italian spin showed us models wrapped in traditional head scarves, fur trimmed skirt suits and a bright red lip, of course.

Givenchy RF15 4977 Givenchy RF15 4537 Givenchy RF15 4419


Ricardo Tisci managed to combine South American Chola culture with old Victoriana to create this dark and mysterious collection. Dresses were panelled with lace and velvet and boned corsetry featured in coats and jackets. Models faces were adorned with heavy body jewellery and piercings which added to the dramatic looks.

Valentino RF15 1338 Valentino RF15 1286 Valentino RF15 1263


For Valentino, black velvet gowns featured geometric detailing while pretty lace dresses were reminiscent of classic Valentino. Details such as high necklines and cape like outerwear gave a medieval feel to the collection which featured many all black looks.


TOTAL LOOK: 60’s – There’s no escaping the retro vibe, designers are transporting us back to the swinging sixties.

Bottega Veneta RF15 3316 Bottega Veneta RF15 3791 Bottega Veneta RF15 3328

Bottega Veneta RF15 3422 Bottega Veneta RF15 3377 Bottega Veneta RF15 3338

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta showed us the perfect example of 60’s glam workwear. Wide leg trousers worn with lurex tank tops over silk pussy bow blouses. Multi coloured polka dots featured heavily on the oversized tailored looks.

Balmain RF15 1137 Balmain RF15 1483


Olivier Rouesting’s collection was a colourful mixture of both sixties and eighties references. Pleated wide leg trousers were teamed with oversized graphic print jumpers in bright blue and orange hues.

Chanel RF15 0365 Chanel RF15 0387


Lagerfeld transported back to a 1960’s Paris café for his Autumn Winter collection. Knitted button front dresses in cute pastel colours were designed to look like 2 piece skirt suits and were paired with jewelled costume jewellery for a kitsch retro look.

Dior RF15 1677 Dior RF15 1600 Dior RF15 1586

Christian Dior

Raf Simons showed cropped tweed suits in boxy shapes which echoed the decade. The tailoring was accessorised with latex ankle boots and flash mirror sunglasses which modernised the look. This Dior girl was still feminine but less floral than usual.

Valli RF15 0576 Valli RF15 0638 Valli RF15 0675

Giambattista Valli

There was a definite bohemian vibe at Giambattista Valli with tunic tops worn over flared trousers. Chevron prints in muted colours featured throughout and added to the relaxed and feminine aesthetic.

Lanvin RF15 5544 Lanvin RF15 5556


Alber Elbaz showed a sophisticated and wearable collection with subtle sixties influences. Panelled knitwear was paired with skirts, split to the thigh. Patchwork knee high boots peeked from underneath and added interesting detail.

Miu Miu RF15 5447 Miu Miu RF15 5586 Miu Miu RF15 5786

Miu Miu

Prada’s younger sister Miu Miu showed us 60’s influences in a mash up of colours and textures. PVC A-line miniskirts were paired with swing coats in prints of hounds tooth and snakeskin. Colours were bright and clashing and created a quirky vintage shop feel.

Prada RF15 2450 Prada RF15 2465 Prada RF15 2531

Prada RF15 2678 Prada RF15 3242 Prada RF15 3242


Sickly sweet and full of retro references, Prada’s Autumn/Winter offering was a ladylike affair. From pastel pink trouser suits to teal shift dresses embellished with diamante brooches; this collection was young and full of fun details.

Ferragamo RF15 3229 Ferragamo RF15 3268 Ferragamo RF15 3803

Salvatore Ferragamo

For Ferragamon, black and white graphic prints were interspersed with tones of mustard, tan and burnt orange to create a beautiful retro colour palette.


PATTERNS AND FABRICATION:  Texture – Think knits, fur, tweed and silks

Acne RF15 2711 Acne RF15 2734 Acne RF15 2839

Acne Studios

Thick blanket fabrics for Acne in murky tones were made to form oversized coats, tops and dresses. These were laced together and cinched by thick cords.

Ferretti RF15 2029 Ferretti RF15 2059 Ferretti RF15 2066

Alberta Ferretti

In Alberta Ferretti luxurious brocades were worn under the chunkiest of knits whilst sheer lace featured intricate applique. Add fur trims to the mix and this was a collection which focused heavily on texture.

Balenciaga RF15 0229 Balenciaga RF15 0447 Balenciaga RF15 0470


A monochrome offering with silver accents for Balenciaga. At first glance, pieces looked ladylike but on closer inspection were heavily embellished and featured leather, studs and buckles for a fierce, industrial result.

Bottega Veneta RF15 3588 Bottega Veneta RF15 3600 Bottega Veneta RF15 3626

Bottega Veneta

Silk blouses were worn under lurex knitwear to create a feminity which was juxtaposed when paired with the casualness of printed denim.

Chanel RF15 0128a Chanel RF15 0312 Chanel RF15 0535


Lagerfeld combined the brands classic tweed and boucle suits with quilted fabrics, knitwear and leather details.

Van Noten RF15 1075 Van Noten RF15 1103 Van Noten RF15 1349

Dries Van Noten

Pastel velvet, molten metallics and florals – anything goes at Van Noten, all topped off with a neck corsage.

Ferragamo RF15 3452 Ferragamo RF15 3490 Ferragamo RF15 3530

Salvatore Ferragamo

Knitwear was spliced with panels of silk and complimented by fur and leather accessories at Ferragamo.


PATTERNS AND FABRICATION: Brocade and Embroidered – luxurious hand finished pieces help to create inspiring collections

Ferretti RF15 1851 Ferretti RF15 1862 Ferretti RF15 1876

Ferretti RF15 2306 Ferretti RF15 2352 Ferretti RF15 2290

Alberta Ferretti

Ombre embroidery created stunning focal points in rich warm tones at Ferretti, her opulent collection felt like it was inspired by fairy tales.

Dolce e Gabb RF15 1843 Dolce e Gabb RF15 2600 Dolce e Gabb RF15 2625

Dolce & Gabbana

The rose featured heavily throughout this romantic collection, embroidered in sequins onto printed dresses and appearing as a motif over lace pieces.

Van Noten RF15 0989 Van Noten RF15 1013 Van Noten RF15 1032

Dries Van Noten

Metallic brocades were used in coats and tie front skirts to create interesting shapes and texture at Van Noten.

Givenchy RF15 4446 Givenchy RF15 4472 Givenchy RF15 4494


Dark brocade was used at Givenchy on manipulated tailored jackets and skirts to create a luxurious and mysterious collection.

Vuitton RF15 4386 Vuitton RF15 4505 Vuitton RF15 4580

Louis Vuitton

Leather jackets with clean lines were worn with metallic knitwear and brocade miniskirts for a relaxed, youthful look from Ghesquiere.

Valentino RF15 1275 Valentino RF15 1462 Valentino RF15 1516

Valentino RF15 2166 Valentino RF15 2437 Valentino RF15 2148


Rainbow brights and sparkling embellishments were embroidered onto black shift dresses and gowns.


PATTERNS AND FABRICATION: Velvet – a classic fabric which can be interpreted in many forms

Givenchy RF15 4452 Givenchy RF15 4947


Velvet appeared in the form of midnight blue gowns with ornate detailing and corsetry at Givenchy.

Hermes RF15 1565 Hermes RF15 1694


Classic pieces were made in velvet at Hermes for this luxury equestrian inspired collection.

Giorgio Armani RF15 0467

Giorgio Armani

Electric blue velvet trousers were seen at Armani, paired with an oversized textured coat in the same hue for an 80’s colour block look.

Balmain RF15 1078 Balmain RF15 1098 Balmain RF15 1697


Black velvet was featured at Balmain in the form of ruffled miniskirts, long pleated skirts and quilting in classic Balmain style.

Lanvin RF15 5994 Lanvin RF15 6007 Lanvin RF15 6018


Alber Elbaz featured classic black velvet pieces accentuated by tassels, leather and rope detailing round waists.

Valentino RF15 1263


Black velvet gowns were decorated with cut out geometric shapes at Valentino creating an interesting mix of contemporary and classic design.



Acne RF15 2895 Acne RF15 2913

Acne Studios

Long coats featured at Acne in interesting patchwork and in oversized shapes, bound together by thick sutures.

Chloe RF15 3209 Chloe RF15 3416


Floor length coats swept down the runway at Chloé in military styles and monochrome checks.

Emporio Armani RF15 0302 Emporio Armani RF15 0414

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani showed us a mix of smart dress coats in lilac and red and black textured designs.

Dior RF15 1781 Dior RF15 1795 Dior RF15 1842

Christian Dior

Raf’s coats at Dior were ladylike and feminine in muted tones of brown, mustard and lilac.

Van Noten RF15 1446

Dries Van Noten

Floor length trench coats were cinched with a tie waist for a relaxed vibe for Van Noten.

Valentino RF15 1615


Black wool capes were fastened at the neck, draped over lace dresses and paired with leather boots.



Dior RF15 1331 Dior RF15 1592

Christian Dior

Tailored double breasted blazers with subtle asymmetric pinstripes were paired with matching trousers in dusky pink and smoke grey for Dior.

Giorgio Armani RF15 0097 Giorgio Armani RF15 0111 Giorgio Armani RF15 0158

Giorgio Armani RF15 0479 Giorgio Armani RF15 0640 Giorgio Armani RF15 0164

Giorgio Armani

Armani showed a variety of different styles of blazer. Double breasted relaxed fit, tile printed with mandarin collar and deconstructed; all worn with removable peter pan collars.

Lanvin RF15 5539 Lanvin RF15 5629


Short boxy blazers with a sports luxe feel were shown at Lanvin.

Saint Laurent RF15 2640 Saint Laurent RF15 2699 Saint Laurent RF15 2758 Saint Laurent RF15 3348

Saint Laurent

Le Smoking tux jackets were worn with slashed leather trousers for a rock and roll inspired look.


MUST HAVE ITEM: Little Dress

Dior RF15 1304 Dior RF15 1311 Dior RF15 1651

Christian Dior

Swing dresses with contrast linings and embellished collars were worn with thigh high latex boots at Dior. They also featured quirky shift dresses in grey fur.

Balmain RF15 1161 Balmain RF15 1883 Balmain RF15 1902


Interesting silhouettes were seen at Balmain via metallic mini dresses with tiered ruffles worn with neon utility belts in contrasting colours.

Pucci RF15 3346 Pucci RF15 3380 Pucci RF15 3460

Emilio Pucci

The 90’s were out in full force at Pucci. Velvet mini dresses featured astrological symbols in gold whilst zebra and leopard prints were metallic.

Vuitton RF15 4225 Vuitton RF15 4525 Vuitton RF15 4620

Louis Vuitton

Ghesquiere showed dresses in a mixture of leather and lace with chain belts draped around models waists. Metallic digital printed dresses with puffed shoulders gave an 80’s feel.

Saint Laurent RF15 2673 Saint Laurent RF15 3547 Saint Laurent RF15 3700

Saint Laurent RF15 2931 Saint Laurent RF15 3100

Saint Laurent

Ruched leather and silver lurex mini dresses were made even more risqué with thigh high splits and zip fronts. While bandage styles in lace and chiffon made for a slightly more demure look, whilst still being rock and roll.


COLOUR: Orange Pop

Balmain RF15 1185 Balmain RF15 1202 Balmain RF15 1259

Balmain RF15 1390 Balmain RF15 2049 Balmain RF15 1268


Glittering orange tassel dresses were featured at Balmain and were contrasted nicely with tones of deep purple and navy.

Bottega Veneta RF15 3481 Bottega Veneta RF15 3571 Bottega Veneta RF15 3677

Bottega Veneta

Orange knitwear with polka dot print was worn with wide leg tailored trousers in the same colour. Burnt orange was also used for lace shirt dresses which added to the 60’s theme of the collection.

Van Noten RF15 1061

Dries Van Noten

Stripes of orange were worked into oversized knitwear at Van Noten and worn with muted floral print skirts.

Pucci RF15 3084 Pucci RF15 3104 Pucci RF15 3120

Emilio Pucci

Ruffles in shades of bright orange were constructed into stunning evening gowns and 70’s inspired pussy bow blouses at Pucci. A burnt orange fur coat was also a statement piece in the collection.

Fendi RF15 0734 Fendi RF15 0746 Fendi RF15 0776


Furry double breasted coats were shown at Fendi with strong 70’s influences coming through in burnt orange apron tops worn with cropped flares.

Hermes RF15 1429 Hermes RF15 1437 Hermes RF15 1538


Pops of classic Hermes orange were used in scarves to brighten up an otherwise neutral colour palette.

Miu Miu RF15 5498 Miu Miu RF15 6027 Miu Miu RF15 6088

Miu Miu

Bright orange was used as a clashing colour at Miu Miu against garish checks, blue leopard print and yellow snakeskin.

Ferragamo RF15 3584 Ferragamo RF15 3601 Ferragamo RF15 3682

Ferragamo RF15 3314

Salvatore Ferragamo

The colour featured heavily throughout Ferragamo’s show as an accent colour against black on collars and buttons and also for full looks.

Von Furstenberg RF15 1626 Von Furstenberg RF15 1577 Von Furstenberg RF15 1556

Diane Von Furstenberg

Evening gowns and mini dresses were constructed from orange lace at DVF for a fun and feminine look. The colour was also seen on princess cut coats.


COLOUR: Electric Blue / Purple

Von Furstenberg RF15 1487 Von Furstenberg RF15 1499 Von Furstenberg RF15 1529

Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane showed tailored suits in vibrant blue and used the same colour in a polka dot print which featured on dresses and jumpsuits.

Bottega Veneta RF15 3338

Bottega Veneta

Similarly to DVF, regimented polka dots were shown at Bottega Veneta but in deep purple.

Pucci RF15 3363 Pucci RF15 3395

Emilio Pucci

Electric blue ruffled gowns and blouses were shown at Pucci and paired with velvet separates.

Giorgio Armani RF15 0467 Giorgio Armani RF15 0479

Giorgio Armani

A full royal blue colour block look was seen at Giorgio Armani whilst textured pieces created both tailored and oversized silhouettes.

Emporio Armani RF15 0460 Emporio Armani RF15 0531 Emporio Armani RF15 0542

Emporio Armani

Skirts and tops were created from furry scalloped fabric at Emporio Armani for a unique look.

Balmain RF15 1243 Balmain RF15 1350 Balmain RF15 1461

Balmain RF15 1902 Balmain RF15 2002 Balmain RF15 1883


Electric blue and bright purple were both seen at Balmain. Olivier Rouesting used the colours to create pleats, metallic ruffles and glittering tassels.



Acne RF15 2989 Acne RF15 3004

Acne Studios

A deep brown leather was used for oversized jackets and high waisted trousers at Acne.

Ferretti RF15 2038 Ferretti RF15 2066 Ferretti RF15 2236

Alberta Ferretti

Tan was seen at Ferretti in the form of knitwear, textured outerwear and fur collars.

Burberry RF15 0528 Burberry RF15 0546 Burberry RF15 0731

Burberry RF15 1317 Burberry RF15 1587 Burberry RF15 1144

Burberry Prorsum

The colour was incorporated into folk style prints at Burberry paired with moss green and cornflower blue. The suede trench and fringed cape were also key statement pieces in the collection.

Fendi RF15 0760 Fendi RF15 0791 Fendi RF15 0803

Fendi RF15 1013 Fendi RF15 1029 Fendi RF15 0938


Mahogany leather pieces were seen throughout the collection at Fendi in the form of apron style tops and skirts with deconstructed panels.


Woman Trends Autumn-Winter 2015 – Shoes and Accessories

SHOES: Over knee boots

Versace clp RF15 1584 Versace clp RF15 2004


Over the knee suede boots in bright jewel tones of red, yellow and green stood out at Versace.

McQueen clp RF15 2859

Alexander McQueen

Baby pink satin boots were paired with pleated midi skirts of the same shade for a sugary sweet look.

Dior clp RF15 2884 Dior clp RF15 3135 Dior clp RF15 3215

Christian Dior

Thigh high shiny boots were seen at Dior in a few contrasting colour combinations and also in block colours with Perspex heels.


SHOES: Block Heels

Miu Miu clp RF15 3941 Miu Miu clp RF15 3950 Miu Miu clp RF15 3961

Miu Miu

Mini block heels came down the runway at Miu Miu in a range of colours and prints. Leopard, glitter, pastels and multi straps; this collection had it all.

Celine clp RF15 1311 Celine clp RF15 1347


Basket woven block heel shoes appeared at Celine in varying shades of brown and were spiced up by added embellishments of pearls and diamantes.


BAGS: Bejewelled Bags

Ferretti clpr RF15 0423

Alberta Ferretti

Heavily embellished bags were matched to skirts and dresses at Ferretti in tones of bronze with chain handle details.

Chanel clp RF15 7737 Chanel clp RF15 8231


Chanel’s classic 2.55 bag was reinvented in beautiful jewel tone metallic mosaics and cute box clutches were made entirely from chains.

Van Noten clp RF15 3100 Van Noten clp RF15 3380

Dries Van Noten

Beaded and sequinned evening bags were carried at Dried Van Noten for an opulent feel in keeping with the theme of the collection.
Woman Trends Autumn-Winter 2015


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