Woman Trends Spring-Summer 2016

Woman Trends Spring-Summer 2016

Written by Jessica Watson

Search and forecast by Fabio Jesus D’Elia


Total Look: Transparencies

Transparent layers are seen everywhere this season, from sheer flowing skirts with Victorian undergarments, to delicate floral dresses, and organza layered two pieces. Designers have eschewed heavy covering layers, for delicate, sheer, light layers.

Balenciaga RS16 0598 Balenciaga RS16 0357 Balenciaga RS16 0197

Balenciaga RS16 0183 Balenciaga RS16 0167 Balenciaga RS16 0106


This season, Balenciaga focued on mimimal dresses with sheer white lace and ruffled edges. Each look was paired with laced slippers.


Chloe RS16 4226 Chloe RS16 4194 Chloe RS16 4181


Chloe featured hippie–bohohemian vibes with off the shoulder dresses and sheer lace, paired with gladiator sandals ready for the festival season.


Dior RS16 6058 Dior RS16 6007 Dior RS16 5948

Dior RS16 5805 Dior RS16 5694 Dior RS16 5521


Scalloped cami knickers and matching chemise tops which fastened with small buttons on the side at Dior. Layers was a focal point of the collection with under garments and sheer pastel garments over.


Dolce e Gabb RS16 0916 Dolce e Gabb RS16 0438 Dolce e Gabb RS16 0211

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana’s transported back to Italy in the 50’s filled with bright colours, floral embroidery, embellishments and trumpet sleeves.


Elie Saab RS16 2074 Elie Saab RS16 1936

Elie Saab RS16 1357 Elie Saab RS16 1330

Elie Saab

Transparent lace dresses brought in at the waist, with collared and tied up necklines featured in short, sweet dresses and dramatic gowns.


Etro RS16 1530 Etro RS16 1406


Etro showed romantic folk dresses embroidered with floral patterns styled with chokers and lace up ballet flats.


Ferretti RS16 3573 Ferretti RS16 3560 Ferretti RS16 3531

Ferretti RS16 2863 Ferretti RS16 2821 Ferretti RS16 2778

Alberta Ferretti

Spagetti strap desert dresses, boho lace tops and torn chiffon gowns were paired with bracelets, styled with the utilitarian backpack for a travelers twist on Ferretti.


Giorgio Armani RS16 5652  Giorgio Armani RS16 5574

Giorgio Armani RS16 5488 Giorgio Armani RS16 5418

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani’s collection was all about uniform, tailored shorts, fitted jackets with ribbed organza trousers of transparent burgundy and navy colours paired with a simple clutch bag.


Givenchy RS16 3536 Givenchy RS16 3410

Givenchy RS16 3242 Givenchy RS16 3024


Asymmetric lace layers and wispy light layers featured in the Givenchy Show, with silk trouser suits and embellished lace tops.


Gucci RS16 1106 Gucci RS16 0456


Frills and delicate detail featured in the Gucci show, with light wispy dresses and gowns. The sheer garments were paired with traditional undergarment knickers.


Marchesa RS16 3459 Marchesa RS16 3353 Marchesa RS16 3332

Marchesa RS16 2778 Marchesa RS16 2724 Marchesa RS16 2699


Marchesa’s dresses bought beauty and romance to the runway, with angelic tulle gowns with corset bodices, feather décolletage embroidered 3D petals and crystal embellishment.


Saint Laurent RS16 8234 Saint Laurent RS16 7997

Saint Laurent RS16 7932 Saint Laurent RS16 7854

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent showed a sparkly mini dress and bomber jacket is the perfect combo. With sheer mini dresses and grungy jackets, a feminine look can be styled down with an oversized vintage piece.


Valentino RS16 3016 Valentino RS16 2991 Valentino RS16 2921

Valentino RS16 2792 Valentino RS16 2345 Valentino RS16 1806


Valentino visited Africia with tribal styles and sheer Aztec patterns, whilst cuffs and necklines featured quills and peacock feathers.


Total Look: Net

Net garments if definitely one for this season, whether it’s a sporty bomber, a fishnet slip or a crochet dress. Olivier Rousteing dressed his Balmain team in crochet in sexy crochet dresses, with nude undergarments whilst Acne went for distressed style.

Acne RS16 0048 Acne RS16 0087 Acne RS16 0111


The collection inspired by music was edgy and featured bold colours. Netted tops looked ripped, shredded and almost as if they had been clawed at.


Alexander Wang RS16 2379 Alexander Wang RS16 2410 Alexander Wang RS16 2549

Alexander Wang RS16 2476 Alexander Wang RS16 2386

Alexander Wang

There was a definite street-cool edgy vibe at Alexander Wang. The distressed style featured mesh, leather jackets, bombers and shredded skirts and trousers.


Balmain RS16 4123 Balmain RS16 4007 Balmain RS16 3967

Balmain RS16 3884 Balmain RS16 3726 Balmain RS16 3687

Balmain RS16 3671 Balmain RS16 3623 Balmain RS16 3610


Cable knit dresses and chunky belts featured at Balmain. Tiered ruffles bought femininity to the fierce fishnet and strong shoulders. Silhouette dresses in nude shades showed softness to the collection.


Burberry RS16 0551


Military jackets and caged heels paired with a little black dress with a caged net twist was shown at Burberry.


Chanel RS16 0361


Metallic shades with statement ruffled shoulders gave a fierce 90’s look at Chanel. A ruffled skirt brought femininity to the edgy net piece with a statement belt.


Pucci RS16 0504

Emilio Pucci

Nautical Pucci motifs and totems have been taken – starfish, mermaids and shells have been embroidered onto nylon netting. Lightweight asymmetric pleated skirts brought the beach vibe to the look.


Saint Laurent RS16 7848 Saint Laurent RS16 7786 Saint Laurent RS16 7561

Saint Laurent

Princess turns grungy with metallic mini dresses layered with nylon caged slip dresses and vintage leather and denim jackets, paired along with some stomping wellington boots.


Valentino RS16 1858


Full length dessert dresses were given a new look with a netting and statement fringing, casually paired with some flip flops.


Vuitton RS16 0027 Vuitton RS16 0208 Vuitton RS16 0027

Louis Vuitton

Rebooted kilts and studded leather and the bubble skirt paired with biker gloves made an appearance with the layered netted T-shirt at Louis Vuitton.


Total Look: Lace

This season lace isn’t just for evening wear with lace pieces becoming hard to avoid, with plenty of slip lingerie style dresses with lace detail and feminine floral pieces.


Burberry RS16 0733 Burberry RS16 0510


The traditional Burberry trench coat, perfect for any season was thrown on top of a sheer black and nude lace dress featuring frills, layers and a paired sandals and caged heels for the summer. Casual but Chic.


Cavalli RS16 0553

Roberto Cavalli

Fitted like a showgirl, Cavalli’s sheer lace dresses were embellished with sequins and full of fringing. Delicate but dreamy.


Celine RS16 0687 Celine RS16 0597 Celine RS16 0609


Sleek and glamorous were the looks at Chloe. Lingerie slip dresses and camisoles arrived in silk with ironed creases. Statement lace and deep V necklines bought femininity to the look.


Dolce e Gabb RS16 0331  Dolce e Gabb RS16 0367

Dolce & Gabbana

Floral Lace showed in all different styles at Dolce & Gabbana including floaty quarter length skirts and statement two pieces.


Elie Saab RS16 1403  Elie Saab RS16 1642 Elie Saab RS16 1680  Elie Saab RS16 1977

Elie Saab

A variety of black lace trumpet sleeves is featured in the gowns of Elie Saab with multiple layers, ruffles and tie up belts.


Givenchy RS16 2781  Givenchy RS16 2904 Givenchy RS16 3010  Givenchy RS16 3491


Bride and Groom inspiration was taken for Givenchy to catch feminine and Masculine elements, with suits, chemise dresses gathering at the shoulders and silk slip dresses with asymmetric lace layers.


Lanvin RS16 3225 Lanvin RS16 3290 Lanvin RS16 3299


A celebration of femininity and womanhood saw layers of lace in a variety of black dresses at Lanvin.


Saint Laurent RS16 7588

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent showed unusual combos with a vintage leather biker jacket paired with a tiny elasticated black lace dress.


Total Look: Fringing

Fringe detailing is becoming big this season, and not just for festival wear, with glamourous fringed dresses, and edgy tweed jackets with a fringe twist.


Cavalli RS16 0554  Cavalli RS16 0621

Roberto Cavalli

Twinkle and tight shapes were shown at Cavalli with a variety of wispy fringing and embellished with sequins.


Chalayan RS16 0408 Chalayan RS16 0383 Chalayan RS16 0343


Chalayan featured an on going type of fringing, worn on asymmetric shorts, floaty skirts and fitted tops.


Ferragamo RS16 1397 Ferragamo RS16 1419 Ferragamo RS16 1420

Salvatore Ferragamo

Feathered fringing showed a new side of femininity at Ferragamo, with feathered necklines and cuffs like a bird.


Lanvin RS16 2366 Lanvin RS16 2480 Lanvin RS16 2504


Tweed jackets, skirts and tops featured raw edged fringing accessorised with matching fringed scarfs and a classic leather over the shoulder bag.


McQueen RS16 2334 McQueen RS16 2373 McQueen RS16 2628

Alexander Mcqueen

Alexander McQueen takes a different gentle and feminine approach. Fringing varied from luxurious golden sparkling pieces with gentle frays to extreme shedding and wife cuffed sleeves.


Saint Laurent RS16 8025  Saint Laurent RS16 8164

Saint Laurent

Fringing varied at Saint Laurent from sparkly mini disco dresses paired with a variety of oversized coats including a multicoloured fringed jacket.


Valentino RS16 2949 Valentino RS16 2630 Valentino RS16 2425

Valentino RS16 2015 Valentino RS16 1718 Valentino RS16 1659

Valentino RS16 1650 Valentino RS16 1605 Valentino RS16 1544


Valentino featured tribal vibes with aztec patterns with bold feathered necklines and sleeves with fringed jackets and dresses. Fringing is a mainstay here, swishing in a variety of pieces.


Must Have: Knitwear

There’s no need to put the knitted pieces away for the spring summer season because they’re here to stay just a bit longer paired with floaty light skirts. Beach dresses have also taken a turn and instead of light wispy layers, they’re tight fitted and knitted.


Acne RS16 0069 Acne RS16 0141 Acne RS16 0314                                                


Shredded and tight fitting knitwear featured in Acne, with sleeveless pieces for the spring summer weather. Texture and fabrics is a mainstay here.


Bottega Veneta RS16 0052 Bottega Veneta RS16 0133

Bottega Veneta

Little striped knits with contrasting patterns featured in Bottega Veneta, playing with materials and combining different prints.


Chanel RS16 0496 Chanel RS16 0320 Chanel RS16 0256


Air Travel was the main theme of the spring summer collection and Karl Largerfield showed how travel loungewear is a must, including graphic knitwear, knitted skirts and sweater combos.


Dior RS16 5640 Dior RS16 5685 Dior RS16 5778

Dior RS16 5582 Dior RS16 5570


Dior’s runway featured layers of cropped scalloped knitwear of the vintage type. A series of ‘Fisherman’ rough knitwear was worn over silk slip dresses.


Missoni RS16 3682 Missoni RS16 3563 Missoni RS16 3142


Missoni saw pure simplicity with sheer knit dresses with horizontal stripes for breezy beach weather. Aztec vibes came from the zig zag pieces paired with full length sheer knit cardigans.


Saint Laurent RS16 8218

Saint Laurent

Oversized fluffy knits worn at Saint Laurent with distressed features paired with contrasting silk leopard print floaty skirts.


Must Have: Low Crotch Trouser

There’s no escaping the 90’s this season, with low crotch cargo trousers, and light harem trousers for the spring/summer weather.


Alexander Wang RS16 2303

Alexander Wang

There was attitude within Alexander Wang but a very relaxed street-cool style with flared striped trousers with a low crotch paired with a simple crop and sandals.


Balenciaga RS16 0097 Balenciaga RS16 0471


Ivory silk satin took over the Balenciaga runway, with 90’s cargo pants, low swung trousers, along with zipped bum bags paired with a variety of little silk crops.


Vuitton RS16 0179 Vuitton RS16 0205

Louis Vuitton

Inspired by the digital era, Urban trousers made an appearance at Louis Vuitton with flares, zips and buckles in block colours.


Pattern: Stripes

Varying in large statement bock stripes, metallic colours, animal prints and nautical stripes. This season proves whatever the style, anyone can pull of some stripes. A timeless pattern.


Alexander Wang RS16 2308

Alexander Wang

Bold, statement stripes reoccured through Alexander Wang’s collection in low crotch trousers and tailored jackets.

Dior RS16 6025 Dior RS16 5935

Dior RS16 5822 Dior RS16 5905 Dior RS16 5838

Luxourious bronze and gold tones shone through the runway at Dior, with bold strips running through rain coats, dresses and jackets.


Dolce e Gabb RS16 0810 Dolce e Gabb RS16 0579 Dolce e Gabb RS16 0568

Dolce e Gabb RS16 0494 Dolce e Gabb RS16 0288 Dolce e Gabb RS16 0039

Dolce & Gabbana

Inspired by ‘Italia’, 50’s sundresses, skirts, twi pieces and full length satin dresses all featured stripes of different sizes and colours. Playful and Chic.


Elie Saab RS16 1848 Elie Saab RS16 1786

Elie Saab RS16 1695 Elie Saab RS16 1614 Elie Saab RS16 1491

Elie Saab

Different to the traditional red carpet gowns, and shimmering numbers, Elie Saab’s collection featured a range of day to day wear for on the go with a range of distinctive clean cut stripes in blacks and bright colours.


Emporio Armani RS16 0366

Emporio Armani

Peach stripes for the spring summer time featured in Emporio Armani in lightweight jackets.


Ferragamo RS16 1371 Ferragamo RS16 1384 Ferragamo RS16 1392

Ferragamo RS16 1561 Ferragamo RS16 1551 Ferragamo RS16 1543

Salvatore Ferregamo

Shades of pink and fir green featured with clean minimal outfits and a variety of pleated summer dresses which all had a reoccurring theme of bold and bright stripes.


Giorgio Armani RS16 5211 Giorgio Armani RS16 5231

Giorgio Armani

Stripes and ribs were featured in Giorgio Armani with white sleeved jackets, organza trousers, knitwear and silky playsuits,


Missoni RS16 3563 Missoni RS16 3647 Missoni RS16 3538

Missoni RS16 3445 Missoni RS16 3436 Missoni RS16 3297
Missoni RS16 3205 Missoni RS16 3159 Missoni RS16 3142

Sporty vibes were shown though Missoni, with colourful striped polo tops and flared lightweight trousers for the summer. Beach clothes perfect for summer, stripped in yellow and ocean blue colours.


Paul Smith RS16 1534 Paul Smith RS16 1556 Paul Smith RS16 1592

Paul Smith

Paul Smith featured prevalent stripes through his pastel dresses. Light and breathable for the beach weather paired with sun yellow sandals.


Pucci RS16 0035 Pucci RS16 0014


Asymmetrical neck lines were shown at Pucci with different variations of monochrome stripes and zigzag patterns.


Patterns: Floral

The Floral print makes a comeback every single summer and why it wouldn’t as it is the perfect spring trend. Whether its delicate floral details or floral prints paired with masculine shapes and styles.


Agnes B RS16 0609 Agnes B RS16 0628 Agnes B RS16 0639

Agnes B

A different kind of floral print was shown through at Agnes B, with photographed prints on simple summer dresses.


Burberry RS16 0995 Burberry RS16 1297 Burberry RS16 1343


Burberry took on a floral twist on the traditional trench coat this Spring Summer, with floral tie dye prints featuring on short summer dresses.


Chanel RS16 0733 Chanel RS16 0740 Chanel RS16 0756


Clean cut white dresses were detailed with statement floral ruffles along the sleeves, cuffs and bodice of the garment. Smart but playful vibes.


Dolce e Gabb RS16 1204 Dolce e Gabb RS16 0620 Dolce e Gabb RS16 0344

Dolce e Gabb RS16 0181b Dolce e Gabb RS16 0177 Dolce e Gabb RS16 0162

Dolce & Gabbana

Statement prints and floral patterns is a mainstay at Dolce & Gabbana, with floral motifs embellished on mesh dresses and gowns, with flirty floral prints on voluminous gowns.


Elie Saab RS16 2007 Elie Saab RS16 1964 Elie Saab RS16 1901

Elie Saab RS16 1820 Elie Saab RS16 1737 Elie Saab RS16 1283

Elie Saab

Sweet dresses and romantic gowns were filled with signature floral prints at Elie Saab floating along the runway and tying up at the neckline.


Emporio Armani RS16 0080 Emporio Armani RS16 0088 Emporio Armani RS16 0095

Emporio Armani

A feminine take on tailored wear with a pastel 60’s floral prints featuring on jackets, tops and tailored shorts with matching silk neck scarfs.


Etro RS16 1217 Etro RS16 1299 Etro RS16 1347


Frills and flouncy dresses featured in Etro with soft embroidered flowers on pleated gowns for a romantic folk vibe.


Giorgio Armani RS16 5452

Giorgio Armani

Brightly coloured and loose fitted jumpsuit’s catch eyes in the summer time with an abstract floral print paired with red shoes and clutch bag.


Gucci RS16 1087 Gucci RS16 1060 Gucci RS16 0985


The geek-chic collection features lots of decoration, lace, colour, frills, embroidery and floral patterns of the mature type. A very strong smart spring style at Gucci.


McQueen RS16 2499 McQueen RS16 2487 McQueen RS16 2473

McQueen RS16 2446 McQueen RS16 2435 McQueen RS16 2423

Alexander Mcqueen

Mcqueen showed variety, with denim, frills, layers, embellishments and embroidery which showed that floral can be feminine and flirty, but a statement to any denim piece also.


Pattern: Check

Think sleek minimal checks, bold and colourful stripes as well as the classic checked tweed jacket. The check pattern is incorporated into any women’s wardrobe.


Celine RS16 1041 Celine RS16 1093 Celine RS16 1157


Flared tailored checked trousers featured multiple times at Celine with wrap around belts and styled with black tops, and matching jackets and coats.


Chanel RS16 0437 Chanel RS16 0132

Chanel RS16 0114 Chanel RS16 0106 Chanel RS16 0029


Classic tweed skirt suits, dropped shoulder jackets and boucle jackets represented a smart but glamorous travel style. Monocrome colours featured throughout with the odd suttle colour or two.


Hermes RS16 1151 Hermes RS16 1147

Hermes RS16 1127 Hermes RS16 1120 Hermes RS16 1101


Simplicity is key through Hermes collection, with clean cut culottes, two pieces and playsuits, as well as floaty and lightweight dresses all with minimal checked detail.


McCartney RS16 2758 McCartney RS16 2751

Stella McCartney

McCartney’s collection featured a variety of plaid jersey in trousers and full length dresses, with laidback vibes and focal colours.


Valentino RS16 1996 Valentino RS16 1980 Valentino RS16 1958


Large Mosaic checked patterns and empire neck lines, Valentino’s collection shows signs of roman history. Floor length pleated dresses with black colours paired with gladiator sandals and braided hair.


Colour: Orange

Juicy bright colours feature this season, like a summer’s sunset. Orange pieces make a statement to any outfit with a splash of colour.


Agnes B RS16 0386 Agnes B RS16 0398 Agnes B RS16 0420

Agnes B

Bold and beautiful, ready for a desert trip, different shades of a summer’s sunset feature at Agnes B. Casual and easy pieces making a statement.


Balmain RS16 3583 Balmain RS16 3442 Balmain RS16 3429

Balmain RS16 3418 Balmain RS16 3409 Balmain RS16 3395


From sleek suede to ruffled chiffon, orange is clearly making a statement at Balmain, with a variety of two pieces, full length skirts and mini dresses.


Bottega Veneta RS16 0023 Bottega Veneta RS16 0065

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta took on deep red orange tones in the collection, with checked leather coats and tailored dresses, totally casual with a pair of flip flops.


Dolce e Gabb RS16 0274 Dolce e Gabb RS16 0278 Dolce e Gabb RS16 0639

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana showed sleek colourful Italian summer style with different shades of orange in a variety of fabrics and textures.


Emporio Armani RS16 0466 Emporio Armani RS16 0460 Emporio Armani RS16 0417

Emporio Armani RS16 0400 Emporio Armani RS16 0394 Emporio Armani RS16 0378

Emporio Armani

Rose-Pink and peachy orange shades featured at Emporio Armani with tailored trousers and effortless floral summer dresses.


Fendi RS16 0189 Fendi RS16 0176 Fendi RS16 0082

Fendi RS16 0036 Fendi RS16 0022 Fendi RS16 0010


High neck lines and puffy sleeves saw some possible Victorian influences at Fendi with deep orange and red shades.


Ferragamo RS16 1491

Salvatore Ferragamo

Bright and bold, Ferragamo made a statement with orange colours with bouncy summer dresses with frilly layers.


Ferretti RS16 3771 Ferretti RS16 3111 Ferretti RS16 3066

Alberta Ferretti

Dessert dresses in taupe orange colours featured in a very casual runway styled with sandals and heavy jewellery.


Hermes RS16 1423 Hermes RS16 1412 Hermes RS16 1319

Hermes RS16 1311 Hermes RS16 1302 Hermes RS16 1292

HermesWith pleated skirts, flared trousers and two pieces, Hermes collection was totally casual paired with trainers with shades of red and orange featuring throughout.


Marni RS16 0153 Marni RS16 0272 Marni RS16 0280

MarniLayered with different fabrics, lengths and detail, Marni featured block colours with bold orange pieces thrown on top of white t shirts, sequin skirts and floral jumpers.


Paul Smith RS16 1237 Paul Smith RS16 1250 Paul Smith RS16 1276

Paul Smith

Wide culottes and dresses, Paul Smith has taken on a deep red orange tone for his Spring Summer collection, paired with sandals of a contrasting colour.


Colour: Pastel

Contemporary and playful pastel colours feature this season, with a range of mint greens, lavender shades, baby pinks and dusty blues. The colours are fresh, youthful and bring femininity to any outfit.


Agnes B RS16 0082 Agnes B RS16 0543 Agnes B RS16 0562

Agnes B

There wasn’t a definite style throughout Agnes’ show but there was a definite show of baby pink shades from denim jackets, jumpsuits and summer knits.


Cavalli RS16 0084 Cavalli RS16 0151 Cavalli RS16 0767

Roberto Cavalli

Acid washed and soft suede jackets, silk taffeta dresses and tie-dyed ruffles all featured in beautiful pastel shades or pink, purple, orange and blue.


Celine RS16 0862 Celine RS16 1135 Celine RS16 1137


Fleshy pastel colours featured at Celine with very simple floaty dresses which are easy to wear.


Chanel RS16 0830 Chanel RS16 0679 Chanel RS16 0658

Chanel RS16 0640 Chanel RS16 0420 Chanel RS16 0381


Tweed jackets and tailored skirts, made travel pieces smart but with a summer twist, Chanel featured shades of pasel pinks and purples.


Chloe RS16 4268 Chloe RS16 4258 Chloe RS16 3962

Chloe RS16 3953 Chloe RS16 3932 Chloe RS16 3878


Youthful and very playful, a rainbow of pastel colours featured in tasseled summer dresses, off the shoulder lace tops and sweet summer dresses.


Emporio Armani RS16 0433 Emporio Armani RS16 0332 Emporio Armani RS16 0325

Emporio Armani RS16 0311 Emporio Armani RS16 0264 Emporio Armani RS16 0128

Emporio Armani RS16 0117 Emporio Armani RS16 0072 Emporio Armani RS16 0047

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani saw fleshy nudes and the power of pink, with a feminine take on smart and tailored pieces with chiffon scarfs and heavy jewellery.


Hermes RS16 1517 Hermes RS16 1501 Hermes RS16 1479

Hermes RS16 1457 Hermes RS16 1440 Hermes RS16 1354
HermesOff white pieces at Hermes saw simplicity, with sporty stripes and white trainers as well as smarter jackets and culotte trousers.


McCartney RS16 2847 McCartney RS16 2860 McCartney RS16 2906

Stella McCartney

Sporty jersey polos were seen in a pretty pastel shades at McCartney with matching asymmetric shorts and jersey skirts.


McQueen RS16 2220 McQueen RS16 2230 McQueen RS16 2264

Alexander Mcqueen

Delicate chiffon pieces with shown in pastel shades with lots of intricate ruffles along the dress, down the sleeves and around the collar.


Pucci RS16 0058 Pucci RS16 0083 Pucci RS16 0350

Emilio Pucci

Pucci was definitely cool and trendy with a variety of shimmer, metallic shades, sequined knits and skirts for the younger market but pastel colours once again featured throughout with yellow, blue and pink shades.


Colour: White

Could white ever not make the trend forecast or any season? The simple, but versatile colour is the perfect colour for any spring summer outfit. Minimal and easy.


Agnes B RS16 0819 Agnes B RS16 0801

Agnes B

Voluminous pleated gowns of a snow queen drift along the runway at Agnes B with head dresses and hoods.


Chalayan RS16 0643 Chalayan RS16 0666


Shoulders out for the summer collection at Chalayan with inspiration from her recent trip to Cuba. White makes a clean and sophisticated look with buttoned shirts and Bateau necklines


Chloe RS16 4206


A relaxed and easy style was worn in white at Chloe, looking totally Bohemian with low crouch Harem pants.


Dior RS16 5469 Dior RS16 5744


Simplicity, Femininity and a soft palette was the inspiration behind Dior’s beautiful white two pieces with scalloped lines and sheer white dresses


Dkny RS16 2211 Dkny RS16 2190 Dkny RS16 1862


DKNY’s collection was about business and professionalism white minimal but smart white dresses, tailored and pleated dresses.


Fendi RS16 0128 Fendi RS16 0155 Fendi RS16 0423

FendiThere a mix of strong tailored pieces and dresses inviting breeze into them at Fendi yet they all shared an all in white theme.


McQueen RS16 2343 McQueen RS16 2383 McQueen RS16 2545Alexander Mcqueen

From, thick ruffles, high necks, large pleats and lace, Mcqueen focused on all white pieces, with plenty of layers.

Woman Trends Spring-Summer 2016

Written by Jessica Watson

From a seaside town in Kent, Jessica is an undergraduate journalism student in London, with a career in writing about beauty and fashion ahead of her. She has a love for music, art, blogging and fundraising.

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