Shoe Trends that were Started by Celebrities

Shoe Trends that were Started by Celebrities

Aside from runway models, celebrities have also played a huge part in stating the next big fashion trend. Whether these actresses became the front cover of Vogue’s September Issue, or their images were spread by some paparazzi online, it seems like the world just can’t get enough of these stars.

A lot of the trends that these celebrities sparked were great. However, there are also instances wherein they would create an unlikely fad. At one point, even a pair of boots became more popular than designer heels thanks to a certain actress. In this post, we’ll highlight the various footwear that were features in the fashion spotlight because of an A-list celebrity.

  1. Hunter footwear

Kate Moss was spotted numerous times wearing a pair of Hunter wellies in several music festivals in Glastonbury. And from then on, these rain boots became a practical option to a fashionable piece of footwear. Aside from Kate Moss, a lot of stars also embraced this rain gear. This includes Nicole Richie, Hilary Duff, and Ashley Olsen.

  1. Platform Sneakers

These shoes were quite a prominent trend in the 1990s. In a time were the footwear market was still dominated by Nike and Converse, the platform sneakers provided a refreshing take on the classic sneaker design. The celebrity who took these shoes to amazing heights was Baby Spice – a member of the Spice Girls. This has become her signature style that the rest of the world followed.

  1. High heels and stilettos

Have you watched *Sex and the City *before? If so, then you probably know how Sarah Jessica Parker turned luxurious high heels and stiletto brands into a household name. Before, this type of footwear is only known to Vogue subscribers and Upper East Siders. Now, the term “Manolo” has become a byword for chic, sexy, and ultra-feminine.

  1. Kinky High Heels

As a performer, Rihanna is one of the flashiest singers that you will ever see on stage. Whenever she sings on stage, you rarely see her wearing subpar clothing. Oftentimes, she wears these kinky high heels that can reach to her knees and thighs. In addition, she also consistently dons designer clothing and expensive jewelry.

Should you follow these trends?

It’s not bad to use celebrities as inspiration for your next outfit of the day. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to blindly follow all the trends that you see online or in the news. Of course, you have to make sure that the shoes you wear can match your preference and budget. In addition, you can also infuse your own styles into what you are wearing. After all, celebrities aren’t the only ones who can start a fashion trend!

Shoe Trends that were Started by Celebrities


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