Men’s Spring-Summer 2015 trends

Men’s Spring-Summer 2015 trends

Written by Elnaz Soltanmohammadi

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This trend will keep you looking effortlessly smooth and dapper.

Dandy in the city

The Fendi collection featured relaxed attire for the contemporary businessman, in a trendy palette of khaki, cream, pale blue and light grey.

Fendi m S15 023 Fendi m S15 095


Similarly, the ‘Dandy’ items at Lanvin were urban, yet elegant enough for the workingman. Drop crotch trousers and slacks were seen in moodier tones than those at Fendi.

Lanvin m S15 128 Lanvin m S15 011 Lanvin m S15 002


A trip to Africa

Inspired by traditional African fabrics, the Ferragamo take on the trend featured a giraffe motif that subtly lined the cuffs of jackets. In keeping with the African theme, the colours consisted of earthy tones, from beige to chocolate; accompanied by shades of blue, rust and green. There were also some elements of loungewear, such as shorts and belted jackets. Perfect for a laid-back traveller.

Ferragamo m S15 017 Ferragamo m S15 140

Ferragamo m S15 143 Ferragamo m S15 035

Salvatore Ferragamo

A nautical nod

This season’s Gucci collection was based on a combination of subtly worked nautical elements and slim silhouettes.

Gucci m S15 005 



TOTAL LOOK: Long tops

Why not mix up your staple summer t-shirt and opt for a longer style…

Layered look

At his first solo menswear show in Paris, Sebastien Meunier perfectly executed the art of layering: thin items such as sheer coats and shirts draped over thicker items like tailored jackets.

Demeulemeester m S15 018 Demeulemeester m S15 011

Ann Demeulemeester

Abstract print

Sarah Burton’s long tops for the McQueen collection stood out with their abstract swirls of primary colours.

McQueen m S15 045 McQueen m S15 036 McQueen m S15 069

Alexander McQueen


Rick Owens’ collection was named ‘Faun’, after the Ballet Russe, L’Apres Midi d’un Faune. At the heart of his collection were long, sleeveless tunic tops embroidered with graphic drawings such as primitive imagery; based upon the ballet performance. He utilised a faded version of the same colours seen in the ballet.

Owens m S15 110 Owens m S15 102 Owens m S15 113

Rick Owens


At Van Noten, the long-length t-shirts were kept basic- plain, in muted shades of beige and navy.

Van Noten m S15 068 Van Noten m S15 039

Van Noten m S15 033 Van Noten m S15 020

Dries Van Noten


TOTAL LOOK: All over patterns

All-over prints were paramount at this season’s catwalks.

Dolce & Gabbana

Raging red

Spanish bull fighting was the inspiration behind this season’s Dolce & Gabbana collection. The famous toreros were brought to life with rich, red jacquard boleros and ornamentally embroidered jackets, paired with cropped pants and velvet slip-on shoes. The bull itself took a playful turn, appearing in the form of fun vintage bullfighter posters printed onto sweaters. Elsewhere, Spanish tile motifs were seen on oversized sporty three-quarter sleeve tops.

Dolce e Gabb m S15 055 Dolce e Gabb m S15 075

Dolce e Gabb m S15 117 Dolce e Gabb m S15 111

Dolce & Gabbana

The world of the artist

Twin designers Dean and Dan Coten merged fashion and art in a tribute the ‘80s Pop Art era in New York. Inspired by key contemporary artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein the patterns were bold and bright. Particularly eye-catching was a shirt covered with splashes of paint in a multitude of colours.

DSquared2 m S15 053 DSquared2 m S15 051

DSquared2 m S15 044 DSquared2 m S15 071



Emporio Armani produced a highly graphic collection that focused on the power of the line. The colour palette was limited to shades of black and whites, with subtle hints of grey and navy creating stark contrasts.

Emporio Armani m S15 009 Emporio Armani m S15 165

Emporio Armani


Paul Smith’s collection featured a summery plant print in ‘watered-down’ hues, upon soft, loose fitting silhouettes. Coloured sunglasses finished off the looks, creating a cool 70s vibe.

Paul Smith m S15 029 Paul Smith m S15 056

Paul Smith m S15 053 Paul Smith m S15 140

Paul Smith

Botanical prints were also seen at Valentino, where boxy tops and wide-cut trousers kept the styles looking relaxed yet elegant.

Valentino m S15 078 Valentino m S15 032



Drawing inspiration from the ballet dancer Rudolph Nureyev, the Van Noten collection brought together the fluidity of dancewear and the comfort of loungewear. Delicately embroidered patterns were seen upon silky shirts, as well as suits covered in line drawings. A warm palette of burgundy, gold, navy, sand and deep olive green complimented these looks.

Van Noten m S15 029 Van Noten m S15 069

Dries Van Noten


MUST-HAVE ITEM: Fleece and sweat

It’s always good to have some warmer clothing at hand during the spring-summer transition.

Summer breeze

The cotton jersey sweatpants rolled up to the knee gave off a breezy stroll along the beach vibe

Bottega Veneta m S15 047 

Bottega Veneta

Smart Casual

Armani introduced quilted tops and jersey blazers, fitted yet comfortable for an overall effortless look.

 Emporio Armani m S15 054 Emporio Armani m S15 137

Emporio Armani


At Miharayasuhiro, the trend was kept low-key with layered hoodies and jersey tops in dull shades of grey, blue and white.

Miharayasuhiro m S15 010 Miharayasuhiro m S15 030



In contrast to the muted tones seen elsewhere, Vivienne Westwood matching hoodie and trouser ensembles were a vibrant tone of orange or a mix of bright colours.

Westwood m S15 069

Vivienne Westwood


MUST-HAVE ITEM: Summer mac

Undoubtedly a timeless trend, the summer mac is a must-have outwear piece in every man’s wardrobe.


The classic beige summer mac was a popular choice at the catwalks this season. With the likes of Diesel, Phillip Lim and Corneliani, there were plenty of styles to choose from.

Phillip Lim m S15 009 Diesel m S15 044

Phillip Lim                                                                              Diesel

Corneliani m S15 025


Colour pop

Some of the macs at DSquare2 were also beige. However, in true Dean and Dan Coten style, no classic trend is complete without their quirky twist put on it, so the buttons and sleeves were finished off with graphic blocks of cobalt blue. That said, the standout piece was the fluorescent green mac, bright enough to dazzle away even the drizzliest of summer days.

DSquared2 m S15 057


Black or white

The designs at Fendi were kept simple, and consisted of a straight-cut black mac lined with beige; as well as a stark, all-white version.

Fendi m S15 110 Fendi m S15 017




The oversized black macs at Givenchy looked dramatic over the all-black ensembles. Some had large, statement pockets.

Givenchy m S15 095



Prada’s signature take on the trend consisted of topstitched suiting and denim in indigo, beige and brown. A 70s spin on the classic mac design.

Prada m S15 008




MUST-HAVE ITEM: Textured knitwear

Washed effect

The Bottega Veneta collection featured an unusual dark navy mist faded jacquard cashmere sweater, with contrasting stich work motif on the body and sleeves. There were also thinner jumpers and cardigans with a similar washed-out effect. Also on the catwalk was a slightly heavier cream jumper with subtle black texturing and ribbed cuff sleeves.

Bottega Veneta m S15 009 Bottega Veneta m S15 003

Bottega Veneta m S15 027 Bottega Veneta m S15 018

Bottega Veneta



At Corneliani, the knitwear appeared in a soft range of colours and delicate fabrics; including a lightweight cashmere jumper in pale green, and a cosy waffle-knit cardigan in faded blue.

Corneliani m S15 014 Corneliani m S15 038


Horizontal Stripes

The nautical-inspired knitwear at Dior presented itself as a modern take on the fisherman’s yellow slicker and the Breton stripe, with combinations of navy, blue, white and yellow across cosy jumpers.

Dior m S15 082 Dior m S15 094


Open-weave knits

The Hermes collection featured a thin mustard yellow cardigan and an equally lightweight, navy short-sleeved knit. The open-weave stitching provides the perfect compromise for those warm, yet breezy summer nights.

Hermes m S15 118 Hermes m S15 088


Men’s Spring-Summer 2015 trends

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