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From a kaleidoscope of colour, to a simple, fresh and flawless complexion, it is the ready-to-wear collections that offer the multifaceted ways to curate an appearance to go with any outfit, for any occasion. Catwalk yourself presents a synopsis for the most innovative, most popular, and most powerful trends of the season, whether this be the latest nail innovation, or the ode to the bushy brow.


Jean Paul Gaultier                                          Marc Jacobs

The classic make-up techniques were pertinent to achieve that 1960s trend that just won’t go away. This took the form of floating socket lines to create doe-eyes. The shaggy and voluminous hair, along with peach-coloured lips, embodied that fun and frivolous vibe. This was seen at Jean Paul Gaultier, whom also used Jane Birkin as his muse.

Marc Jacobs looked to bold brows to capture the 60s theme, and who best to carry this look then the burly browned lady, that is Cara Delevigne. Those eyebrows were played down with the otherwise neutral colour palette, particularly with paler lips which ensured attention was manipulated to the upper-half of the face.


Louis Vuitton                       Moschino

Louis Vuitton went for a vibrant eye to uphold the ‘psychedelic’ nature that stood strong in the 60s. To do so, Liner traced lower lashes, whilst colour eyeshadow with a waxed effect dominate eyelids.

Moschino went all out to pertain to the era of the 60s. Strong Twiggy-esque mega-eyelashes were paired with ruby red lips to pronounce all the features on the face.




Donna Karan               Christian Dior             Cheap & Chic             Chloé

The eyes provide the perfect playground to mix-up colour. This was true for Donna Karan who used the eyes as the pretext for a powerful look. Whilst the face was kept neutral, the vibrancy of the pink eyes and lashes were simply striking.

Dior’s exemplary way of innovation showed a whole new take on eye makeup. Shades of green, blue, purple and pink were just the tip of the iceberg with sparkling Sworovski crystals creating an extreme add on.

Known for their playful yet youthful approach, Moschino Cheap and Chic downplayed the complexion which immediately enhanced the blue lines positioned underneath the eyes.

Lastly, Chloe kept it simple, opting for emphasis on the eyes only. The copper, bronzed eyes were easy to wear.


Zac Posen                  Etro                             Versace                     Giorgio Armani

It really has been the year for the ‘strong brow’ and nothing cements a trend like fashion week. What was represented, was the many different ways the eyebrow can be used to change or contour the face. Where Zac Posen chose to the brows to uphold a sophisticated look, Etro’s brows enforced a slicker and extremely contoured face. Versace’s were sexy (of course) with their more shaded tone, while Giorgio Armani’s high brows created a classy appearance.



Ralph Lauren               DKNY                        Dolce & Gabbana          Valentino

Simple summer makeup embodies one thing, that is natural skin. This perfectly understated complexion was evident at Ralph Lauren whereby makeup was clean and finished. This was true for DKNY which saw a velvet finish to uphold a fresh appearance yet allowing for clever contouring. The house of Valentino chose to add a dreamy and delicate touch of pink hue to the lips and cheeks. Dolce & Gabbana also opted for this fresh and dewy skin, with only a discreet flick of eyeliner.


Burberry                               Prada

There’s something about lipstick that has the potential to totally change the dynamics of the face. Burberry certainly proved this, with matte lipstick instantaneously adding a pop of colour to the face. This created the premise for a fabulous colour palette.

Interestingly, Prada used lipstick to counter the more masculine demeanour embodied by the pared-back complexion and jagged short hair. The vibrancy of the matte red lipstick was captivating and represented the leverage lipstick has to transform the face.


Loewe                                  Dries Van Noten                   Jason Wo

Loewe’s lipstick approached the gothic end of the makeup scale, being deep and dark in colour. Worn with a paler face, and shadowed eyes, the lips were the dominant force here.

Dries Van Noten, in comparison, provided the perfect example of how vibrant fuchsia tones can discreetly and delicately brighten any look, yet all the while pertaining to a fresh summer story.

One need not look any further for an example to why red lipstick is the lipstick colour of choice. Jason Wu’s scarlet tones embodied a Parisian chic that effortlessly ensure the simplest outfit had a touch of glamour.



Peter Som                  Rag & Bone                 Jason Wo                   Vivienne Westwood

Nails are having a big beauty moment, becoming the fastest growing product within the beauty market. With the availability of a mish-mash of colours and effects ranging from marbled to leather, it is no wonder why.

White was once only understood as the colour of choice for fake tips. Now, it dominates the entire nail as cleaner, and paler tones were representative of a new approach to nail polish. Rag and Bone’s white gloss was simply striking.

Despite darker hues being symbolic of Autumn/Winter, the monochrome palette so popular for Spring/Summer can be upheld with darker nails. Jason Wu explored this, with dark polish paired against a white outfit.

The innovation of nail polish from last year lends itself to the two-tone effect. This encompasses a contrast of colours, whether that be a contrasting tip seen at Peter Some, or a different colour Lunula, as represented at Vivienne Westwood Red Label.



Far from playing it safe, Spring/Summer 2013 looks set to be the season for a compilation of fabulous locks. From the playful 1960s beehives to the harsher, more modern slicked back styles, hair is going to be anything but normal. The up-do will never again be attributed to some posh event, and no more are waves just that, they are loose, tousled, or even fuzzy. Catwalk yourself presents a synopsis for the most innovative, most popular, and most powerful hair trends of the season.




Jean Paul Gaultier                        Marc Jacobs                 Louis Vuitton

Despite 2013 being the year of progression, technological advancement and an overall modern tone, the beehive presented a nostalgic look back to the 1960s. Whereas Marc Jacobs put forth a modern twist on the beehive with a deep side parting, Louis Vuitton chose to pertain to the classic beehive. Perhaps JPG produced the hair style most reminiscent of the 60s with loose, frivolous waves.




Dolce & Gabbana         Marc Jacobs                Fendi                        Blugirl

Last season it was the turban, this season it’s about head bands and head wraps. Dolce & Gabbana opted for a classic silk wrap that fell down onto the neck; the perfect accessory to sweep hair off the face during that perfect Italian summer. Marc took inspiration from the African nations with a thicker and fulsome head band. Here, two wraps were used to instantaneously brighten an outfit. Fendi took on a post-modern approach, with a new twist on the headband. Yellow coils pulled the hair tightly off the face creating a slicker style. In opposition, Bluegirl opted for the all time festival-favourite floral headband for a breeze-easy approach. Louis Vuitton also used a feminine band with an innocent bow positioned to the side.




Burberry                              Diane Von Furstemberg         Versace

You know Spring-Summer has arrived when whimsical waves are worn on a warm day. Burberry brought the perfect example to the catwalk, with loose, textured and tousled locks. They were worn effortlessly for that perfect carefree approach.

Diana Von Furstenurg added grown-up glamour to their locks. The hair had been blown-dried to create textured waves. This added structure was sophisticated on both long and mid-length hair. In particular, when styled on ombre hair, the coloured waves were a warming style.

Versace’s waves were symbolic of their leader – Donatella. Thick, loose waves oozed that ‘sex-appeal’ that has come to define the brand. Blow-dried to create thick, voluminous hair, the waves were luxuriant.

Phillip Lim                                           Viktor & Rolf

Phillip Lim managed to take the classic wave and put a completely different spin on it. The waves were reconditioned so that a fuzzy and messy texture was created. Worn with a deep side parting it was the ultimate tousled effect.

Viktor & Rolph created their waves reminiscent of the styles so pleased during our primary school days; plaited, before being pulled out. This crimped effect starts from the ears downwards allowing for big, bushy and bold hair.



Etro                                         Gucci                                      Michael Kors

The ultimate androgynous look comes by way of slicked back hair. For many, it is anything but feminine. Etro were exemplary of this with a slicked back front section and slicked down side section. It immediately sculpted the face and will only be consumed by the ultra-daring.

Gucci’s slicked hair hardened the face. Particularly with a centre-parting and a slick-twist ponytail at the back. It presented the perfect way to sweep hair off the face by way of a smooth, sleek texture.

The normally hardened look created by slicked hair was successfully softened by Michael Kors. Here, a side parting was used at the front to position the hair in place, however, the rest of the hair softly cascaded in a ponytail, or left down. Perhaps the most adaptable of the slick-hair styles.

Rodarte                                                         Giambattista Valli

Rodarte presented the ultimate slicked-hair style. Using a fashionable and risky undercut, most of the hair was heavily slicked to the side helping to recreate the way the hair would naturally fall.

Giambttista Valli opted to position the hair off the face without the use of a headband. Instead the hair was gelled off the face, before allowing to fall loose out at the back.



Jean Paul Gaultier                                            Oscar de la Renta

The up-do has had something of a revolution. Once attributed to proms and weddings, this season presents something new, more radical. At the forefront of this was Jean Paul Gaultier. Using ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ as his inspiration, tight, tousled curls hung in a side parting with the rest of the hair held by a chic black bow.

Even the king of the classic dresses chose to reinvent the up-do. Oscar De La Renta added life to the French twist with a modern injection of colour.

Vera Wang                                                    Chloé

A messier approach to the up-do was taken on by Vera Wang. The impressive style was textured allowing a wrap to be created round the hair. Its turban-like effect will be a fantastic way to create larger than life hair.

Chloe chose to recreate the low ponytail most often used on days when the hair will do anything but do as it’s told. A lose, deep side parting plunged to the front, with the ponytail being lopped at the back – viva la revolution!

Latest Fashion trends

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