Wearing the Appropriate Nail Polish

Another form of self-expression which is considered as a fashion fad, without being literally “worn”, is our nail polish. Like clothes, nail colors also have trends—nowadays, {nail art} is all the rage not only among women but also among men. It’s a new form of art, and like any of its counterparts, painting your nails requires thoughtful consideration and a lot of other factors. Sadly, no matter how beautiful your nails are, if it’s not appropriate for the occasion, it’s still bound to be disastrous.

To help us with this dilemma we’ve scoured the internet for tips on how to apply the perfect nail polish, so that the next time we head out to our favorite salon Rush Brighton we can tell the manicurist exactly what we want. A fashion blog for career women, tells us the following:

1. Are your nails apt for work? If it’s a typical work day, you have to steer clear of loud and screaming nail polish since these would be unsuitable. For the office, go for subtle and classic tones.

2. Will you be meeting people for lunch? If you’ll be dining with your in-laws and you’d like to impress them, keep your nails sweet and simple. Lunch out with your girlfriends is another story, of course—by all means, wear your shocking and adventurous shades. They’ll surely gush over your fabulous nails.

3. Want to showcase your personality through your nails? They say your nails say a lot about your individuality. Going for light shades strongly suggest femininity and a gentle persona, while dark hues imply drama and mystery.

4. Going to a special event? Wear subdued nail polish if the host says it’s formal, and anything goes if the occasion is merely casual. This is the best time to paint your nails depending on your mood.

Always have these guidelines in mind every time you’ll color your nails. Remember, your nail art is as important as your dress, sandals, or accessories since they also tell people about your fashion sense.

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Written by Lauren Fitzsimmons

Lauren Fitzsimmons could be considered as an all-round fashion geek with an additional passion for travel, photography and writing. She studies International Fashion Marketing in Manchester and is currently responsible for Catwalk Yourself communications.

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