Versace Women Spring Summer 2016


This collection emphasized legs with the short and sexy hemlines, and high slit skirts one would expect to find on a Versace catwalk. A departure from last year’s bubblegum pink and baby blue looks, army green and brown dresses opened the show, introducing a military theme that ran between bright animal prints. Leopard print doubled as camo on jackets and long slacks, mixing later in a patchwork of neon green and purple prints. A dress of crochet and black webbing worn over a zebra bandeau and shorts left little to the imagination. Sky-high platforms made bared legs appear endless, while platform sandals gave height to already towering models.

Long, clinging gowns came through the end of the show, including a sparkling look with a slit across the torso that may bare all should you move too quickly in it. Slinky sheer and mesh dresses followed closely by tiny cocktail dresses in chaotic mixes of sparkling, furry animal prints.

Compared with the styles and details of the previous year, this collection is a complete turn around. Gone are the bright, popping colors and geometric patterns, replaced with wild neon prints and dark leather looks.


Versace Women Spring Summer 2016


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