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Dolce & Gabbana Women Spring Summer 2016


Dolce & Gabbana have again used fashion to write a love letter to their homeland. The names of prominent Italian spots such as Sorrento and Capri were scrawled across dresses along with slogans such as “Italia is Love,” “I heart Italy” and more. Florals again take a center stage with red poppies, roses and daisies, bringing dresses to life and adding a distinct charm to pajama sets, with chic stripes adding further variation. Lemons appear on both patterns and jewelry (a reference to Sorrento, no doubt), bright shapes on a black lacy dress amid bright and busy prints.

Texture was not lost on this collection, seen throughout in the form of delicate lace and appliques, and in a few especially exciting pieces, decorated in mirrors, jewels, pom poms, beading and silk flowers.Chinese-style pajamas and dresses mingled amongst the figure-hugging shapes and full skirts. A number of tailored jackets, in floral prints or featuring bright decorations were featured over trousers, skirts or dresses.

Brightly colored pom poms were used on numerous pieces, and to decorate baskets carried in lieu of purses. Decorated handbags in a variety of sixes were carried down the catwalk, along with “Dolce e Gabbana” shopping bags and detailed phones the models occasionally stopped to take a selfie with. This collection brings to mind last season’s presentation but with enough variation to not be boring. Feminine and glamorous, these classic looks have modern wearability.


Dolce & Gabbana Women Spring Summer 2016


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