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Bottega Veneta Spring Summer 2016


Tomas Maier again brings forward a lavish, sporty and cool collection for Bottega Veneta. This season opened with a luxurious take on the track suit – fuzzy leopard print lined a zipped hoodie, patterned in a distressed tribal motif with pale gray knit at the cuffs and hems. The bottoms looked more like knickers than sweats, pulled up to the knees with white buttons and suede patches along the inner thighs.

Leopard print was a key pattern throughout the collection, from skirts and a dress to jackets and leggings. Snakeskin was seen on a particularly bright orange leather coat, subtly patched giving further texture to the pieces. Short shorts with crochet siding were bared long legs in strappy platform sandals, paired with structured, sleeveless tops of numerous prints, detailed with black lace overlay. A leopard print leotard was paired with a cream jacket that featured shaggy fur shoulders and puffed sleeves, offering a fierce and exotic shape among more demure silhouettes.

Modest necklines topped belted dresses with flowing skirts, alternating with demure shift dresses that featured triangular leather patches and silver grommets in various sizes. The final gowns hugged the torso, flowing outward from the hips offering a graceful vision of movement.

The footwear ran between platform clogs and almond-toe patents leather flats, with the occasional appearance of the platform sandals that have been so popular this season. Leather handbags ranged from small, colorful clutches to diamond patterned totes in tans and browns.


Bottega Veneta Spring Summer 2016

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