Thakoon Woman Spring Summer 2017 – Thakoon Panichgul presented his first see-now buy-now collection this week, a collection comprised of patterns in deep shades, draped and layered over the body in eye-catching arrangements.

Barring a bright goldenrod coloured dress in the third portion of the show, the collection is comprised of darker, more somber colors, including black with floral or geometric patterning, red and black plaid, greys, and deep olive hues. Occasionally a creamy tan, pale pink, or blue appear in the form of a blouse, knitwear or a coat.

Pointed toe shoes worn over mid-calf socks are a key theme throughout, matched in use only by the asymmetrical draping so favored in this show. Half tucked shirts or sweaters, along with the repeated use of a diagonal ruffle running along skirts from the right hip down were the main perpetrators in this, encouraged by the sweater tied off-kilter around the shoulders. In one case an oversized turtle-neck sweater simply stops at the left shoulder, leaving the blouse beneath on display. Even if a viewer did not like the show in particular, credit must be given for the artful draping and creative layering.

Loose, unrestricting pieces give the collection a relaxed and comfortable but cool look, achieved through artful layering and wrapping. A plaid shirtdress, under a long knit cardigan, again under a faux-fur coat, showcases a cascading view of textures. Sweaters and jackets are tied at waists and shoulders throughout. Even with the majority of the collection so loose and relaxed, tailoring was not lost on the viewer – a patterned double-breasted jacket graces the first model, appearing again in the eighth look in a somewhat more streamlined silhouette.

Thakoon Woman Spring Summer 2017


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Written by Lillie Peterson

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