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Ralph & Russo Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2016-17Using billowing shapes and capes Ralph & Russo created their floral, figure flattering collection.  With a dazzling front row Ralph & Russo did not fail to bring their vision to life.  The designers use bold colors featuring white, blue and black to accentuate the beautiful silhouettes.  The inspiration behind this collection is clearly nature, with many garments featuring embroidered elements such as flowers and leaves.  This adds an almost bewitching or charmed element to the collection and the use of sheer and light fabrics again makes this possible.

Many of the outfits featured oversized fedora hats, some were patterned and swamping the face whereas others were less eccentric and slightly more understated.  There were two main different types of dresses, one with a bodice, structured and bold, whereas the others were more delicate with an airy and romantic feel.  It appears that the capes are used to frame the shape of the body.  In the blush pink floor length gown, the inside of the cape is a deep scarlet.  The contrast between these two colors both highlights and flatters shape of the women’s body.

Ralph & Russo Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2016-17


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