Desigual Woman Spring Summer 2017 – The Desigual spring summer 2017 runway opened with a projection of hummingbirds, starting with one and becoming a flurry, only to turn to the familiar, brightly coloured backgrounds. A dual runway with two models each strutting down their own catwalk simultaneously was used, with a set of viewers seated between the two.

The initial look brought down the runway was a long, white lace dress featuring sparkling butterflies, paired with platformed sandals and a cropped military-style jacket. Tribal patterning and sparkling embroidery met tailored lines, balancing carefree cuts with more exacting shapes. Some of the key details in this collection were knotted belts that drew in waists, and army green, which found in embellished military-style jackets, skirts, leggings and more.

One interesting detail was a large fanny-pack worn on a few models’ hips, though to use that to carry more than a credit card and perhaps some lipgloss one might find their pants being drawn floorward. Large earrings, embroidery, sequins and denim were all common sights as well. Snapchat was brought to reality, with one model’s her hair adorned with orange butterflies, one with a paper flower crown, and another featuring the famed puppy nose, though not the tongue. Crocheted and knitted pieces, many and striped, came through the collection, bringing to mind the famed stripes of the late Sonia Rykiel’s work.

One overall feeling that came from this collection was a sort of bohemian nostalgia. Certain looks, such as an ensemble of embellished denim, or a flowing peasant dress paired with a leather shoulder bag, a skinny scarf and a bedazzled cap, bring to mind the 1990’s reclamation of the free-spirited style. Desigual’s website asks the viewer, “are you a global traveler? From Peru to Brazil, Kenya to Madagascar, Japan to the Polynesian…Desigual SS ‘17 collection is not just clothing, they’re experiences.” One can certainly see an eclecticism through this season, brought on by a multitude of inspirations.

Desigual Woman Spring Summer 2017


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Written by Lillie Peterson

Lillie is a graduate from UC Santa Barbara with a bachelor's in Classics and a lifelong fascination for fashion and art. A freelance writer and artist, her hobbies include photography, design, drawing and blogging.

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