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Jason Wu Woman Spring Summer 2017- Jason Wu opened this season’s show with a long, navy blazer featuring an asymmetrical skirt in metallic, periwinkle blue. This colour scheme, so different from last year’s collection, set the tone for the show, appearing in the next four pieces, followed by a sheer black blouse decorated with brightly coloured floral decals. These bright decals dotted the collection, whether on a black or white background, mixed in with solid navy, delicate floral silk and sheer lace. A bright salmon dress with orange piping punctuated the middle of the show, followed by a flurry of florals.

Diagonal lines, whether a ruffle, the edge of a panel, or the crossover of a bodice, gave

depth and added movement to many pieces. Asymmetry was a key feature here, in hemlines, the run of panels, and the fall of the drape. A kerchief-hemmed top with spaghetti straps and dropped sleeves is worn over matching pants, both navy with feathered detailing that gives the sense that the garments were pulled from a fire just a moment before they would catch fire. Dresses dominated the show, with a number of trousers and slacks paired with loose-fitting tops taking their fair share of the spotlight.

Sheer lace dresses follow to bring up the end of the collection, featuring panels of different types of lace, ruched and gathered to create pleats and shadows across the figure. A black tank top of patchwork lace features a keyhole neckline, worn over matching trousers, for a sleek and romantic vision. A dress of neon chiffon follows, then nudes with neon piping, leading up to the final gown of nude sheer decorated in bright, floral decals.

The collection overall begins with commanding, almost severe forms, and moves into softer, romantic pieces that still call back to the looks that came before them. While the dark navy and black looks certainly ground this spring collection, it leaves room for the airy, floral looks without getting carried away.

Jason Wu Woman Spring Summer 2017

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