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Saint Laurent Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18 – Saint Laurent offered up a bold range of dynamic mini dresses, elaborate accessories and a daring display of collars and unique shoulder cuts; none of which failed to evoke a cutting edge attitude that commanded attention.

Leather was a focal point for Saint Laurent this season, with the collection featuring strong tan and brown shades to give a gritty feel, and slightly ruched detailing providing an extra layer of industrial glam. The rough lines of the outfits were matched with loose fitting leather boots, showcasing the elegant rough-and-ready look.

Metallic texturing and prominent sequins were also a staple, emphasizing the beautifully scandalous nature of the items. There was also a significant contrast between some of the boxier designs which left silhouettes unrefined, and the more provocative plunging necklines, adding a sense of the youthful metropolitan lifestyle.

The most defining feature of Saint Laurent’s collection was the repeated use of extravagantly shaped and glittered shoulder designs; the multitude of puffed sleeves, twisted off-the-shoulder dimensions, and an electric upward ruffle casting a little urban edge to somewhat classic designs.

With little makeup being worn and hair either tussled or sleeked back off the face, Laurent allows the designs to flourish in their own fearless way: a beacon of all things feminine and daringly original.

Saint Laurent Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18


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