Spring-Summer 2015 – In a distinct under the sea theme, Rodarte uses lace, tulle and sequins amongst other things, to transform the models into literal mermaids, and with eyebrow rings it makes them edgy.

The first looks could be described as a sort of mermaid daywear, with even the first look featuring edgy mesh boots which could easily be thought of as netting. Tulle acts as ocean netting with loose scarves and dangling trails. Combined with unique embroidery work which manages to encapsulate the movement of waves, and details such as small circular sequins embroidered sporadically through netting in sections of a jacket show the sea theme has been taking seriously.

Nautical stripes and scales transition into positively enthralling jagged, wispy evening wear with impeccable embroidery work, and makes the crowd tap even more furiously on their phones to capture the masterpieces as they float past.


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