Jasper Conran

Spring-Summer 2015 – Jasper Conran’s collection exemplified the saying ‘less is more’. The simplicity in the cut and colour of this season’s collection allowed the elegance of the pieces to shine through. In particular, the Calvin Klein of London feminised the androgynous style of American Sportswear, to create a casual, yet stylish and smart look.

Tending towards a demure style, with dressers skimming over the contours of the body, occasionally featuring a drop-waist, the collection oozed femininity, yet deviated away from being overtly sexy., However, occasionally Jasper Conran would counteract this by allowing a flash of flesh to appear through the clothing, whether it be a small slit up the side of a skirt, a low V-neck or a strapless dress.

The colours of the pieces of the collection tended to be earthy, featuring a range of shades of brown, green and white, with flashes of different shades of blue and pink. The prints featured on the collection tended to be of the geometric style, although the occasional paint-splatter print can also be seen on some of the pieces.

Jasper Conran’s collection was worn with loafer-style sandals in colours of brown, black and white. The simplicity of these sandals, hair and make-up prevented any detraction of attention from the pieces of art that were moving down the catwalk.


Hair & Make up


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Written by Kate Grimbley-Smith

Kate is a Business Management student at the University of Birmingham, passionate about all areas of journalism, in particular fashion with a keen eye for how the traditional aspects of fashion are reflected in new collections.

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