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Spring-Summer 2013 – Formichetti very much thinking of the modern woman in a post-economic recession world. It was a highly considered collection with an abundance of references to the wearability of the collection. This was for the urban woman to look effortlessly cool, pairing a simple shirt with a bag. It was not about the drama, rather, it was easy, relaxed and hip. Bopping along to hip-hop beats, the length was teeny with many dress-like garments to be worn with shorts. This created new proportions and for many pieces, gave added height with structured hems. This structure was pertinent throughout: knife pleats allowing flicked movement; constructed shoulders, and leather robe-like jackets that folded over the body staying perfectly in place. A lacquered finish was the look of choice, creating sturdy tops and skirts. Though minimalist, the colour palette was rich with jade, grape toffee and stone creating the perfect combination between luxe and commerciality.

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Written by Zoe Garton

Zoe Garton was one of the first contributors to the Catwalk Yourself project. She has a fervour for fashion and graduated with a BA (Hons) in History at University College London. Zoe is responsible for our Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture sections.

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