Manish Arora

Autumn-Winter 2013/14

Manish Arora has built a reputation for showing bright and beautiful designs with ornate prints and using nearly every colour under the sun. For his latest collection he stuck with what he does best, but the intensity of the prints brought his designs into the new season.

The designer was inspired by a visit to the Burning Man festival in Nevada and produced a series of psychedelic geometric prints set across burning desert landscapes and bright blue skies. The collection was startlingly bright and with the amount of intricate print work there was a lot to absorb at once, this intensity was broken up by some more urban designs, which acted as cool, calm interruptions. Another element of interest was added to the collection through Manish’s ongoing collaboration with jewellery Amrapali, as intricate headpieces and nose rings appeared on the models.

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Written by Roanna Price

Roanna Price, fascinated by the escapism, imagination and conversation that can be conjured in the glossy page of fashion writing. Journalism graduate in Liverpool Roanna is responsible for our Top Model Biographies section.

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