Moschino Women Spring Summer 2016 – Review to follow shortly!


Jeremy Scott’s latest collection for Moschino came in colors bright enough to stop traffic, and with the signs hanging from arms and shirts these pieces just might. Set to a carwash theme, suits in shapes from the ‘50’s in bright orange and yellow resembling high visibility jackets started the collection off, carrying bright, square purses with “Moschino” displayed on them. Things only got more exciting from there. Contruction hats and cones were used not only as hats, complete with netting, but as handbags as well. Floral prints with traffic cones in the background alternated with bright yellow and orange lace skirt suits. Question marks, caution tape, chainlink and even the Powerpuff Girls patterned feminine dresses. Signs such as “shop” rather than stop came in the shape of handbags, and “Caution Dangerous Couture Ahead” adorned several pieces. Bright cartoon emblems came into the end of the collection, exclamations of “pow” and “brand new look” paired with Powerpuff Girls, including Blossom’s head as a patch on an aqua cardigan. Wildly fringed and feathered dresses brought up the final part of the show, resembling a more chic version of the dry rollers of a car wash, alternating with bright, full-skirted gowns and long, asymmetrical gowns. 

The footwear consisted of bright over the knee rubber boots, bright pumps with clear heels or metallic tip, and insanely feathered high heel sandals. Purses shaped like dice, a toolbox, metallic hardhats and traffic cones alternated with the square chain strap purses carrying the Moschino brand. Headphones, gaudy jewelry and various sunglasses accessorized the collection as well. 


Moschino Women Spring Summer 2016


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Written by Lillie Peterson

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